Monday, September 10, 2012



Batten down the hatches and get ready for a rough ride.  A Hurricane is expected this weekend!


We took the motor home out for the week to Jackson Rancheria RV Park.  With the price of gas nowadays, we've decided to do a short trip and enjoy the beauty of our own Gold Country. It's about two hours away so it doesn't take long but yet seems like we are on a glorious vacation.

The RV park is part of an Indian gaming casino and it is quite nice.  The Captain and I are not gamblers but we do allow ourselves each $20 and when that's gone, we're done, and we are always done pretty darn fast. But...
as it so happens, I parlayed $20 into $188.04 on Saturday evening, so I'm feeling quite flush!  Thrift stores here I come.

I remember as a little kid going camping with my folks.  I can still smell the wood smoke of the camp fire and my mouth waters when I think of the fresh trout that my Dad caught that morning, and my Mom cooked up for breakfast, along with homemade biscuits.

As a teenager, I went with family members up to Yosemite every year.  There again, those familiar smells come back to me along with memories of roasting marshmallows and climbing Half Dome.

We had a small 17 foot trailer that we pulled behind our car when the kids were small, and had such good fun watching them catch crawdads in the creek.

Looking back we had a lot of good times while camping but things are a little different now.  As we've reached a certain age, circumstances need to be a little easier.  We still want all those things that are bountiful in our memories, and we can still have them, but with just a little less earthiness, so to speak.

Case in point.....


We didn't quite have a hurricane but we did have a little rain and lots of thunder and lightning and as we rode off into the sunset, I hope you enjoyed coming along with us and may we all weather the storms of life and see sunny skies ahead....Judy


"The sign in the window said for sale or trade
On the last remaining dinosaur Detroit made
$700 was a heck of a deal for a 400 horse power juke box on wheels
Now the road rolls out like a welcome mat
I don't know where it goes
But it beats where we're at
We always said some day, some how, we're gonna get away
We're gonna blow this town
What about now"

Lone Star, "What About Now"

I think we made the right decision, don't you?

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  1. Judy, great motorhome. It's just like home with rooster figurines and area rugs. Fun post!

  2. Wonderful way to travel. I love the funishings and it has everything you need to have a relaxing time away.

  3. What fun, Judy. That is a beautiful coach. The place you are in looks like a decent park, too. MyHero looked for a 1976 GMC motor home for years and finally found one. It was a certain one- Royale with all the bells and whistles for that time. The inside is in perfect shape except everything is ORANGE- BURNT ORANGE. So, we are in the process of redoing it and hope to take it out in the Spring....with NO MORE ORANGE! xo Diana

  4. Judy love your motorhome! A good friend of mine just bought a little camper last year and she has been taking the kids and I camping a few times. We love it! Looks like you had a lovely time...very pretty picas well. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!!!
    PS...I put a shout out to you as an inspiration to me in one of my posts last's the link.

  5. Now that's the way to travel, Judy! The view from that nice big chair is beautiful. There is nothing like getting away for awhile to clear the mind and energize the body. Your RV has the look of a well decorated little home. I like all the cute touches you added.---------- Shannon

  6. WOW!!! Nice ride!!!!! Sure is a lot different than the little trailer you used to take us camping up the coast in!!! And what fun we used to have catching those crawdads!!! I can remember all the fun we had like it was yestarday!! Puts a big smile on my face and makes my heart feel warm!! The big question I have is, how do you take $20 and turn it into $188.04??? The $188 part I can see but where in the heck do you get 4 cents????? LOVE YA, glad you guys had a happy, safe trip!!!! :) Tami

  7. Hello Judy
    What a great way to take a trip, home from home, it all looks so nice
    Thea x

  8. Beautiful scenes! And golly what a nice set up you have! Yes! Good decision! Ours looks more like your last picture, but all I need is a mattress, and it has that! LOL!

  9. Hi Judy. Congrats on your winnings. Your motor home is quite lovely. It's always good to get away.

  10. Oh, Judy..
    What a fun trip!
    You sure have 'cuted-up' your RV! It's darling !!

    Be sure to show us your goodies that you buy at the thrift store :)


  11. Beautiful country, Judy! And it looks like your traveling in style...looks so comfortable with everything you need for a great getaway.
    Mary Alice

  12. Oh! This was so much fun! You're inspiring me--we've been thinking about buying a trailer and traveling some this winter. Haven't made up our minds, but this sure looks tempting! Glad to read about your win out of $20!

  13. Hi Judy,
    What fun to go along with you on your trip and to see your RV! We have a motorhome and spend a few months in Florida every winter. They are alot of fun. We usually take ours out a few times during the summer for a long weekend with the family. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.

  14. hi Judy, congrats on the casino winnings! Loved seeing pics of your motor home! happy traveling, Jean

  15. that's so amazing you did great!!!!!!!!!

  16. Such a sweet post with reliving memories wile memories are being made.

  17. I love your RV ... so spacious. What a beautiful RV Park, too ... such views! And, congrats on your winnings, too! Such fun! *Becca*

  18. Hi Judy, What a lovely home away from home. Your RV is beautiful. I can see some of the tree's are changing colors and it's a shame that gas cost so much. Going away for short trips is so much fun. Hope you get to do it again soon..and I love your doggie...
    Enjoy the week ahead!


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