Thursday, December 12, 2013


My Christmas decorating is done...
Such as it is...
and I will show it to you only using as little words as possible.

We did not put up a main tree this year.  We did, however, put up a small one in the guest bedroom, which you can see again here, and we did something different this year in the kitchen.  I love it and will be doing it again in the years to come.

We picked up this little tin tub in an antique store.  Right away I knew I wanted to use it to hold a kitchen Christmas tree.  

At the time, I hadn't seen one used for this purpose, but, of course, since then I have seen many on Pinterest and on blogs, particularly in regards to farm house decorating.  I still think it is an original idea whose time has come.

I have a small collection of vintage cookie cutters and toy kitchen implements so that is what I used to decorate the tree.  I didn't want to wait until I went to the store to buy ribbon so I used what I had.  Not the prettiest choice but the red works well in the kitchen and I, hopefully, will get to the store sometime between now and next Christmas!

The rest of the decorating is done in vignettes which, I'm sorry to say, were short lived.  Remember I didn't want a lot to put away before our trip, but I just couldn't help myself from doing something...

...and Buddy thinks "something" was going just a little too far!

So here we go as promised...

...more pictures, less words...

One of the candle holders I changed into mercury glass by using Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint.

"Then sing to the holly, the Christmas holly,
That hangs over peasant and king."

Eliza Cook

What appears to be shutters, with a hanging wreath and candle, is actually a photograph on canvas with a battery inside that makes the candle glow.

"One small candle may light a thousand."

William Bradford

So, there you have it...

...from soup... nuts.

I'm having so much fun living vicariously through all of you beautiful people and your beautiful Christmas decorating posts.


I could say my 5 year old daughter wrote on the blackboard, IF I had a 5 year old daughter, which I don't, so I guess it's just practice, practice, practice.

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  1. I love your kitchen tree and all your vignettes ! I am also enjoying seeing everyones decorations!

  2. Judy your decorating is beautiful, I love the idea of the kitchen tree being decorated with kitcheny items...too cute and very clever!. And you Buddy looks just like my Buster!!! I may try to see if he lets me put lights on him!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!
    XO Barbara

  3. Judy, everything is so beautiful. I love the tree in the kitchen and I can see why you want to do it again next year. I have a peppermint/cookie/candy tree in my kitchen and I love it. All of you vignettes are so very lovely.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your home looks so warm, cozy, and festive, Judy! Love the tree in the bucket.
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh I just love everything - so cute and cozy and comfy. I like the little critters and the greenery and the dishes. Poor Buddy, I don't think he's in the decorating mood. I have those same cookie cutters, I've been saving them for years - now I know what to do with them. Lovely lovely lovely.

  6. Judy, I love all your sweet vignettes for Christmas. You have some wonderful treasures and decorating ideas. That Buddy is the cutest though. Oh my. I love the look on his face! It's looking very festive in your home. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Its all looking wonderful Judy. I especially love the kitchen tree and how you have decorated that. Brilliant idea and something I would never have thought of!

  8. Judy your place is so beautifully decorated, you have so many beautiful decorations. Your kitchen is a Christmas heaven.

  9. Hi Judy,
    I too enjoy everyone's Christmas decorating. It's like going on a giant Christmas home tour :)

    Your kitchen tree, is just the best!!! I wouldn't change a thing about it.... I think it's perfect.

    Next year, we may change up our decorating a bit too. I'd like to do maybe 2 table top trees, instead of our standard family size tree.
    Each year, we seem to downsize and make everything simpler.

    Stay safe, and stay warm.


  10. Judy,
    I love your kitchen tree! It is so darling. I hope your Christmas Is Merry!

    Amy Jo

  11. Hi Judy, your kitchen tree and décor is beautiful. What a wonderful and cozy home you have created for the holiday. Buddie is a doll and looks so precious tangled in the lights.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. Hi Judy,
    Your images are always so pretty. I like the frames you have going on too. Everything looks so festive in your home. I wanted you to know that I featured your sweet little truck under the cloche at my HOME party this week. I'm sure it's no surprise. Hope the coming week is lovely for you.

    Christmas blessings,

  13. Cute little kitchentree!
    I also love old cake cutters and tins.

  14. Hi Judy, everything's so very pretty and I agree it's good to keep it simple if you are going on holidays. I'm in England right now and put up the artificial tree in Vancouver. Even though Chloe is there, I feel better with a non-flammable tree in the house. That photo of buddy is My friend Jillian (The noisy plume) just posted a photo of her dog holding a strand in his teeth...he's a very well trained bird dog...but the photo is darling. He looks so long suffering, like he's thinking, "humans...sheesh...what I don't do for them." :)

  15. I loved every Christmas touch you have done in your lovely cottage Judy! The kitchen tree is BEAUTFUL my friend. It's so pretty.
    Have a wonderful time this Christmas dear.
    sending hugs...

  16. I like how you decorated your kitchen tree.
    Buddy is a trooper, he rolls with it . Love the picture of him in lights.
    Enjoyed all of your pictures and you have such a wonderful cottage!

  17. Love your use of vintage kitchen items to decorate the tree - the cottagy feel is perfect! The dog is wonderful! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  18. I like your knife magnet. Do you recommend it?
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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