Friday, October 12, 2012


When Witches Come To Tea...

The witches are arriving
It's a wonderful sight to see

How about you?
Will you be ready?

When the witches come to tea.

They come from all directions
You can hear them from afar

They park their brooms
But you can't tell
Exactly where they are.

They swoop down at your table
Never knocking at the door

You'd never know they'd been there
As they've never come before.

They are very still and quiet
Not scary in the least

Their manners are impeccable
And they thoroughly enjoy the feast.

So do what you are able
Stoke the fire
 and fill the pot

'Cause when witches come to tea

They like it nice and hot.

The Cottage Witch
October, 2012

Is your kettle on?

All china and tea pot from HomeGoods
Napkins and napkin rings from Pier One
Witches made by The Cottage Witch

The witches are sharing tea with:

Be brave.
  Drop by and share a cup
 with the other witches.

 Put a little magic in your day.

Thank you,
for conjuring up
 this delectable occasion.


  1. So cute! I think Halloween is so much fun. I'm new to your blog...glad I found you.

    Stop by and say hi when you can!


  2. A very fun post. I never know what party I will be joining when I am doin my post. I guess I'm disorganized.

  3. Wow wonderful post. Love the pumpkin tea pot.

    I am your new follower.

    Check out mine here

  4. I love this...and not surprised...I love witches! What an adorable post! Every year on Halloween our neighbor down the street sits on her front patio dressed as a witch drinking her tea (wine). There is just something so captivating about witches...but then again my first witch was Samantha Stevens!
    Happy Halloween!!!
    Xo Barbara

  5. Love the white creamic pumpkin teapot!

  6. I LOVE it Judy! The witches are ready in my house too,slowly all the decorations are coming out again...
    Happy Weekend Lovely,Xxxxx

  7. I love all your halloween decorations. I only have a few but they will be out halloween week! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Love that white teapot with the vines and leaves!!


  9. Hello Judy,
    What a captivating "Witchy" post.
    Halloween is not celebrated here. However my 2 grandchildren in Lisbon attend international they celebrate.. my Audrey Marie loves it. I am off to lisbon next week..and we will buy some Witchy stuff for her room and to scare mum and dad.
    My daughter in Switzerland also celebrates..
    I might make a few little decorations.
    My house is open.. kettle on all the time.. will call you for tea nearer Halloween.
    great post
    thank you Judy
    val x x

  10. Kettles on and I'm glad the witches willhave good manners. I'm sure they'd like a 'bikky' with their tea:)

  11. How fun! Did you write the poem? Love it and love your style!

  12. Hi Judy~Oh,my gosh!! Your porch looks so darling all decorated for Halloween! Did you write the cute poem? I found a witch for outside this year. She is very lovely with her green face! I hope to post this week-end. Thanks for sharing! Denise

  13. Is that your porch Judy? I now have serious porch ENVY it's gorgeous - and love the poem
    ( I did a post on witches too but scheduled it for later ) love love love yours!!!

  14. I really enjoyed your witchy post, and so happy to know the witches have such good manners. Love your front porch girl and the color of your house. Hope all of you and your guests are enjoying tea together! Thanks for letting me know you liked my Autumn Hydrangea Wreath!

  15. A fun read and love the witches, where can you find witches as unique as the ones you have posted? The picture of your home is to be framed, such a nice shot.

  16. Hi Judy,

    I really enjoyed your Halloween post today. I'm visting from Tea Time. A cute poem about the witches. I hope you will stop by for a visit.

  17. Your outside decorations suit your cottage just perfectly! It is so charming. All the vignettes are interesting arrangements too.

  18. Oh! Can i come Trick or Treat at your house?! FUN!

    I love all your fall decor. :)


  19. Great post!! Loving your collection of witches and your pretty teascape!!


  20. Hello Judy,
    Thank you for stopping by for tea. You always share such a nice post. I have a red plate the same as your blue rooster bowl. Love that pattern! Have a lovely day, my friend.


  21. Hi Judy,
    Such a lovely tea party for those cute witches.Your decorations and yard look wonderful.The weather warmed up again. Enjoy your week!

  22. Great Post Mom!!! As I was reading I couldn't help but remember all those Halloween nights we would have grilled cheese sammys and tomato soup for dinner.Quick and hot so we could get out and trick or treat. Thanks for the smile!!!! LOVE YOU!!! Tami ps- your witch collection has grown!!

  23. What a precious post Judy. Your witches are just too cute and I loved the poem.

  24. What a really cute post!! I love all of your little witches and the poem is fabulous!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your kind's great to be back!! Have a wonderful night!


  25. Hello, lovely Judy...
    Aww I loved this Witchy post, actually I have just watched 'Practical Magic', the movie, as I love this season and it is such a great film. I Wonder have you seen it Judy?
    Wishing you a lovely lead up to Halloween, after all there is a 'little Witch in all of us'...
    love Maria *****

  26. I love all of your witch photos! This is about the only time of year that it's ok to have tea with a witch, I guess. Ha!


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