Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Still hanging around, waiting for snow.

Last week my post, "May I Have This Dance", (here) was chosen as one of their features by The Farmer's Daughter (here) and Old Time Farmhouse (here) for their monthly party, Country Whites Weekend (here).  Both Dru and Cindy are beautiful and talented ladies who host this great party every third weekend of every month, Friday through Sunday.  You should stop by for a visit.  Thank you ladies.  I am so honored.


I am enchanted with clouds.  They bring the artist out in me.  I look at them and I feel in my heart that I could take brush in hand and paint a beautiful picture.

It feels like it would be an effortless task. Just a matter of dipping my brush in a small amount of white and touching ever so slightly with a bit of gossamer silver and maybe a hint of soft yellow to show the sun glistening off the edges, or a drop of pink to capture the setting of the sun.

In reality could I do this? I could not.  But, when I think with my heart and soul, anything is possible and when the beauty is only seen in my mind's eye and I have a need to share it, then I always must remember to have my digital paintbrush with me at all times.

A cotton clad trellis to the wild blue yonder...

A bird's eye view...

Snow covered mountain peaks in the distance...

A raging firestorm...

As smooth as butter cream frosting...

Over the Golden Arches...

A Stairway to Heaven...

"Look for the silver lining
When e'er a cloud appears in the blue
Remember somewhere the sun is shining
And so the right thing to do
Is make it shine for you..."

Jerome Kern
Lyrics by B.G. DeSylva - 1919

Looks like a beautiful day...a zippity-do-da kind of day...

Once in awhile you might be able to see clouds by the light of the moon...

Do you see the fire breathing dragon?


The flying rabbit kicking a field goal?

Do you recall, as a young child, you would lay down on the freshly mowed grass with that amazing fragrance all around you and those little white daisies that always popped up and no one ever knew where they came from, and you would try to make out images of some wild animal or your great-aunt Matilda in the clouds?

What would happen if you saw this?...

Would you run and hide?...

Well, that's the beauty of taking all these pictures through the windshield of your moving car...

...A little further down the road and the boogie-man returns to the closet and...

 It's just another zippity-do-da kind of day...


And I'm not blowing smoke either!


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  1. What beautiful sky and clouds!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Hi Judy! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Judy- I absolutely LOVE clouds. Always have since I was a little kid. We play games with the kids all the time to find cloud pictures. Their imagination is wild sometimes. I love all your images- those are just GREAT! xo Diana

  4. So pretty! I love looking at the clouds too! My favorite time is when the sun is setting and the sky turns so many beautiful colors. I always love the pink and orange the best.

    Amy Jo

  5. Beautiful cloud pics! Love that one with the moon. Very cool. When we visited CA this year we moved around a bit. We have a daughter in the San Diego area so we stayed with her for a few days then we met some friends and their trailer at the Rincon Parkway. It is right on the ocean between Ventura and Santa Barbara. No hookups but right on the beach. But with no hookups we couldn't stay that long. Easy access to Ventura with some cute shops and thrift stores. Just south of the Rincon is an RV park with full hookups that was about $50 a night. They had a monthly rate. Not sure of the name but they have a Ventura visitors website that I'm sure lists it. We also stayed a few days in Pismo Beach at a county park. It was about $49. and it had full hookups. It was pretty nice and a short drive to the beach. We both grew up and lived in that area so it's fun for us to stay there and see friends and relatives and eat at some great restaurants. We really enjoy our little trips out of the cold and snow and gray skies of winter. Mimi

  6. Hi Judy, those cloud pictures are magical. I still like to watch the clouds and try and pick out shapes.

  7. Judy what powerful pictures of the sky! I too am a huge fan of looking upward towards the heavens. If you really sit and observe the sky it can give you the most brilliantly entertaing show.I find myself doing the same thing as you...snapping photos of the sky from a moving car. (Of course I'm not doing the driving!) This is a wonderful post thank you so much for sharing. And congratulations on your features my dear...well deserved I am sure!!!I am going to hop on over to check out those blogs that had the fabulous taste to feature your work!
    Have a great day!!!
    XO Barbara

  8. Verdadeiramente acho que você com uma tela, pinceis e tintas seria capaz de reproduzir este céu, mas em vez disso usou sua maquina fotográfica e ficou maravilhoso. Dias passados uma de minhas alunas (bem criança, com 8 anos de idade) viu no céu uma nuvem em formato de coração e ela ficou muito feliz, mas seu celular não era capaz de fazer uma boa foto de algo tão distante e agora só existe a nuvem de coração em nossas memórias (risos). Boa semana pra você!

  9. Dear Judy,
    How I remember as a child..lying on the grass and day dreaming.. looking at the clouds and picturing what they looked like..just as you have written in your lovely post today.. dragons. and serpents. and all kind of things.
    The fires look as though they were raging ! what a shame. ..
    Judy.. you can paint those beautiful scenes.. its a matter of saying " I Can".. buy a medium canvas and some oils.. just the colours you see. a few brushes.. white oderless spirits..and linseed oil.. an old rag.. and a paper plate.. and DO IT. you will be amazed at the outcome.. you are very artistic.. and how wonderful to be able to hang up your own painting. Its not as hard as you think.
    super post.
    wishing you a happy wednesday.
    val x x x x

  10. Judy,
    Dru and I were the ones honored to feature you. We so enjoy hosting the party and gaining friends such as yourself.
    Your photos are lovely. I'm an outdoor person and always have my head in the clouds. And I still look for shapes in the clouds. Some of us never grow up. Thanks goodness! :)
    Farmhouse hugs,

  11. Gazing up at the cloudy sky calms me. I love watching them gracefully move across. The night shot of the moon against the clouds is magical. Beautiful post.


  12. Such beautiful pictures of the sky, breathtaking actually. Clouds can take on so many different images, and love watching them move and take on new shapes. I wanted to say thanks for you kind words to us about our precious Bo passing. It meant a lot!

  13. Oh, wow! Definitely silver linings in all of your beautiful images. They are awe inspiring.

  14. You have such a beautiful blog! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://aprilscountrylife.blogspot.com/2013/01/ive-been-nominated.html

  15. I too, have always been intriqued by clouds. My grandchildren and I will lay out in the yard for hours watching them form and make shapes. My grown grandchildren still to this day will say - oh, look it's a .......... Guess it must be a "Judy" thing.


  16. Stunning photographs! I love clouds, too!

  17. The cloud arbor was lovely! Is there anything nicer, on a warm summer day, than to lie back in the grass and gaze up at the cloud shapes?

  18. Judy, I am a cloud lover too!! I was thinking, as I was looking at your first few photos, of the days when I would relax in the grass with my sisters and find shapes in the clouds, and smell the grass...I miss those days! Your pictures are wonderful. Linda

  19. Judy, I saw exactly what you described in your photos! They are lovely and you are so talented to be able to describe the escense of the pictures. I was actually thinking how we kids used to lay down in the grass and look at the clouds and also, the stars at night, too. The good ole days! Love the memories and want to pass them on to my family. Thanks for your good wishes on my great grand baby!

  20. I love looking at clouds and picking out images. It's such a wonderful quiet time, whether you are alone or with someone else. You become quiet and still and focused on the beauty that only nature can provide. Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.


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