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A while back Debbie over at debbiedoos and Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage threw a party about all things Christmas found at the $$ Store.  It was a delightful experience and really amazing as to how many projects could be put together with items from one of the stores.

Now these two energetic ladies are hosting another fabulous party honoring St. Valentine's Day.  You should all take the time to stop by their lovely blogs and see what is possible in celebration of this romantic occasion.

Among many versions of how Valentine's Day came to be, I thought this one quite interesting.  It tells in a poem, "Parliament of Fowls," the story about birds who came to an assemblage, or parliament, to choose their mates.  Most of the birds, who speak as if they were human, find partners, but the leading female bird is desired by three male suitors, and the poem ends with a year's postponement in deciding the outcome of this romantic quadrangle.

The poem mentions Valentine's Day, but with no explanation.  It was written by the 14th century poet, Chaucer, and since he had not included any explanation, he probably was not the first to write about the connection of St. Valentine's Day and romantic love, but no earlier texts have been found.

"The Cupid's dart has reached my heart,
And pierced it through and through;
I did not mend sweet Valentine,
Because it came from you..."

Old Victorian Valentine sentiment

Old framed verse, signed C.J.B.
Copyright, 1913
P. F. Volland & Co,

I guess by now, you have figured out that I have been showing you my contribution to this entertaining experience.

Items purchased from the $$ Store:

Eyelash yarn for wreath
Heart wreath form
Tiny glass hearts
Red Charger
White plate
Pink and white dishtowel
White paper doily
Pink heart doily
Cupcake papers with picks
Glass cup

Items from my personal collection:

Vintage postcard
Lace napkin ring
Silver fork - Wm. Rogers, 1904
"My Somebody" picture

Be sure and stop over at the party.  I'm confident you will find something beautiful to add to your romantic celebration...


Sweets for my Somebody Sweet

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  1. Judy,
    So very pretty!! I have a gift card for the Dollar Store so I have to make sure I get there soon!!


  2. It looks like you are ready for Valentines! I'm ready for a little romance and all things hearts myself! I love the dollar store, too, thanks for sharing your goodies, Jean

  3. Dear Judy,
    This is such a sweet St. Valentines post.
    You have gone to a lot of trouble.. it all looks so romantic.
    I will be in England then.. so will buy myself some valentine chocs..
    I remember going to 'woolworths' in Manhattan some 25 years ago.. Do you remember, it used to be the 'dime and 5cent store'
    A $$ is amazing. One can have fun, when its so cheap.. and look what you have made.. so pretty.
    Happy Thursday
    xx val

  4. Great job! Love that wreath.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. So cute, I've got to head to the dollar store prompo! Love your wreath and vintage postcards! Amazing how we can decorate our homes so inexpensively!

  6. Hi Judy,
    What a lovely Valentine post. I also bought some of those little Valentine heart table scatters. I bought some pretty red heart vases that I plan on giving to some elderly neighbors with some carnations. For little $$ it is so much fun..Enjoy all those yummy treats!

  7. That wreath is so pretty, I don't think they sell that yarn at my dollar store. You made everything look so pretty.

  8. Such pretty piccies Judy and great ideas too :o)
    Happy Friday Lovely,xxxx

  9. Isn't it amazing what you can find in $ stores? I love your setting! And, I have to have one of those red chargers! Sure hope our store has them. It's a small one and doesn't always carry what the other stores do. Great post!

  10. So pretty! I am still taking Christmas decor down LOL!

  11. How cute is your display, Judy??!! You did a great job. I didn't know the $ Tree had eyelash yarn.

  12. Such a pretty Valentines table setting. You did a great job picking up those items from the dollar store!

  13. Judy, this is pretty! I ma surprised you can get that pretty yarn, the heart wreath form....the chargers! Man. I don't go there enough. You made everything look great!

  14. Judy, your Dollar Store ideas are very creative and pretty. I shopped at our local store yesterday and chose some of the same items that you purchased. Don't you love those tiny hearts for scattering around? That next to last photo is making me hungry! Everything looks yummy! Shannon

  15. How pretty is this post Judy! I love all the pinks and reds you have mixed togehter. Believe it or not I do npt have a dollar store close to me. I see all these wonderful items that I love...I suppose I need to carve out some time to get myself over there. I am going to check out Debbie's party...I need inspiration to make me drive the 30 mile round trip to $$ Tree! Have a wonderful weekend! XO

  16. Love the vignette. Sure could use the cup of yummy right now! I still haven't figured out this linky thing. I know I miss alot of exposure because I don't do this. Enjoyed your post.

  17. Hi Judy,
    Great job, I am gonna have to make a trip to the dollar store!!! I haven't been in a while and do always find a big basket full of fun:-) I love the heart pics and paper doilys are always sweet, speaking of sweet, your Hot Chocolate is tempting me:-)

  18. Hi Judy! Sweet as sweet can be! Thanks for sharing with the party.


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