Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A few days ago Spring peeked her head around the corner to say hello...

...but today she is nowhere to be seen.

And, just like the postal service, the Captain won't let sleet nor snow stop him from doing his duty.

These beautiful, deserving creatures need a little TLC even on days like this.

Disclaimer:  No photographer was hurt during the filming of this post.  She somehow managed to stay warm and cozy!


Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I'm still able to share with you a little bit of Spring prettiness.

These dishes are put out by TarHong.  They range in price from $1.99 to $3.00

I came across these dishes for the first time last Christmas at Raley's Supermarket (here).  When I picked one up I was surprised to find that they are melamine.

I normally don't go for plastic in tableware.  I don't even carry them in the motor home, but these were so pretty that I couldn't resist picking up a few.

Fast forward to Spring...TarHong, and Raley's, have once again put out a delightful pattern.

They are perfect for late morning brunch or a luncheon.

They are so reasonably priced that I just stick a couple in my grocery cart each time I go to the market.


Remember when I put up that disclaimer at the beginning of this post?...

...well you can forget that!...

I left the heater and wipers on without running the engine and ran the battery down so the car wouldn't start. 

You can imagine what a blow that was to the person who just spent 2 hours out in this:

I can still say that the photographer didn't get hurt, but she sure got a lot of dirty looks and would have been better off to stay at the shelter as she was really in the dog house!!


Update:  I saw the cardiologist yesterday.  He did another EKG and after looking over all the tests I had in the hospital, he proclaimed that I have a very healthy heart.

I do have a fast heart rate though, so he prescribed meds to help with that and will have me back in one month to check.

Thank you for all your concerns.  I am feeling great and very relieved.


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  1. First off- Your heart news is great news. Did you know you can "THINK" your heart rate slower? I worked for a hospital that had a huge cardiology dept. That is one of the things that they promoted. Next time you feel your heart racing- stop-sit and "think it slower". Amazingly, it does work. Certainly not to preclude taking any meds but it might be helpful.

    I picked some of those melamine dishes up from Target~ I don't like plastic either but I picked them up for the motor home we are working on. I just thought they were great and unbreakable!!!! xo Diana

  2. Nasty weather. After all the bad weather, rundown battery and dirty looks...when you got home you had a pretty table setting and flowers. That's good. Hope your heart is better, just read Diana's comment. xoxo,Susie

  3. That is great news from your doctor. I'm so happy for you and I know you must be relieved. Those melamine dishes are really pretty. They are becoming quite popular to use too. Unfortunately we don't see many of them around here. We have such poor shopping here really. No nice decorator stores that offer reasonably priced goods. Time for another shopping trip to Maine I think. We've had a wintry blast of weather here this past few days with about 2 feet of ice pellets and snow. Just a lovely spring so far. Thankfully it is spring and the snow will be melting soon. Take care!

  4. so happy to hear your tests turned out okay, what a relief that must be. The dishes are so cheerful I can see why you can't pass them up! Our weather here has taken a turn too and we have actually had a bit of rain, nothing to compare with you down pour but at this point anything, even a little drizzle is good.

  5. So happy your tests were ok Judy - I have a " rapid heart beat " too !
    Your spring looks a lot like our Spring lol - it hasn't quite " sprung " yet - although it's warming up - and melting quite quickly - I can't wait till there's not a speck of white left!
    Love your dishes - very spring-y !

  6. Hi Judy,
    love your new spring header.
    I am so pleased for you that you are ok . The pills will help. Mr. M. had the same and had to take tablets every day.
    I like the melamine - lovely designs on them.
    Our weather has been awful. We have been told it will get warmer towards the weekend.
    what a bomber for your car's battery to go flat.
    Have a wonderful wednesday. love val xxxx

  7. It's good to hear you are OK ,I really enjoyed reading your post today it is written with sense of humour.

  8. Hi Judy,
    So happy to hear your tests are all good. I am sure they did this but with your fast heart rate have they tested your thyroid. Sometimes that can be the culprit. The dishes are so cute and scream spring. Love those.

  9. Hi Judy,

    I am so happy to hear your heart is healthy! I can only imagine the looks you received after that little incident hehe! My husband wouldn't have been happy either. Your spring dishes look beautiful.

    Amy Jo

  10. Yes, I have thyroid disease and yes, the heart is affected. I have palpitations when mine is out of whack! Love this post! Beautiful photos.

  11. Oh I'm so glad that things are working out with your health. But I did have to laugh - just a teeny - about the battery and the rain and dog walker - because it has happened to me before - not the dog part - but letting the battery run down - no fun here, because it takes 1-2 hours for the truck to come - and the only reason for that is so they can charge for two hours work by saying they are busy and can't get there any faster so get extra pay. One time we actually saw the tow truck sitting in the lot next to where we were parked - they never left the lot until they pulled out to come 100 feet to start our car. Wish I'd known that was our tow truck before he sat there for 2 hours. Another time the driver had his wife and a load of groceries in the truck - guess where they have been all that time while getting paid! So we bought one of those little charger things that will start your car, and haven't needed it since.

    I love the dishes - and this week I bought some plastic ones too - just too cute to pass up, Easter egg shaped plates and a bowl to match.

    Hopefully spring will be back soon.

  12. I love your photos!!! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  13. sorry about the battery, but, so happy about the doc report, judy:) have a great day!

  14. I'm glad your tests came back good...take care of yourself! And I hope you have a glimpse of Spring weather soon! Sweet hugs!

  15. Glad to hear you got a good report card from the doctor and that no photographer was harmed. LOL


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