Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The beginning of autumn
 is just around the corner.

 A new beginning 
when the crops are coming into maturity
 and the tones of nature 
take on the vibrant hues of Fall.

  The nights are turning colder
 and the days, although still warm, 
have a mellowness about them 
that has us wishing 
it was like this 
all year long.

The crepe myrtle as it was at the end of summer last year

Leaves have been lightly falling 
but soon the countryside will be awash 
with the soft carpet of bright colors 
and the skies will be
 all the bluer 
in contrast to the 
empty branches.

More time 
will be spent indoors now
 as the evenings get shorter...

...and pots of
 heavenly stews and soups 
will fill the air with
 the last aromas of
 the Farmer's Market...

...an old pitcher,
 bearing the signs of the harvest,
 will hold some late 
summer offerings...

...and all creatures, 
animal and human alike,
 will be scurrying to get settled 
before the cold winter winds 
start to blow.

New beginnings are happening for 
Jake and Jacenda.
Jake is almost through 
with his probationary period at Kaiser 
and when that is over
 he will be working from 
home three days a week 
and traveling the other two days.

  Jacenda has a bit more schooling 
and is doing volunteer work, 
getting closer to her
 nursing degree.

They just moved into 
their first home together 
and we went down to help.  
I took a picture of the boys 
taking the camper shell off of Tim's truck 
and then...
I totally forgot
 to take any more pictures!

 Their place is so nice.  
It only has had one other tenant 
since it was built
 and looks brand new.  
It is a small, one bedroom 
but just the right size for the two of them. 
 The next time we go down, 
I will take photos to share.

Here is some late summer sunshine 
coming through the windows, 
bringing with it new beginnings 
for one of the most beautiful times 
of the year.

 We look forward to 
those moments.


The last rose of summer

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  1. THe picture with the sun shining through your table setting with the flowers is very pretty. Good luck to the young couple on their new place. Look forward to seeing the pics. Janice

  2. the photo of the sun streaming in the window is just beautiful!

    I am looking so forward to autumn and the cooler weather. It is my favorite time of year. Down here we are just beginning to see the change. The cooler nights are wonderful, I sleep so much better.

    I am starting a new decorating project, more about that later.

    Take care.

  3. Such beautiful photos! Summer slips by so quickly, but fall is so pretty. Best of luck to the sweet, young couple. x Karen

  4. Judy, I always enjoy pictures of your home. So happy for Jake and his sweetheart. Wish them the best. Hope you are the Captain are well. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  5. That crepe myrtle is absolutely gorgeous!
    Such a lovely post, sweet Judy. I love that beautiful old vase with the corn on it; where did you find it?

    Best of luck to the kids. Fun and exciting adventures they will embark on.


  6. Lovely photos as always, Judy. A beautiful post. And what fun for the kids. Oh, to be young!

    I know what you mean about shorter days, longer nights. It is both comforting and distressing to me when that happens!

  7. I love that you turned Fall---normally associated with 'endings' with beginnings. I think that is why I have always loved Fall...and erasure of sorts and what will become of the 'cleaned' slate...Lovely photos, too. !

  8. Fall is coming for all of us. Even with me being a summer girl I am welcoming the changing of the seasons and fall coming into our area. Love those crisp cool mornings and the trees changing color. So happy for Jake and Jacenda I bet their place will be so cute for them to start out life together. Ohhh to be young again. I always love to see your beautiful vignettes for the seasons. Have a great rest of the week.

  9. I so look forward to Fall and all that it brings with it, especially the colder days! Beautiful post!

  10. Such pretty Fall photos Judy. Love the colors and the flowers and changing leaves. Yes, Fall is the beginning of an entire "new season" which is WINTER! ha. I don't love winter that much, not here anyway where it is so cold and so much snow! I do love the Fall though.. the bright golden colors and the mellow lighting outside.. almost makes me feel a little depressed that the summer is ending, and yet I'm glad as it has been so HOT here! No rain yet. Love seeing that sunlight streaming through the window. Hope you are both well and enjoying your porch. Such a nice time of year to sit outside. We haven't all summer at all.. so maybe now we can. Take care... Marilyn

  11. I always enjoy your writing. You describe simple every mundane in such beautiful fashion.

  12. Your photos are beautiful and the Crape Myrtle gorgeous in her fall colors! I love autumn but quickly thereafter I feel sadness that winter will soon be here. The older I've gotten the less thrilled I am about winter! So dreary but I do love the nesting life that winter brings. Happy for Jake and Jacenda and that there love will last….

  13. Judy,
    Beautiful photos!!! Congrats to Jake and Jacenda!! Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year, I love the Holidays that occur during this time and I love the cooler and yes, even the colder weather... The older I get, I just can NOT take the heat and humidity of the Summer anymore. This Summer darn near killed me.......

  14. Beautiful Judy! I love this time of year with all of the beautiful color and enjoying the last of the harvest. Congrats to Jake and Jacenda. So fun to move into their first home! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. I love this. Yahoo, fall. Thanks for linking to Keep in Touch.

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