Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief,
Hearts not adverse to being beguiled."

Robert Frost

The colors are pure perfection.  The vibrant oranges and rusts, the dark reds, mixed in with the mellow tinges of gold, some so lightly touched by the hand of nature, you hardly see any change at all.

Let me take you to a place which I love.
A place that signifies all that is beautiful in this world, and after we have gotten our fill of what it has to offer, we can understand a little better the wonder of it all...that place is Autumn.

A beautiful Monarch butterfly, itself dressed in an Autumn pallet, tasting the nectar of a last lingering bloom.

A front row seat in Mother Nature's theater.

A pot of tea and a beautiful bouquet awaits.

Soft, but brilliant colors, against a canvas of green.

A rusted iron fence guarding a stately mansion.

A cushion of mums perfuming the air with their spicy scent.

Pieces of natural granite, by the side of the road, as if waiting to provide a seat for a weary passerby.

A soft glow as seen from a lace covered window.

A warm welcome to all who enter.

A fragrant rose, the last of the season.

A remarkable gathering of clouds.

Beautiful berries suspended through the branches of a cedar tree.

A golden chrysanthemum worshiping at the foot of the crepe myrtle tree, dressed in her fall finery.

A few Chinese Lanterns mixed with some wheat, accompanied by a paper cabbage.

A fantasy pumpkin to celebrate the season.

A waning Autumn sunset in the Sierra sky.

I hope you enjoyed the colors of Autumn and will take the time to rejoice in this beautiful season.

Soon the winds and rain will come and all that is Autumn will be put to rest until next year, but before that happens....

....I trust the path that you take will lead you to a place of solitude and quiet so you can hear the last rustling of the autumn leaves....Judy

"And they were canopied by the blue sky,/
So cloudless, clear and purely beautiful."

Lord Byron, "The Dream"

I was fortunate to find these lovely "PINK" dishes at an antique sidewalk sale in town this past weekend. There were 5 and I paid $20 for all. I thought $4 per dish was a good deal, but even if it wasn't, I'm glad I found them.

Bramble by Wedgewood, England

I am sharing with these parties this week:


  1. A great post. The fall colors are so beautiful. Love the Chinese lanterns in with the wheat. Also love your new plates.

  2. What a beautiful celebration of a beautiful season! Your new plates are one of my favorite patterns too!

  3. Lovely post Judy, I have just read it prior to setting off out for work and it has really cheered me up! Let's hope the rest of the day matches up!

  4. Beautiful autumn colours there judy and I adore the fantasy pumkin. Oh how I wish we could see the autumn colours here, we are now in our fourth day of thick mist and gloom which just isn't lifting....they say better at weekend, we'll see....hopefully we'll see :) x

  5. Dear Judy,
    You have worked so hard with your presentation of this super post.
    Your photos are delightful..as are your arrangements .
    I love your plates (a good buy)..
    You really do live in the most beautiful area ..
    Here we dont see the passing of the seasons like you do..
    I so enjoyed this post.
    thank you Judy
    wishing you a happy wednesday.
    val x x

  6. So many beautiful pictures of my favorite season - autumn. It's the time of year when you can rest a bit, sit down in the favorite chair and read a good book, the time of finding out what you will do in the garden next year...!
    I just loved your first picture. It's so beautiful. Here they have told us we might get snow tomorrow! THAT's not something I long for though, lol.
    Thank you for taking us out on this walk.
    Love Elzie

  7. Judy, this was such a pretty post about my favorite season...Autumn. The photo of the rose is just stunning! Jean

  8. Judy,

    I love all of your fall pictures! Those clouds were amazing...

    Amy Jo

  9. Hi Judy! What a nice post. You do such a great job with your posts. I like your writing style and your photo staging, and the photos themselves, are just wonderful! Thanks for blessing my day with your talent and time. Have a great day! Gina

  10. Good morning Judy!
    You've gathered some beautiful "Fall" pictures.
    Love that poem, by Robert Frost, and that picture of the old fence, is wonderful.
    So many good things about Fall!

    Warm wishes...

