Friday, October 31, 2014


This is not a Happy Post

I am mad and crazy over this.

Maybe someone might think I am making too much of it but I'm doing it anyway.

A few days ago, I noticed an "X" rated blog was showing up on my Bloglovin roll.

I contacted Bloglovin but did not get any response,
 however, I didn't see it again so thought maybe they had taken care of it, and to be truthful, I don't even know if it is in their power to do so.

One of my good blogging buddies brought it to my attention that it was being played out on my sidebar. Sure enough, there it was for all to see that cared to. You can't even imagine how much I wanted to click on the filth, to give them a piece of my mind,  but didn't.

I have seen that at least one other blogger (that's all that I looked at) is receiving the same thing and I have notified her. I imagine there are quite a few more that have it also.

The blog is Bluff Area Daily and it is noted that it was the Home of Barn Charm.

I went to my blog list and deleted it after I panicked and was told how to do it.

I hope that this is helpful to all concerned.

It takes a lot to get me riled up but, boy howdy, this did it!

Now, everyone go out there and have a safe and happy Halloween.



  1. Oh how terrible - there is so much junk out there and people getting hacked. I just hate it. I have been hacked two times through Facebook, so I read them but post nothing about myself.
    I'm so sorry Judy as your post are always so much fun and interesting. Forget about those horrible people and have a wonderful Halloween.

  2. I'm so sorry, what a horrible thing to do to someone. Our blogs are a joy that we share with people we've come to know and admire, and we work hard to make them what they are. Your blog is so fun and beautiful, please don't let this get you down. Enjoy your Halloween!
    Big hugs,

  3. I hate that and I hate all those stupid people that leave all those crappy websites on my blog that need to be deleted. I did not allow anonymous comments for a long time but found out that then anyone that uses WordPress and other ones can't leave a comment either.

    Thanks for the tip. I will watch for them! I wonder how many bloggers will google that site now that you mentioned it here? lol xo Diana

  4. So horrible this happened to you Judy. Thankyou for the heads up if it happens to me . Hope you had a happy halloween,xxxxxlove julie

  5. This is terrible news Judy. Your posts are always so super.
    There are some bad people out there.
    Hope you had a good Haloween... Carry on with your great posts..
    Love your witches hat.
    val xxxxx

  6. Oh my - there are some mean, rude and nasty people out there - and that they should target you - what an awful thing to happen. Hope this takes care of it. I've not noticed it - but glad someone did and alerted you. Take care and have a wonderful November - and December - and - well, you get the picture. Hugs and leftover Halloween bugs. Hee hee

  7. That is awful Judy. It sounds so deceptive too. Thanks for sharing this. I am sorry you had to endure something so nasty. xo

  8. Hi Judy, I would be mad too and so sorry this happened. It is horrible that there are sites that deceive like this. I get those links in my comments some time too, but I have to publish so I delete them before they are ever seen in the comment section. Thanks for letting us know.
    Keep smiling sweets, have a great week ahead!!
    Hugs xoxo

  9. I'm sorry! That is really crumby! I link to bloglovin but don't have a link on my blog! I haven't seen anything bad on my feed, but honestly, I get the email and just delete it :) Hope you are free of that garbage now!! Blessings, Cindy

  10. Oh my goodness... I am so glad that another blogger let you know it was happening!
    I would hope we would all be so courteous to one another.
    I had no idea someone could be such a creep and do such a thing!!
    Thanks for the heads up.


  11. Judy I am glad you were able to find a resolve such an aweful situation. I certainly do not blame you for being angry and upset, hopefully this post will help others who may have the same thing happening to their blog.
    Thanks for posting. Wishing you a much better week!
    XO Barbara

  12. I wonder how Bluff Area Daily was hi jacked that way. Bluff area daily (barn charm) ceased to exist a while back. I used to often read the site and post barns to the Barn Charm listing. When I checked on it about six months ago, filth did come up. It is upsetting when I see some trashy site signing up as a follower on my site, don't like it a bit.

  13. Judy, a couple of years back I had joined Bloglovin and the same thing happened to me. I contacted the folks and told them I wanted nothing to do with being associated with blogs of that type. They responded with some nonsense about diversity, everyone being able to write about whatever they wanted, blah, blah. I deleted my 'Bloglovin' account.

  14. I am so sorry that happened Judy, that would really make me mad too! Glad you got it sorted out and I appreciate knowing about it, it is so awful that kind of filth is out there.

  15. Well Judy, you go get 'em, girl!! This would make me mad too -- furious, actually! I don't know if people do this for a rude, sick joke, or if they're somehow trying to make money from these sites, but either way, our sites and content should be safe from stuff like that. A couple of years ago when my blog was still pretty new, I noticed that I had some X-rated links on my referring sites. I was able to see the links on my dashboard, but it didn't seem like any of my readers could see them. No matter, it still creeped me out. I was always complaining to my husband about it, but he said there wasn't much I could do to remove them. Thankfully, they finally disappeared.

    You have such a great blog, and I'm really sorry this happened to you. I hope you've gotten rid of them for good.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. Some people have nothing better to do than create havoc on computers that know how to hack in. I wish these people would get a real job and do something good.

    Sorry to hear they attacked your blog site


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