Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Have you noticed 
a softness in the air
 these last 
few days?

The shades 
have been raised 
so that the sun
can shine through...

the intense heat 
that accompanied it
 a few days ago.

A handful 
of burnished hydrangeas
 lend a touch of early fall 
to the 
parlor mantle.

A pair of shutters 
were found on a weekend shopping excursion
 and now flank the windows 
over this shelf...

...a look
I've been wanting 
for a time now 
and they, 
along with the lighted canvas 
I found at my favorite country shop,
complete another light dusting
 of autumn 
in the 
sitting room.

A shy, little
whimsy witch 
has found a new home 
on the dining room 
pie cupboard.

While the mornings are quite cool,
a warm sweater
 and a cup of hot coffee 
make the porch 
still a 
pleasant place 
to be.

An old fruit packing crate,
 released from 
dark corners and spiderwebs, 
displays assorted remnants of china,
 and seeds of a waning summer, 
on the 
dining room table.

All reminders 
that fall 
is on
 the way.

Hope you all 
have a wonderful week
 and enjoy the 
remains of summer.


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  1. I am ready for cooler days. I like sweaters and coffee too. I love the rag mouse witch ...so cute. I love your pretty home. Blessings to you Judy, xoxo, Susie

  2. A lovely post!!!!!!-Meeting you and visiting your blog has been a pleasure

  3. Your decor and photos are a treat to the eyes ♥


  4. Beautiful shutters, Judy, and your lighted canvas looks so pretty! I'm ready to change up some of my decor, too. I just love, love this time of year.

    Hope you have a good week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. So pretty - and so relaxing looking. You always have the neatest accessories - and arranged in the perfect way. I just adore your house. Happy rest of the week my friend.

  6. Such a relaxing room, Judy, and I love the shutters! The candlelight lends such a romantic look. We are enjoying summer weather this week and I long to get out to the beach one more time but alas, Hubby is back to work. Happy September, my friend!


  7. Very soft and romantic Judy. This is a great time of year where the evenings and mornings are cool. Cozying up to a cup of coffee is something I enjoy. Your mantels look lovely. Loving the hydrangeas...gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home at DI&DI. Happy Wednesday.

  8. Very pretty Judy. Love your witch mouse it is so adorable. Where did you get him?
    It all looks so beautiful.

  9. So beautiful and relaxing. Makes me think of my favorite season of fall. I long to have a home to decorate like that.

    1. Hi Sharyn and Torie. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your visit..Have a wonderful autumn..Judy

  10. Very pretty. I smiled because I am waiting for "soft air" to arrive here in north Florida. The heat can be relentless. Looking forward to fall weather.
    This is my first time to your blog. I really like it. I will be back!


  11. It's still hot here, Judy, and I am enjoying it, but yes, once cooler days show up, I will start to decorate for it. Your place always looks so inviting. Soft air suits your home!

  12. So muggy here today, totally awful it was. I love fall and the early morning feels it as it cooler until after around 10 or so. I love your soft fall pictures here. The lighted chandelier canvas looks so nice where you have displayed it. I have one and never know whether to hang it or place it somewhere, I think the latter. I see you have dried hanging lavender and other dried material next to it, I really like the look of that.
    Happy Weekend Ahead

  13. Judy I just love the light touches of fall you have added to your home. So pretty and restful. You truly know how to express your love of life and all the beauty the world brings to living. Some once paid me a beautiful compliment by saying "It must be wonderful to see the world through your eyes." Now I am passing it on to you my friend because I just adore looking at the world through your eyes! Enjoy a wonderful early fall weekend Judy, and say hello to The Captain and little Kai for me. XO Barbara

  14. We don't have many "soft" days yet! Is 92 here today in Oregon.... but it just feels different.. quieter and the light is different which I notice every September. I just hope the heat gets softer too! Love all of your lovely finds.. love the shutters.. I'm a sucker for shutters and don't know why. Everything about your cottage looks and feels soft.. so pretty and welcoming. It's a nice quiet Sunday and I'm making tomato salsa with all of our tomatoes! Enjoy the week.

  15. Judy, you have some of the cuties little treasure that sneak into your décor each holiday season. Although I have struggled to visit blogs this summer, I am hoping to be back regularly now. Always enjoy stopping by your place! Blessings, Cindy xo

  16. The words that come to mind when viewing your treasures are 'soft, romantic and whimsical'. Such a treat to see Judy!

    We too have had cooler weather,then summer returned with a vengeance!

  17. Love the little whimsical witch. Fall kind of came and went in Texas. the weather has been a little crazy. Warmer than usual


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