Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Large crow pillow - Decor Steals
Small crow pillow - Kruenpeeper Creek
Velvet pumpkin - Home Goods

Are you answering the call...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the Week #1 part of the party...
now on to Week #2.

The Captain has a little change in his library...
we bought the two smaller wicker chairs in from outside so he could have company while he reads his many novels car magazines and newspaper,
 while having his morning coffee.

FYI:  He rarely has company since this usually happens around 5:00 AM!

We also staked his claim further by adding his initials on one wall. 
 I picked up these cardboard ones at Ben Franklins,
 painted them black and after the paint dried,
 rubbed metallic silver on with a rag. 
 I then applied a small amount of burnt sienna paint in places 
to resemble rusting.

It's a pretty rewarding project
 and they look like real metal...ish.

Coffee - Starbucks
Which I am not paid to say!

The Captain is pleased as punch!

Trick or Treat banner - Cottage Witch

The entry is ready to greet
 the trick or treaters.

Stoneware Crock - Cottage Witch

Halloween sign - Home Goods
Paper pinwheel - Cottage Witch

Witches - Cottage Witch

The only thing left 
is to add a bowl of candy 
and all the little ghosts and goblins will also be pleased as punch.

The parlor has donned her costume 
and is ready for the party. 
 She is going as a grand old lady,
 dressed to the nines,
 and is pretty full of herself!

 The library donated a few volumes of Harry Potter.
  She couldn't have set a better example of
 between the moonlight and the magic.

Witches Hat - Cottage Witch

A pretty witches hat
 decorated for a party?

Who invited these guys
 to the party?

A few tiny visitors 
along side a demure Miss Jackie O Lantern with a pretty hat of her own.

Her crowning glory,
 wrapped up in a fringed scarf,
 to ward off any chills.

The fall arrangement with a few spidery grape vines added..
a fancy glass vase (pronounced vas) and candle holders
 that the magic wand turned into mercury glass
 with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, vinegar and water..
Mrs. Pumpkin Head from Hobby Lobby.

Another magical mercury glass painted pumpkin candy dish
 and a real, small, pumpkin 
sitting on an old candle stand.

This project is a copy-cat from Tina at What We Keep. 
 I had her whole hearted encouragement which she so generously shared with me. 
 I did change some of the wording to make it my own.
  The story behind this is...

You might remember our encounter with a real, live bat 
that paid us a visit just before last Halloween. 
(I will spare you a picture). 
 He got into the Cottage, we don't know when or how, 
and the Captain took a broom,
 not the Cottage Witch as you might imagine,
 to the problem and
 that was that.

I never thought too much about bats before.
  I didn't like them,
 even though I know they are good for the environment,
 but I just didn't think of them much.
  Now, since I've been "up close and personal"
 with one, the thought of them makes me pretty crazy, but...

...as a mantle scarf or adorning a lampshade..
I kind of like them..
but I digress...

...anyway, around Halloween,
 when I go into Ben Franklins to get crafty things,
 there is an electronic bat flying around in circles above my head. 
 I know its there, I expect it to be there,
 but I never fail to freak out and duck my head. 
 I've noticed numerous stares and rolling of eyes,
 in pity I'm sure!

Jack-o-lantern mask - circa 1940 - San Francisco grocery store advertisement

But, back to Tina and her clever project.
  The title of her post was Bat S**T Crazies
 and that really caught my eye,
 as you can well imagine,
 now that you know the full story. 
 So I took an old window frame,
 painted it black and silver,
 so it would match the old picture frame that, once in place,
 looks like a tombstone, which was not planned,
 and wrote my words on it.

The disappointing thing was that even though it looked great painted on the glass,
 it got lost when I put it in front of the mirror,
 so I crinkled up some tin foil and taped it to the back.
  Problem solved,
 and that is the whole story of how
 Cottage Remedies for the Frights of the Nights
 came to be.

Thank you, Tina, for letting me borrow your design. 
 You should check out Tina and her blog, What We Keep (here). I guarantee you will be glad you did.
 She is a sweet lady and very entertaining.

Thanks for visiting
 and watch for a
 'party from the past'
 next week.

...Judy, The Cottage Witch...

Hmmmm, here she is again.
Miss Jackie O Lantern 
wearing her pretty little hat, hmmm.

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  1. Judy, I love the decorations !!! My goodness, it's all so pretty and fun. I like the Captains coffee corner too. Bless his heart. :):) Hope you are enjoying this autumn. xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh my gosh this is so great!!! I loved this, Now I need to get busy decorating. :)

  3. I love it, Judy! What a fantastic display! The foil on the back was brilliant. I love the reflection it's getting. Thanks for the sweet shout out and I'm so happy that you shared your sign. I can't think of a more perfect environment! Hope the bats don't come back for a visit. ;)

  4. My goodness you have outdone even yourself. I did a smidge of decorating - but nothing like this. I'll have to take some pix too. Loved the tour.

  5. Wow, you've gone all out for halloween and it's pretty classy looking, Judy. The spiders on the curtain really creeped me out though. LOL Great job! Oh, and hubby's den/library looks great. I love the letters (his initials) and how you painted them. You are so talented.

  6. Oh Judy, I LOVE it all!! You are so amazing with your decorating, everything always looks so welcoming and cozy. You do wonders with paint too (the Captain's initials), wow! I think I need to check out this Cottage Witch place, cute stuff. Speaking of cute, Miss Jackie O'Lantern is the cutest pumpkin ever!! Is she made out of wood? I like your mantle scarf too. Everything is just wonderful! I need you to fly to Missouri and decorate for me!
    Happy Wednesday!

  7. The Captain looks pretty happy to me!!!! And he had me a Starbucks- a man after my own heart! You do such a good job with all your Fall/Halloween decorating...BUT I could do without the spiders. lol
    You did a great job on the initials. xo Diana

  8. hello
    quelle belles décoration d'automne
    mais je n'aime pas beaucoup les araignées ::::::::::
    passer une bonne journée dans votre beau salon confortable
    edith (iris)

  9. Judy this is fabulous! I love Halloween and this looks so fun!

  10. Hello Judy,
    Everything at the cottage looks wonderful! You've really made it darling for Halloween, and October.
    I love the banner. I might just have to make one for myself, and place it on the fireplace mantle.
    You have made so many darling things!! I am so impressed and inspired :)

    Enjoy this season.



  11. Hi Judy, boy, you have pulled out all of the stops. Love the mantel with all of those spooky creations. The banner is lovely. Who did invite those pesky spiders? Your captain looks quite content. Happy Halloween....

  12. This is as cute as can be! Great vignettes. Very creative you are! My mama used to love every season and went all out. Me, not so much for Halloween. What a great post!

  13. It's all wonderful! You have done a super job, what fun you must be having. The letters in your charming study turned out beautifully, they really do look like metal. And, the bookcases are really special.

  14. What a wonderful job you did Judy. Everything is terrific. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Just lovely! Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

  16. So fun and beautiful at the same time!!! Love your crow teapot especially. Thanks for the party invite. ;) Jane

  17. Dear Judy,
    This is a super post.
    I have to admit, that the Americans are brilliant inventors when it comes to Halloween.
    Here it doesnt exist.. Some of the younger children, now buy spiders to scare us..but its not a tradition. I love your home.. its so very very inviting. Gerry looks pretty happy with his "Starbuck"
    You must have gone to so much trouble to make this amazing halloween design in the house.
    A super post.. enjoyed it very much.
    val xxx

  18. Hi Judy, Wonderful decorating, You are all ready :) I'm way behind this year but really enjoyed yours. have a wonderful October month ,best wishes love julie xxx


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