Sunday, August 3, 2014


Normally when I write a post, it's about one subject and a lot of thought goes into it.  Today, however...

...I'm going to mix it up a bit...and I'll start with this little foot stool.

It has been used on the porch for a few years and when I ordered the slip covers from Sure-Fit for the two wing chairs in the parlor, I also ordered two pillow covers in the same pattern.  I think I'm only going to use one of them so decided to use the other one to cover the little foot stool...

I like it in front of the chair.

You might notice that we put a rug down in the parlor.  It was one we had in the storage sun porch.  I'm not sure I'm in love with it.  Didn't like that white fringe... I cut it off! 

I do like it much better, but am still looking out for another one.  Maybe! It is kind of growing on me now.

A while back I ordered this reproduction olive bucket from Walmart for under $10.  I got the idea from Yvonne at Stone Gable who wrote about it here.  Thank you, Yvonne. She has such a beautiful home and shares it all on her wonderful blog.

I used Rub and Buff in Spanish Copper to give it some age.  I really like how it turned out.


Last week I posted about Junior who showed up in our lives and we didn't know where he came from...

...I also mentioned his little friend, Lucy, and the fact that we DID know where she came from.

Well, it turns out that they both came from the same place...and that Junior is a girl, and in fact, is Lucy's mother.  So please meet...

June Bug, otherwise known as Junie.

It seems as if Junie still feels like she is a guest and, I'm sure, is glad to know that she won't be making that vet's visit any time soon, as she has already had her lady parts taken care of, if you know what I mean!

Now...that's a soap opera for you!

We are leaving Wednesday morning for a little R&R and will be back Sunday...

Happy Sunday everyone...but before I leave...

...just wanted to share with you a new kid in town.  
Isn't he sweet?  Born at Sammie's Friends animal shelter a couple of weeks ago. He was one day old when this picture was taken.


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  1. Happy Trails, Judy. Wishing you a wonderful trip and a safe return home.
    I love the slipcovers - so nice to see them in 'real life' and not in an ad. It gives me a true idea of how nice they look.

  2. Hello Judy,
    I really like the slipcovers; that fabric is so pretty and cheerful looking.
    Great idea to make over the foot stool, as well.

    Well, it's nice to know about Jr. ..... all's well that ends well.

    I'll bet you are happy to be getting out on the road and headed for some R&R. Enjoy, relax, and take lots of pictures~~~ *smile*.

  3. Love this kind of post! Glad to know the kitties have a home and a place to visit. Your slip covers are gorgeous and I like the rug too. I was just thinking of cutting the fringe off one of our rugs. It changes the look, for sure. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Hi Judy,
    So how did you find out where Junior came from? Awww, now you can't keep her?
    Your parlor is so cozy, love the little footstool and the rug in there. I am a big fan of fringe but I must admit that the rug looks better in that space with no fringe. That picture made me laugh with all the fringe cut off and laying loosely on the rug, funny.
    Have a great trip!

  5. What fun it has been to visit your blog, and to see we both shared newborn goats. How sweet! I like how you cut off the fringes of your rug. Made me smile, because that is something I would do. As for the R&R, I hope you have a wonderful time. That camper looks like a fun way to
    get away for a while. Thanks for stopping by tonight!

  6. Me again! Now is that the room you watch TV in (didn't see one) or is there another room for that?
    The new kid in town is adorable!!!

  7. What a great post, filled with so many interesting tidbits. The parlor looks so charming, I love the new slip covers. Have a wonder time on your vacation

  8. Hi Judy

    What a cute goat! I assume he is wonderful. You have the best chalkboard! The roses make it so pretty and make it a winner. You picked out such pretty slip covers, great choice!
    Hugs, Lynnie

    have a great time camping.

  9. Love your new chair slipcovers...what a great idea to use the extra pillow cover for the little stool! Your little kitties are so cute too :o) Have a great trip!!!!

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  11. Great post. What's the little kids name? So cute and the kitties are precious.
    That stream looks so inviting.


Your comments are so special to me...Judy