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Once my comments become exhausted on any certain post, I really like to put a new one out there.

I didn't have anything exciting in mind for this one but a smattering of nonsensical things that, in themselves, don't have much of a story line but may, if all done together, be of interest to someone.

So here is a small amount of nonsense and don't think twice if you feel the need to change the channel.

This is our guest bedroom that I've only shown once before, and if you will remember, the bed was loaded down with box storage from the kitchen.  Now that the kitchen is finished and everything is put in it's place, a slight face lift will be given to the bedroom and she will be ready to receive guests once again.

As you may recall the amount of time it took us to finish the kitchen and hopefully it will not take that long here.  We are repainting all the woodwork and the ceiling.  We are not changing the wallpaper.  That would be a sacrilege in the Captain's mind and I truly do like it, so I'm OK with that decision.  We will change the furniture around a bit and see how we like it.  I'm anxious to get started.

We picked up this desk (looking through the bed footboard) at a garage sale last weekend for $10.  It's in really good shape and is all wood.  I am going to attempt to paint it with chalk paint, that we will mix ourselves, and it will go into the sun porch (that you see behind the French doors above) and will become a pretty piece to use as my sewing machine table.

That sun porch will become my sewing-craft room.  There is a lot of light coming through the windows all the way around the room.  With new hardware and a pretty white coat of paint, I think it will do quite nicely.

I finally found some chair slips on line from Target.  They were very reasonably priced and are made pretty well.  They are not an exact match for our chairs, like custom made would be, but for now I am happy with them and I might find something better in the future.

This piece in being used in the dining room.  It is actually a bedroom dresser made by Bassett.  We found it at the Salvation Army store a few years ago.  It was stained a fruitwood finish and I painted it white, stenciled and painted the little roses on it, and went over the whole piece with an antiquing stain.  It is a little more yellow than I would have liked, but it does go with the background of the wallpaper.  If you will notice, the mirror is hung horizontally.  It's been this way for quite some while and I was happy with it.

Recently I have begun to feel that it really does have a bedroom quality to it.  The Captain says I've been seeing too many blogs and that means more work for him. But isn't that why we do what we do, to help and inspire each other?  Anyway, we hung the mirror vertically and I think I like it much better. I also, if you can tell, painted the bases of the lamps a bronze color.  I like that a lot better also.

I found 5 of these pretty wine glasses for $1 at a garage sale this past weekend.  I had the 2 others from another sale some time ago.  I don't know the maker but they are quite heavy and have a nice little ring when the glass is struck.

I also removed the heavy pink drapes over the lace curtain in the dining room.

They made the room quite a bit darker, and with the colder weather coming on it's nice to have as much light as possible.

On a window shopping spree, I spotted these cannisters in a shop for $169.  Not really these cannisters, but ones very similar.  These cannisters I purchased at a floral shop for $49.  So, I think I did pretty well and they fit right into the new kitchen.

A while ago we picked up this Victorian doll house at a garage sale for $25.  I thought that was a good price and it will fit into my Christmas scheme this year.  I'm debating whether to paint it or just leave well enough along.  What would you do?  To do it justice would take a fair amount of work, I think.

I got this sweet basket of faux herbs at my sister's garage sale.  I knew it would find a place in the kitchen window.  I got some other stuff also that I will show you later.

It's kind of chilly here today even though the sun is shining brightly.  I think Maggie is waiting for the stoves to be lit and is taking advantage of the next best thing.

Poor Buddy!  He is feeling poorly.  It started when we were camping a couple of weeks ago.  We noticed that he was breathing kind of fast and seemed very tired.  We took him to the vet when we got home, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She gave him antibiotics and said we had to keep him very quiet until he was better.

As it so happened that weekend we were supposed to go to Santa Cruz for our 55th high school reunion.  The Captain and I graduated together in 1957 from Santa Cruz High School. We always stay at our daughter's home whenever we go and Buddy plays with her dog, plus another dog that she babysits.  There really was no way to keep the dogs separate, plus she has a small foster dog and two cats in the house.  So we made the decision to stay home with him.  We were certainly disappointed as we have never missed a reunion in the 55 years since we graduated. Our's is a close knit class, so most of us have stayed in touch over the years.

Well, anyway, Buddy seems to be feeling better and he is such an integral part of our family, we couldn't have done anything else.  I have no doubt he would certainly do the same for us.  We will take him back to the vet this week and find out how he is doing for sure.

