Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Her name is Cinderella. 
 She was found abandoned 
in the back of a classy establishment 
because she wasn't pretty enough 
to be out front 
among her peers.

The wicked stepsisters
 had gone shopping. 
 When they spotted Cinderella,
 they knew they had found

She wasn't very attractive 
so she shouldn't mind 
staying home 
and tending to the kitchen duties,
 while the sisters tended 
to their
 social affairs.

She wasn't too tall, 
she wasn't too short or too wide. 
 She was just about the right size
 and she wouldn't take up 
too much space. 
She would fulfill 
her obligations 

When the wicked stepsisters
 left for the ball, 
they were tittering behind 
their white gloves
 because they knew that
 Cinderella was 
green with envy.

Enter Fairy Godmother...

Hello, Cinderella.
Would you like to attend the ball?

Why, yes I would, but what about my appearance?...

...I am greatly in need 
of some dental work...
and I would need some
 strong makeup 
to cover these spots
 on my face.

Never fear, Cinderella,
 anything is possible 
when Prince Charming
 and his faithful and constant apprentice
 are at your 

...and with a few 
substantial undergarments
 and a beautiful white gown,
 you will be ready
 for the ball.

I would love some jewelry,
 my gown looks very plain.

Your wish 
is my command.

Oh, Fairy Godmother, 
I feel almost

...if only you could 
magically hide these spots 
on my face, 
cried Cinderella.

My dear, 
will this do? 
 An exquisite addition 
to your wardrobe 
that will perfectly match your gown, 
and will be sure to
 turn heads at
the ball.

I do feel beautiful
 and am no longer
 green with envy. 
Do you have any
 parting thoughts for me
 as I leave for 
the ball?

Just be home
 before midnight!
 You know the drill! 
 We have more to do
 in the kitchen 
and you know this project
 is not only
 about you!


Yesterday was my birthday 
and as I am typing,
 a box appeared on the front porch.

 Tim, Tami and Jake 
sent me the most
 magical and cutest set of lights.

I just love them 
and have never seen any 
that I like better...

Aren't they just
 the sweetest things? 

I'm thinking I will hang them 
around the front porch 
for Christmas 
and then when next spring rolls around,
 they will go out 
onto the screened porch.
 There are enough of them 
to hang nicely
 across the ceiling. 
 Thank you my sweet children.
 Love you all to the moon!


In parting 
I would like to leave you 
with some words of wisdom 
sent to me by
 my dear sister-in-law
 on my birthday:

If with age comes wisdom,
Why is it that our britches
get bigger and not our hats?

I don't know 
but if all our wisdom 
is going to our butts,
 we're bigger smart-asses
 than we thought 
we were.


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  1. Judy, I love the little dresser and the beautiful lights. The words of wisdom form your sister are so funny. Loved your post too. made me smile. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Looks like Prince Charming had his way with her and she is perfect now. Love the top of it!!! What a great present from your kids! I love it when the kids 'get you'. They did good!!! Happy Birthday- xo Diana

  3. Happy Bday to you , I love your dresser and litter black with 4 puts so cute the way hi look at his dad and the percent from your kids so lovely enjoy your day many blessing to you and yours

  4. LOL, Judy! Happy Birthday to you! I'm going to call Kai to give you a sloppy kiss from all of us here.
    Cinderella turned out beautifully- nice job.
    xoxo, T.

  5. You know how to weave a story! Love this Judy, and the cabinet is beautiful. I especially love the distressing and the handles.

    Happy Birthday! The lights are darling! Enjoy!


  6. Ahhh the happiness and smiles of reading your blog. Cinderella has turned out to be quite the belle of the ball - what a charming lady she is. I loved the story, and her jewelry is perfect.

  7. Hi Judy, Happy Birthday. Love the lights your children gave you. They are really charming. Love the story you weaved into your little green cabinet makeover. What a treasure. It turned out fabulous and looks so cottage gorgeous with the distress and the new hardware. Beautiful job. Cute graphic too!! haha
    Enjoy a nice weekend ahead. xo

  8. Judy the re love of this sweet Cinderella dresser is amazing. She is just so pretty now. Great job and love that your Prince charming and apprentice could work some magic on her too. Great group effort by all of you. You now have a beautiful Cinderella. Love the cute advice from your sister. Too funny.
    Love the lights gifted to you too. Happy Birthday. Hope your day was fabulous.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to you! What a sweet Cinderella story... loved it! I especially loved the photos of Prince Charming and his apprentice.... because the FLOOR is the exact same floor my parents had in their house in Portland, OR when they bought it in 1955! boy does that bring back memories! Cinderella looks lovely in her white gown and shiny crown. And those lights... oh my.... just wonderful. They will be so perfect for your cottage. Happy Fall! Marilyn

  10. Happy Birthday to you, Judy!! I hope it was a wonderful day. Your gifts are lovely, your dresser is lovely and that card is hysterical! Yes...the older and smarter I get, the bigger my jeans need to be, too. Bummer! ;) Thanks for the poem with the makeover. You know I love your prose!

  11. Ha Ha, I love the apprentice, watching so faithfully! That's so cute...and your dresser turned out great!

  12. Judy,
    LOL!!! Love that quote and Happy Birthday, my friend!!
    Your dresser is a true work of art!! What a stunning transformation!!
    And the lanterns are lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  13. A wonderful makeover and a cute story to go along with it.

  14. Judy,
    Another amazing transformation!! Love it!!


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