Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Officially fall has arrived. 

 Even though there are little signs of it so far, 

the weather is the first to tell the tale. 

 Our days are still sunny and bright but the nights have turned considerably cooler. 

 Our porch sitting in the evenings,

 while Rugby and Robin prepare for bedtime,

 is requiring another layer of warmth 

each time we take to the rocking chairs.

Things are slowly moving towards normal around here.  

Not to the tune of the old normal 

but to the excitement of things to come. 

 By excitement I mean 

when one of us drags the vacuum out of the closet. 

 Big things will be accomplished!

Healthwise, we are both doing well. 

 I still have back issues and my eyes are improving 

week by week.  

The Captain's sciatica has quieted down

 but he has to be careful

 that he doesn't do anything to aggravate his back issues. 

 All in all, we are able to keep up

 our TV viewing in fine spirits. 

"Suits", on Netflix, is our show of choice right now

 and it is a good one.

As promised:

  Bean was their ring bearer/flower girl. 

 It appears that she took her job seriously.

I promised you pictures of Jake's and Jacenda's wedding and we just got some.  

It was a beautiful ceremony 

and the memories will be so special. 

 I have ordered prints and can't wait to pick out

 some pretty frames to display them in...

...I ordered this one as a canvas print 

and it turned out so well. 

 I just happened to have this frame that it fits in. 

 This frame is just made out of plastic

 but is really pretty and doesn't look like it. 

 I use it for a number of different decor situations 

so this is temporary

 but I loved it placed on the fall mantel.

Speaking of which, I haven't done much fall decorating 

but I did get to the parlor mantel 

so wanted to share that with you now.

Hope you are all well 

and enjoying some wonderful autumn weather.  

We just got the first of our winter flu shots...

(Another bit of excitement.)

Until next time, my friends.


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  1. Everything came together beautifully.

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. xxoJudy

  2. What a beautiful couple they make. The pictures are wonderful. I love the frame you put the picture in and made a vignette with fall on your mantel. Super pretty. Glad you guys are doing better. Have a good week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks so much Kris. It does feel good to half way get back into the swing of things. Thanks for your kind words. We are doing well..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  3. So happy you and the captain are doing better. Your fall mantel is lovely. The wedding photos are gorgeous. Such a lovely couple. Happy fall Judy. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. We are doing better and enjoying fall so far. It was a really pretty wedding and I am happy with the photos. Just got mine in the mail this afternoon. Going frame shopping!..xxoJudy

  4. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Bean looked sweet. I spotted some wonderful wool pillows in your pics too. Just lovely. So glad you and the captain are doing well. Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. We are doing well and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather..xxoJudy

  5. Judy, the pictures are lovely! Weren't they just little not to long ago. I'm glad you both are doing well....I think I'm going to try to watch "Suits" also, looks like it is a good one. Kathie

    1. Thanks so much, Kathie. Yes, it was just yesterday that Jake walked down the hall carrying my pillow when we came to visit, saying "Oh it's so hebby!!! I always remember that when I look at him. They are both great and lovely kids. I think you will like Suits. We are just about through the final season and I'm already having withdrawals!..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  6. Judy, this is all lovely! I pinned your mantel for inspiration. Great mix, and colors. I recently found a vintage redware crock to add to my redware group, and I'm going to fill it with sunflowers and leaves just as you did. Congratulations to this darling couple. Love seeing the photos.
    I apologize I've not been a present blogging friend of late. This has been a difficult year!
    Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah. Your new crock sounds wonderful and fall just screams for sunflowers and grasses. It will be beautiful. You are right about this being a difficult year. Hope we can look forward to a better one..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  7. I enjoyed your posting and what a wonderful wedding!

