Tuesday, December 12, 2017


We live in a community 
surrounded by trees.
  We are privileged to have
 oaks, pines and Sequoia redwoods 
in abundance but,
 if we were to make a count,
 I believe that cedar 
would be 
in the majority.

Cedars are a perfect tree. 
They are so elegant in nature 
and, in my opinion,
they are the best to decorate with
at Christmas.  
They drape beautifully 
when used in a garland and 
they smell wonderful and 
keep their shape and color
throughout the season. 

 We used to have 
a sweet little man 
that lived around the corner,
 with a big cedar tree 
next to his home, and
 he would kindly 
share his clippings,
 but he no longer lives there and
 since it is frowned upon 
to cut from 
the forest...

...I was just so thrilled 
to be invited
 to share with you 
my thoughts on this 
beautiful cedar wreath (here) 
from Museum Trees (here).

 Museum Trees offers a wide selection 
of outdoor, custom artificial plants and trees 
and is the wholesale part of the business.  
 Silk Plants Direct (here) 
is the retail part of the business. 

 To be perfectly honest with you,
 I wrote most of this post 
based off of the picture on their website. 
 I thought I might have to change 
some of the wording 
when the actual wreath arrived,
 but I didn't.

  Everything I have said 
stands true...

  ...it is a gorgeous statement piece
 of such generous size and thickness, 
a full 24 inches, and 
the texture and color is very realistic.

 I wanted to show you
 some of the ways that I think 
this wreath could be styled 
to its best advantage:

As a greeting to all
 coming through the front door
 stating the warm Christmas welcome 
that awaits inside...

...or when the cold winds of
 January blow and
 the snowmen
 visit the Cottage...

...or even when 
the apple blossoms are in abundance and 
the birds are nesting 
on a warm spring day.

  A beautiful wreath, 
such as this, 
should not be hidden away 
after the Christmas festivities are done.
It would be right for
 any time of the year
 or any type 
of celebration...

...but, for now, 
it will be gracing our mantle shelf
 with just the biggest of cheery bows and 
a few festive berries 
to let us know that
 it is time for Christmas,
 pure and simple.

I would like to send 
a special thanks to 
Craig from Museum Trees 
for his generosity 
and to tell you, my friends,
 that he is also sending you
 a unique offer from

 If you use this code:
you will receive 
10% off of any of their products
 with the exception of custom.

  Merry Christmas to you!

I was compensated 
for this blog post but 
the words, 
thoughts and
 pure Christmas joy 
are all mine.


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  1. Hi Judy, your wreaths are so beautiful! You are very lucky to have these gorgeous trees around you. I would love to have a fresh wreath in my house to smell of beautiful pine fragrance. I'm sure your home smells amazing! Have a Merry day! Jo

  2. Judy, I love the way you have it for Christmas. I like each way you showed us to decorate the wreath...all so pretty. There used to be a cedar tree in mom's yard...an ice storm broke it. Ted and I have a big chunk of the trunk as a table base on the porch. I remember passing by the cedar on our way out to school each day....the wonderful smell of it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. What a great and versatile wreath. Love all the different ways you styled it. Have a fun week.

  4. Gorgeous wreath! You have styled it perfectly. Love the snowman and snowflakes.

  5. Oh so pretty and it looks so real. You've decorated it wonderfully for each season!

  6. Judy, that wreath is absolutely gorgeous and you're right, it looks great every way you have it decorated. I have to tell you I peeked at the website and couldn't really believe it was no real. It looks amazing...thanks for sharing!!

  7. Everything you've done is so clever and sweet, I love, love, love your wreath! I Can't even tie a proper bow!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  8. Your Christmas decor & ideas are great! Thank you so much for sharing your holiday spirit!

    Christmas blessings, Edie Marie

    1. Thanks so much, Edie Marie. I appreciate your kind words and hope you have a wonderful Christmas..Judy

  9. Wreath with jingle bells is goegeous!!

  10. All looks so good. Love those jingle bells on the wreath.

  11. Very nice your blog and article. I like this blog thank for sharing.


  12. Oh what a lovely wreath - and I love the ways that you used it for different seasons. Each one is special and I look forward to seeing much more of it during the coming seasons. I love it especially with the big red bow. We have our decorations all done - tonight we wrap gifts and tomorrow our middle grandson wants to come up and help us plan the christmas eve open house. He has been helping us with this since he was very young. He says it is his second favorite part of christmas (I can easily guess his favorite part). Merry Christmas my dear friend - do stop by for a cup of Christmas tea.


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