Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know it's a mite early to be talking Halloween, especially since Autumn hasn't even made its official entrance yet.  But...

I have a story to tell..

That just won't wait..


You must know by now how much I love to tell a story.

"Halloween, Halloween,
Oh, what funny things are seen.
Witches hats, coal black cats,
Broomstick riders,
Mice and...(wait for it)...
...BATS...(that's right)...BATS...

Have you ever seen the business end of a bat?

I'm not talkin' baseball here.

I'm not talkin' those old wives tales about how you look up in the sky at dusk and those evil doers are flying around and you cover your head before they can swoop down and scalp you or suck the blood out of your neck faster than you can say Robert Pattinson.   

No, I'm talkin' up close and personal.

While you are sitting in your own living room.

Watching the Housewives of New Jersey.

I don't normally go in for old wives tales but, believe you me, this one I....

How did the sweet magic of Christmas get into this story?

That's better!


It was no different than any other night.

The Captain and I were all snuggled into our cozy couch watching a favorite TV show when he offered to get us a snack from the kitchen.  I paused the TV while he left the room and as I'm waiting for him to come back, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a movement.

I turned my head and saw it again and immediately jumped up and SCREAMED, "there's a bird in the house!"

The Captain came running, not because he was worried, but because he knows I would die, pretty much, at just the idea of a bird and myself in the same vicinity!

He closed off the room and hollered for the broom.

Because, you see, by this time, he knew what I didn't.

It wasn't a bird.

It was a bat!


I brought him the broom and my hero killed the bat, but he now had two hysterical females on his hands.

One who won't sleep with her head outside of the covers and one who was peacefully asleep on top of the bed, but after hearing a crazed person screaming, and seeing a determined man wielding a broom, won't come out from under the bed!


I called the Office of Bat Control the next morning and she said we should have just opened the door and let it fly out.

Yeah! Sure thing! Miss Suzy Sunshine!

It looked small, could it be a baby bat?  Could there be a bat nest close by and would a bereaved and revengeful mother bat come back to make us pay?

These are the questions I wanted an answer to but all I got was it probably came in following a moth. No, mam, I don't think it was there to turn you into one of the living dead. Yeah, right!! 

I know better!

Just so you believe me!

We don't know where it came from or how it got in the house.

No one remembers leaving a door open, or at the very least, admitting that they left a door open!  And so...

...that is the story of how Halloween came early to the Cottage this year.

Some might say we have bats in our belfry...


It was a bat out of hell...

But one thing still really bothers me...

The Captain was awfully fast about calling for a broom...


   This post was not intended to offend bat lovers anywhere, ha ha!

Halloween Song...written by Abbie Farwell Brown

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  1. OH Judy! I would be screaming too if I saw a bat in the house. We have had them inside at different times over the years but it has been years since the last time. They terrify me but they are so good for the envrionment and are dying off with 'white nose syndrome' here in Atlantic Canada. We need bats like we need bees. Just not in the house! :)

  2. Judy,
    Oh my a bat in the house. My daughter got one in her condo once and they said they got in through her window air conditioner vent. I guess they can get in the littlest spaces. They like attics too so hopefully they are not up in your attic if you have one. They are good outside and eat lot's of mosquitos in the summer months. One bat eats a 1000 mosquitos a night. So they are good little creatures outside!!!!!! Hope you do not encounter anymore of them.

  3. A thousand screams here. Glad he got whacked. Bats are o.k. outside - waaaay outside, but I have a line and if it's crossed, they are a goner, just like the snakes - of any kind.
    Totally love your post

  4. i like my bats... outside:) my sister got one caught in her long hair once, the poor bat was as freaked out as she was!

  5. Judy, I would have screamed too!! I wonder where the heck he came from. I'm glad your husband helped calm you down. I'm not sure if I would have slept all night long...What a STORY!!!!! By the way, that's amazing your from Santa Cruz. All three of our kids went to UCSC.
    Both, Carly, our daughter and our son Scott live together in Aptos while she is working at Macys and he is getting his masters in Marine Biology at Moss Landing Marine Lab. It is a small world. Back to your post, Loved It!! Hope you have a bat-free week!!


  6. WE have bats that swoop around outside here Judy but as long as they stay outside I dont mind them. I wouldnt want a close encounter with one like yours!!

  7. Bats have ALWAYS freaked me out! I don't know if I would have had the guts to kill it-I probably would have tried to force it outside but I would NOT have let it stay in the house. They are just gross to me- xo Diana

  8. OMGosh what a story Judy! That happened one night in our house a couple years ago. I had just come home from bunco and sat down to watch a little tv before hitting the hay when a bat flew right over my head. I screamed so loud Mr RL fell right out of bed! We finally did get it out by leaving a window open in our bedroom. But it was a few nights before I felt comfortable going to bed at all!

    Glad to know you are OK after your ordeal and please have a great weekend!
    Happy Fall!
    XO Barbara

  9. Oh no! I would have had a heart attack. I'm afraid of birds and bats completely freak me out. I'm glad you guys are no worse for the wear. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  10. I'm not at all offended, but I am having bat sympathy. But that wouldn't stop me from screaming! Halloween really be here in five minutes anyway. Great story for it.

  11. Hello Judy,
    I can sympathize with you..
    Many moons ago.. Me my girlfriend and her daughter went to a cottage way out in the Bundu..in South Africa for a weekend away.
    wont go into detail.. but they ended up screaming for me under their bedsheets.. like as though i was a warrior woman.
    I put a sheet over my head..got a towel and was running around trying to get the bat out of the open door.
    When i saw it there hanging.. I can tell you.. you have described them well.
    Glad you had your hero there.
    A great post..and very fitting for Halloween ..but yours was real.
    val xxx

  12. I'm sorry. I too would have been freaking out, but the story is hysterical!!!
    Now you have a new one to add to your collection.

  13. YIKES!!!! That is horrible! We have bats around here too! I always worry about those getting in.We keep our flue closed but I still worry about them getting in.I am sure our cat would not mind it though!

  14. Oh Judy, very spooky! Loved this story,xxxx

  15. Judy,
    I would die!! We have Bats that fly around our front porch at night and scared the BeJesus out of me. My one friend felt a "breeze" one night while she was sleeping and it was a bat flying around their bedroom!!!! I would just die right there!!!




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