Tuesday, May 5, 2015


"Spring drew on...
and a greenness grew over
 those brown garden beds,
 which, freshening daily,
 suggested the thought 
that hope traversed them at night,
 and left each morning 
brighter traces
 of her steps."

Charlotte Bronte

Hope does have a way of showing up,
 whether it presents itself
 in the form of human kindness,
 in solutions achieved,
 or just in the fact that
 once again 
the sun in shining.

If we don't have
 hope in our lives
 there is only room 
for dark emotions.

Sometimes we can add
 all of life's challenges up
 and the sum of those 
can equal a 
lack of hope...

...and sometimes
 we can focus on renewal and healing
 and hope creeps back in
 bit by bit.

Finding hope
 can sometimes be a hard task,
 but it is really never far
 from your doorstep...

...you just


The subject of Hope,
 brought to you today,
 by Lucy 
and the spring Cottage garden.

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  1. So beautiful, Judy. Hope is what keeps is going through hard times and it's what inspires us St all times. You've illustrated the post perfectly!

  2. What a profound statement.
    We can focus on renewal and healing
    and hope creeps back in bit by bit.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Judy and Lucy...I needed these words and beautiful photos today.
    xoxo, T.

  4. You know---and I know this sounds "funny"--but I never really put the thought to this before. WITHOUT Hope- we are HOPE-less! Hope is the one thing that is there before us for the taking and no one can take it away from us unless we let them. xo Diana

  5. Loving your attitude today as well as your beautiful photos! We all need hope, no matter where we are in life! Hope gives us reason to breath! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  6. A thoughtful and wonderful post- the photos go so well with the words. I love the California poppies - now and then we see some up here - but how I miss those massive fields of poppies. Sweet Lucy.

  7. Oh Judy, you are so right, without hope we have nothing. Your photos are lovely and your flowers look amazing. I am hoping that we really get a good rain on Thursday.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Judy,
    Stunning!! In every way, this is a stunning post, both in words and pictures!!

    I just LOVE the outside ( and inside, of course) of your home........

    Your garden is to die for!



  9. Lots of prettiness at your house Judy. I love that cat's face. I can't look at a screen door and not hearing mommy yelling, "Don't slam that door " LOL Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  10. Wonder, happy and hope-filled post... thank you!!!
    Looks like all that rain has really brought the blossoms around !!
    We've had rain too, but feeling blessed with the moisture.
    I am amazed at how far along all of your plants are.... a bit envious too :)
    We are getting there... slowly, but surely, plants will grow.

    Have a happy day, and a hope-filled day!!

  11. Oh Judy, what a beautiful and inspiring post. My dear friend, how my heart was blessed and encouraged by the words and photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  12. Wonderful flowers and beautiful post.
    Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day

  13. A beautiful post Judy.
    We must never give up hope.
    I wrote on my blog.
    Spring for me brings hope, hope of what is and what is to come.
    a new day.
    We had mothers day last week.
    wishing you a very happy mothers day..
    hugs val xxx

  14. Nice post. Hope you have an awesome week


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