Well, as you may have guessed, since we have started another renovation at the Cottage, we have moved all the furniture out of the guest bedroom and placed it all in the parlor.  That happens to be where the main fireplace mantle is.  It's not a working fireplace, but my great-grandmother's old cast iron wood parlor stove, set into a wood mantle piece.  Since I can't decorate it for Autumn, I have done a little bit over the gas stove in the sitting room.  It's a small corner mantle and the stove pipe goes right up the center in front of the mantle.  It's a little hard to decorate but I gave it my best shot and am showing it in two separate photos.

I hope everyone is enjoying these wonderful first days of Autumn.  I think it is only going to get better and better....Judy

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  1. Hi Judy! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of your beautiful home. It looks so cozy and welcoming. Love the hanging light in the guest bedroom and the photo of your kitchen table and chairs, the hydrangeas are just beautiful.
    Sorry to hear you had to miss your reunion. But when it comes to our pets...they are so special aren't they? I do hope he gets to feeling better soon. Happy Autumn! Gina

  2. I love the Bassett dresser in the dining room. The doll house is really fun. I think it would be a big job to paint but would look grand in Victorian colors. It will be great for Christmas decorating. I thing the blue wall paper in the spare room is a keeper. Love the pattern.

  3. Hi Judy! Your home sure does look cozy and cute as cute can be. I love hydrangeas to btw:) Hope you are having a great week so far.

  4. Love that paper in the bedroom...glad you do, too.
    The chair slips are wonderful...I love everything about your pretty home.
    xo bj

  5. I love Your home Judy,You are both so good at picking up beautiful furniture,etc at great prices.I adore the dolls house,I think it looks lovely as it is,but I'm sure if You do decide to paint it it will look stunning too :) I cant wait to see Your Christmas decorating!happy Thursday,love JulieXxx

  6. Hi Judy,

    I love this post! Your home is so pretty. The dining room is just beautiful. I love your wallpaper. What a lucky find that doll house is. I have been looking for one for a while and can never seem to find a nice one for a good price.

    Amy Jo

  7. Judy, I hope your dog is feeling better soon. It sure is hard when they are sick! You home looks so inviting! Jean

  8. Hi Judy, I hope Buddy feels better soon. We all love our babies so much!
    Your home is lovely and so cozy....You have some fabulous treasures. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the furniture. Happy Thursday Judy.

  9. Hello Judy
    Wonderful finds, I love having a change round, just by switching curtains and cushions It changes the whole mood of the room, so I'm with you Judy
    Hope Buddy continues to make progress
    Thea x

  10. Hi Judy, Sounds like you've had a lot going on. You home looks so inviting and friendly with all of your lovely touches.
    Mary Alice

  11. Hi Judy,
    I've enjoyed this post so much! You have a beautiful home and I love how you decorate and take such loving care of it. I'm glad you are keeping the wallpaper in the guest room. I know you will make it into a cozy retreat and am looking forward to seeing pictures of it when finished. Love your dining room wallpaper and all your pretty touches including the white curtains. Hope your doggie feels better soon!

  12. It's fun seeing your pretty home and all the things you do to it, Judy! That bassett dresser renovations that you did is wonderful!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  13. Love this home, it looks pretty amazing with the most great designs and the great architecture...

  14. You have a lovely home! I Love that old telephone on the wall :) I think the bedroom piece goes well in the Dining room. I wouldn't have the patience to paint that great doll house--good deal! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  15. I hope Buddy gets better real soon! I love all your beautiful decorating touches. The desk will be really pretty and a great place to sew... The dresser renovation is unbelievable, the transformation is amazing.

  16. All your fall decor looks beautiful!!


  17. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this bit of this 'n that! My sort of post! I love what you're doing with the desk, and look forward to seeing the guest room. I have the very same dresser and mirror, bought nearly 40 years ago at an auction, it is in our bedroom, still with its original finish. I think it looks very good in the dining room, especially with the paint treatment and stencil.

  18. I like the wall paper in your guest bedroom.
    Love that doll house. I would like to have one but will not find one like you did for $25.00, great deal. What detail painting you did on your dresser in dining room , very pretty.
    I hope Buddy is feeling better soon. He looks very comfy lying there on his pillow.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your "nonsense" made sense to me! It's how most of our lives go--lots of little bits of life that make the whole! Thanks for sharing it with us. I want to see your sewing room when you finish!

  20. A beautiful post as always. Just love the way you are bringing it to an end, lol. And I must say that I love the lamp in your guestroom. It's SO beautiful!!
    Poor Buddy. I do hope he's much better when you go back to the vet. It's not easy for a dog that can't tell you what he/she feels.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love Elzie


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