  11. A beautiful post with beautiful photos. Have a lovely fall. Blessings, Pamela

  12. Hi Judy, what a beautiful post! I'm especially inlove with those new dishes your bought (sigh)!! I checked out your Halloween post and your Witch's Tea, too. You have such a flair with words and decorating. I love visiting your cottage. xo

  13. I love this autumn post! Everything is so beautiful!

  14. Hi Judy,
    What a wonderful surprise to find your thoughtful comment on my blog. I am so happy to join your list of friends, too. Your blog is a delight! You have shared so many lovely photos of the inside and outside of your home. I am so inspired by your charming images.

    I love Northern California...We lived in San Diego for many years and traveled home to Oregon to visit family as often as possible. I'm glad you and your husband have been able to visit the coast...I was raised in the Newport area and love going any chance I can. Neskowin is a tiny village just about 20 minutes north of Lincoln City. There's a tiny store and a little restaurant and then lots and lots of beach cottages...(Many are for rentals).
    Thank you so much for your kind words, my new friend,

  15. Hello Judy! I love fall...it's my favorite time of the year. You've taken some wonderful photo's of your area...just beautiful! Unfortunately the drought here in Kansas has hurt the trees so that few are producing any bright colors this year. Maybe next year will be better. Thanks for letting me enjoy your beautiful fall! Have a wonderful day my friend. Maura (Lilac Lane Cottage)

  16. Hi Judy,
    Oh my, what gorgeous reflections of nature you have brought us by way of your camera! The Monarch is stunning and all the leaves and flowers are lovely. LOVE the pink plates; such a pretty pattern! Love the path through the woods too. Thank you for sharing your gift with the camera, Judy, and sharing it with my HOME party. Have a beautiful week.


  17. What beautiful pictures. I live in south Ga. where we don't really see such vibrant leaves and change of seasons as yours....but October does bring bright blue weather. I walked outside last week and looked up at the sky so blue with not a single cloud. It always reminds me of the poem that my fifth teacher required us to learn. The first verse by Helen Hunt Jackson goes:

    O suns and skies and clouds of June,
    And flowers of June together,
    Ye cannot rival for one hour
    October's bright blue weather.

    1. Hi Connie. Thanks so much for visiting the Cottage. I love that poem and it is so true. We have some bright blue weather also in October and it is a great joy when that happens..Come back anytime..Happy Thursday..Judy

  18. Every single photo is just wonderful. Yes, I do love the colors of Autumn...here in West Texas where trees are few (except those planted by homeowners), we don't have the extreme color change that you do. Thanks for sharing...

  19. Hi Judy,
    Love your beautiful Autumn colors and your pink dishes are so pretty! What a cute teapot and vase for your flowers. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

  20. Such beautiful photos and a beautiful post. I enjoyed it so much! Love your new plates, a wonderful deal! Have a very good evening.

  21. I really love this time of year. It is a wonderful way that the earth to wraps up the summer and goes into winter. The photos are beautiful.

  22. Just found your blog via Sweet Nothings. I'm jealous of all your fall color. Don't get much of that in Houston. Really enjoyed your post. A new follower

  23. Judy, So beautiful! I love the warm and rich colors of fall! Your first picture is amazing!

  24. Your photos are all beautiful! I really love the rusted iron fence.


  25. Beautiful autumn pictures! Your new dishes are beautiful too....what a great find!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  26. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! LOVE YOU!! Tami :)

  27. I realy enjoyed the photos the colors and the halloween photos and the orangebrown flowers I have such one in yellow Enjoy your weekend Judy ;)

  28. I loved that glimpse of fall in your neighbourhood. The colours are gorgeous!

  29. Hi Judy! What a wonderful post filled with the colors of Autumn! :) Love it and your pretty little vignettes. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Glorious post and pictures Judy,love the fantasy pumpkin,beautiful...
    Happy week,XxXxXxlove juliex

  31. Oh Judy...what beautiful fall photos, and I love your dish find as well :)

  32. Your photos look like oil paintings Judy - amazing!!!


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