Saturday, April 26, 2014


We are becoming waterlogged once again, but rain isn't going to be the subject for today.

Today we are talking technology...

...phones to be exact...cell phones

Now, I'm not even sure they are called cell phones anymore, but back twenty or thirty years ago, when we purchased this one, that is what they were called.

This phone was just fine by me.  It served it's purpose well.  It was lucky it got turned on a couple of times a year when we went on vacation.  It hardly ever was turned on in the house and to this day I still don't know the phone number by heart.

One time while on the road, we saw what appeared to be a drunk driver. When I called 911 the operator asked me for my phone number and I had to hang up on her because I didn't know it. 

So now when I tell you that I am technically challenged, you will believe me!

The kids were always nagging us to replace the phone and come into this century but we held out.  That is until my lovely friends out in Blogland started posting their beautiful photos transformed by the app Waterlogue.

Well, I had to get one of those so that's when this little beauty came into our loves... brand new beautiful little Smart phone.

I was so proud.  I picked it out myself and it was free.

The only problem is that the Waterlogue app doesn't work on this type of phone.


To make a long and tearful story SIL and grandson (I really would be lost without them) showed me that I had a program on the phone called SketchGuru.  It may not be quite the same as the Waterlogue app but it's pretty close and doesn't just do watercolors, it also does colored pencils and crayons and I'm really liking it.  It also takes some awesome pictures, some better than my camera.

This is a picture taken with the Smart phone.

The same picture transformed into a colored pencil sketch...

...a crayon sketch...

...a watercolor #1...

...a watercolor #2...

...watercolor #1...

...same doorway in colored pencil...

...a David Austin rose in watercolor #1...

...the actual rose taken with the Smart phone...

...the Cottage in living watercolor #1...

...a corner of the garden in the same...

... and the flag in a colored pencil sketch.

This is Jake and Jacenda taken with Jake's Iphone and using the Waterlogue app. I will admit there is a difference.  Waterlogue has a more intense color and watery look, but I'm not hating mine.

A corner in the sitting room that really wasn't set up for a pretty picture but I loved how it came out in the colored pencil sketch so decided to show it anyway.

This is my absolute favorite. Teddies turned into a colored pencil sketch. I think I will definitely frame this one.

Well, I guess this little phone was smarter than I thought and oh yeah, I think it might make phone calls too. I guess I'll have to try that!


This is called the 8bit. It reminds me of cross-stitch..

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  1. :) I am smiling as we had a similar conversation with my MIL earlier this month. " Mom your phone is OLD! She finally broke down and got a smart phone.
    I am not a fan of apple products ( you either are or not!) and so mine is a windows phone by Nokia. LUV it. NO waterlogue app. BUT scads of other cool things.
    Enjoy your new phone Judy. I am living my little hand held computer! That is really what they are now.
    HUGS, Gee

  2. Judy, You are an artist !! :):) I love all the things you can do with your phone. xoxo,Susie

  3. You've almost convinced me that ! too need to come into this century and get a smartphone as well Judy :) These are all so beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. Oh I'm so excited - I've been looking for a program that works on my smart phone - and this is downloading as I type this. Thank you so much for mentioning it - I had never heard of it and since I don't have an I Phone I can't use the waterlogue - but this is close - thank you thank you thank you. I'll have fun now. Love what you did with your photos.

  5. Oh this is wonderful! I don't have a smart phone, but I am thinking of getting a new Mac, I think some of these apts work on it too. What fun you are going to have.

  6. Oh what a lovely new toy you have, it is amazing the things that you can do with phone. I don't have one because we don't have mobile phone coverage in our area so i wouldn't use it and that is mine excuse.

  7. I guess I better get into this new century too. Went to dinner with friends and they were all pulling out their fancy phone and there was my little trac phone that I only use for emergency's. They all gave me the LOOK like did you come over on the Mayflower? So I guess I will have to break down and get one. Your is fantastic - beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Love this post! I've had my smartphone about a year and still don't use all the features. Great photos, thanks for the app info!

  9. Judy,
    Your photos are lovely. I have an old flip phone and I do not even have voice mail set up on it. No one has that phone number except for my immediate family and a few well chosen friends. I like my privacy and I do not want to be available 34 hours a day. I do not text and when I do not want to be disturbed while out shopping, i do the unthinkable...I shut my phone off!! If I have to get a new phone, I want a phone that rings, that's it! Nothing more. Maybe i can find a program that does all those cool things to my pics once i download them to the computer......


  10. Wow, amazing. Who knew you could do things like that with a smart phone? Certainly not me, I am a technophobe too Judy. I have an iphone, I wonder if I can do those things with mine?
    P.S. I didnt know how to turn off the no blogger thing on the comment box!!

  11. Isn't it fun, Judy? I quite like your Sketchguru, especially the way it renders the photo in coloured pencils. Perfect!

  12. I think your new phone is pretty smart! It does a lot more than my iPhone for artwork. The photos are really beautiful! have fun and don't forget to use it to make phone calls. :)

  13. hi Judy, I left you a reply underneath the Wisteria post! Happy Sunday!

  14. I'm not smart enough for a smart phone ( and if that's not the saddest commentary I've ever written LOL )
    But wow I'm just loving what everyone is doing with these photos - yours are gorgeous -
    That one of your cottage needs to be printed and framed - just gorgeous !!!
    Have a great week Judy - I'm back to renovating :)

  15. I love how the pics turned out! I really like the door. It is so pretty.

    Amy jo

  16. oh wow Judy! Those all look fantastic!! So fun! and creative! My favorite is the one of the sitting room........looks like it is straight out of a Victorian home! Lots of good color too! I have a love of victorian homes like you do

  17. Great pics, Judy. I love all the special features! My favorite is the corner that wasn't ready? What do you mean? It's gorgeous!
    Happy snapping!

  18. Great pictures and impressive alterations.


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