Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We don't have many guests stay at the Cottage but when we do, we are happy to be able to afford them a quiet corner and a soft bed.

We enjoy their company and I hope that they are always happy and satisfied with their stay.

A few weeks ago we had one such guest arrive.  You may remember him as being portrayed as a large, harmful creature with big eyes and sharp teeth, needing to be kept behind fences to keep the fairies safe.

In reality, he is a sweetheart and was just photobombing.

He appeared one day out of the blue, not too long after we lost our Buddy, and he was so sweet and loving, as if he knew that we were a family in need of healing.

In my secret heart of hearts he is called Buddy, Jr. but he has just come to be known as Junior.

Apparently he likes his sleeping arrangements and the fact that they are numerous...


This is one of the two or three dining spots that he enjoys...

...and he's really good about sharing.

Maggie is so thoughtful..she is standing guard over Junior's dish so that the birds don't eat more than their share. Oh, yeah!!

"There are tabbies and tortoiseshell, black cats and white,/ all happy and purring from morning till night,/ and though they do mischief sometimes, which is wrong,/ they're so pretty, you cannot be cross with them long."

Old nursery rhyme from the Victorian era

Junior is full of charm and has an independent spirit.  He seems just right with his world and always makes us smile.

Do you see the dragonfly on the iron garden stake?

Junior does!!

He has brought a friend with him..let's just call her Lucy.

We know where she comes from and, hopefully, she will go home to have her kittens!! She has had many admirers around her, (giving us a few sleepless nights) but, thankfully, Junior is not one of them.

We don't know where he came from and we don't know if he is male or female.  We only know that he shows no interest in Lucy in "that" way, so he is either a she, too young or has been fixed.

For the time being Junior seems to feel that he is more than a guest here...

...and like all of the guests that come to the Cottage, he will be treated with kindness and when he leaves..with a hug and a wave, he will be wished safe travels...

...and if he decides to stay he will be treated to a visit to the vet...because that's just how we do things here at the Cottage.


Oh, it's siesta time...

Did I hear someone say fiesta?


Have a wonderful week ahead and I hope you all go to a place where you feel welcome and everybody knows your name...



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  1. Precious~~~~~sweet post...Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Judy I this Junior is going to be a permanent fixture around the cottage...what a puuurfect place for a cat to hang. Your home has to be a cat's dream.
    XO Barbara

  3. Jr. has it pretty good there!!
    He seems to have found his 'forever home'. Some of his poses, are too cute!!!

    Love your guest room. It is beautiful, and nicely decorated.
    I've seen some B&B's that don't even come close to being that nice. Great job!!!

    Have a great evening.


  4. I would like to be a guest in that room:) God gave you a new baby in return. How precious!

  5. I like your photo essay and Junior is a charmer. I would like to stay in your dreamy guest cottage.

  6. What a beautiful warming post Judy.
    Junior, sure looks very happy at your cottage.. a lovely looking cat, all cuddly.
    Your guest room looks so inviting, as does the rest of your lovely cottage.
    Such super photos Judy.
    I love the last photo of junior.. looks like he is walking.
    Happy week.. val xxx

  7. Hi Judy, Thank you !! your blog made me laugh. I loved seeing what all your cats have been up to. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. How totally charming...I would be there in a minute if I could. Miss Twiggley sends a little meow to your friends.

  9. Just so sweet Judy. I love this post. Made my heart smile.

  10. Oh Judy, that brought tears to my eyes. God is so good isn't He? He always knows what we need and when we need it? Junior is testimony to that.
    I would say Junior is a female since it looks like a calico cat, I have always heard that cats with 3 colors are always female. Could be wrong though.
    Those photos are precious, especially the one in the chair with the puppy pillow and the fiesta one! How cute is that?
    Have a great rest of your week,

  11. What a sweet story - and wonderful photos. Our Miss Kitty came to us one day also - and now, even 5 years after she has gone we still think we see her sitting by the rocking chair some days when we come into the living room.

  12. What a wonderful friend, guest, companion you have found. He is amusing.

  13. How wonderful, Judy! What a kind and loving soul you are. Junior is certainly lucky that he chose your home to visit, but then animals know these things, right? I hope he stays for a good long while. He is a real sweetheart!
    Big hugs,

  14. Hi Judy,

    Such a cutie, well both of those cats are cuties. Isn't it nice that they knew to come for a visit? I have to tell you, I adore your large teddy bear on the bed, so darn adorable!
    Hugs, Lynnie


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