    1. Thanks so much, Bernideen. It really was a beautiful wedding. Two kids to be really proud of..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  8. Oh Judy! What a glorious wedding. The setting was as beautiful as the bride and groom and the ring bearer is adorable! I love your mantel --- it's perfect with the photo, too. Also loving those fall pillows in your first post. I'm glad you are both doing well and Captain's sciatica has eased. You two take care!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. Things are really doing better now and we are thankful. The wedding really was beautiful. A day to remember..Hope all is well with you and Rick..Happy Autumn..xxoJudy

  9. Judy, Congratulations to all, what a beautiful couple and what a stunning wedding setting. The colors of the flowers are just amazing. I love that Jake's boutonniere is basically a mini bouquet with all the colors. Now that is a stunning touch. So glad to hear you're both feeling well...and vacuuming! Woo hoo! That's the kind of excitement we have around here, too! Happy Fall my friend!

  10. Hello, Judy, so nice to see a post from you! The wedding looks so sweet. Such a pretty setting, too. Love the flowers and the bride looks so lovely in her gorgeous dress. Congratulations to the happy couple! I really love how you displayed the photo on your mantel, too. Glad to hear that you are feeling well and managing the important things in life, like decorating, vacuuming and keeping up with all the Netflix shows! That's the routine around here, too. We are looking for a new show and were wondering if Suits was good, so thanks for the review. I'm really glad to have cooler weather now so I have an excuse to stay cozy inside! Sending hugs xo K

  11. Judy,
    Congrats to the newlyweds! Beautiful pictures!! The parlor mantle looks so lovely with the picture of the newly married couple as it's focal point! Stunning!! I was glad to see a post from you...
    Take care

  12. HI Judy! Thought I had answered this but guess not! I usually answer it "in my mind" so sometimes it doesnt' get written down. The photos of the wedding are just gorgeous! I bet it was a grand time. Whoever the photographer was, he/she took great shots. I love that you said you can watch TV in style now! I too binge watched Suits last winter and loved it so much (before Meghan was married to Harry). It's fun to go back and watch her now (again!). She WAS a very good actress.
    Your parlor mantel looks so pretty. I love the birds on the garland. Is that paper or wood? Great idea. I'm finally getting into the Fall mood, as a few trees are changing colors now. It seems earlier than usual here to have the gold and orange leaves.
    I'm glad you are both feeling well. Once our backs give us grief, it never seems to quit. We may have periods where it's pretty "ok", but then something out of the blue can make it flare up and be not so good again for awhile. No matter how careful I am, I always manage to do something weird to cause some pain.
    Take care as you head into the Fall decorating!

  13. Thanks, so much, Marilyn. Those back issues are a huge pain! The venue supplied the photographer and she was good. The whole thing was really beautiful. Isn't that M. Markle a doll? I just loved her and Mike together on the show. It was good all the way through, we just finished it, but I didn't enjoy it as much after they left. Have to cut this short as I'm out the door for eye doc. Another shot!! but doing well..It was good hearing from you..Take care..xxoJudy

  14. Hi Judy! I am oh so happy to see a post from you! What aR beautiful wedding and Jake & Jacinda's picture looks perfect in that beautiful frame. Glad to hear you guys are doing better. Suits is a favorite of ours. We also love Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary. I really need to start blogging again. I thought once I retired I'd be blogging constantly, but if anything, I blog less. Hopefully I will return to regular posting - I keep threatening, lol. Anyway, happy fall to you!

  15. Judy,
    Me again!! Fall weather has finally made it's way to Pa. but because of all the rain and heat that we have had, our Fall Foliage season is way behind schedule with most of the tree still green. Hopefully, the wind and the rain predicted for the next several days will not knock them all down before they have a chance to turn colors....Thanks so much for stopping by!! glad to hear that your eyes and back are doing okay along with your husband's....Take care, my friend!! I miss your posts...

  16. Happy Fall to you dear Judy! What a gorgeous wedding, such beautiful pictures! Fall has been such a lovely season here, and I haven't decorated much, because the outdoors has kept me so busy - my garden is still producing, for which I am so very thankful! I love the picture of Jake and Jacenda on your mantle, just beautiful! Praying that you and your husband continue to do well, and that you are enjoying many more beautiful Fall days. Blessings!

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