Tuesday, November 4, 2014


"Give thanks with a grateful heart and harvest love."

Author Unknown

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my last posting with compassion, understanding and concern. 
 We all strive to contribute a certain amount of helpfulness and community, to the best of our ability through blogging,
 and when an outsider threatens to make it seem otherwise, 
they need to know that there is no place for their kind of deceit here.


Our crepe myrtle tree has outdone itself this year. 
 At a certain time in the day,
 the shine from its crimson branches 
is breathtaking.


Here are a few of the outstanding autumn displays
 around the Cottage and 
 around the town...


The parlor mantle has changed scenes again.
  This time the harvest family is appropriately set among bounty 
that might have been harvested from a nearby field.

The addition of rosemary for remembrance
 of the blessings of the harvest
 and real bittersweet vines,
 which is the first I've ever seen.

A pretty harvest wreath
I made from unbleached coffee filters 
with the addition of some faux flowers and greenery.

A few pieces of china
 in the pattern "Olde English Countryside" by Johnson Bros.
 found at a garage sale.

This large jug was handed down through family 
starting with my great-grandfather. 
 The story goes that it was a vessel that carried tea 
when shipped to our country many years ago.


Nightstand and Dresser Before..

Here are my latest painting projects.
  I think this dresser was originally what is known as Cottage style. 
 It was made of inexpensive wood and painted in pretty colors, some embellished with hand painted flowers. 
 When we acquired this piece about 35 years ago, it was painted blue,
 but because natural wood finishes were all the rage at that time,
 we stripped and stained it. 
 Now the time has come for a return to its roots, so to speak,
 and along with the nightstand, which was found at a yard sale and certainly not bought for its pedigree,
 but only for the functional shape and size to fit beside the bed,
 the guest bedroom is taking on a new personality 
and will be revealed in its entirety, at Christmas.

Dresser After..

Nightstand After..


I feel so blessed to be able to live where I love, 
to be happy and healthy enough to enjoy all that is around me,
 and to have family and friends to count on.

It is a beautiful,
a blessed
time of the


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  1. Your home always looks so warm and cozy Judy. Autumn has certainly come to your neck of the woods and is showing off beauty in the way of foliage. Every photo is a feast for the eyes.

  2. Oh Judy, your home looks so warm and welcoming. Your mantle is very pretty.
    Your trees are stunning! The colors - I can believe how vibrant they are. You certinly live in a very lovely area of California.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the new Thanksgiving look of your blog. You got everything changed over so quickly and I just got finished switching things around in the house and porch today. It all looks very festive...the wreath, figures and all of the wonderful change of foliage ~ gorgeous!

  4. Fall is looking very pretty at your house, Judy! I love it--from the trees to the mantle. Gorgeous.
    Nice job on painting those pieces. I can't tell you how many pieces I stripped down over the years. A LOT of them...lol...some my son has and some I still have.
    What color is that, Judy? I can't tell from the pictures if it is a green or a deep gray. Whatever it is- it is pretty! xo Diana

  5. It is a beautiful time of year, thank you for showing us such beauty around your home and neighborhood. I didn't know crepe myrtle looked like that in the Fall, how pretty.
    Have a great week,

  6. How lovely does your mantle look! Its beautiful Judy. You have the gift of decorating..and keeping it within your victorian theme.
    The color of the trees is so unique and eye catching.
    The area you live in looks serene and so well kept.
    What a change to your furniture.. look so fantastic.
    I so agree with what you wrote Judy.. Blogging is to make friends -virtual or not.. its a forum where we can all come together and enjoy what we write about and enjoy our friends blogs too. Its not for nasty comments .. I am happy to know you Judy.. and we have a super friendship through blogging.. Thanks for all the kind comments over at my blog..
    wishing you a wonderful wednesday.. xxxx val

  7. Happy November!
    You've decorated your cottage so beautifully......as always.
    Where ever did you find the bittersweet? I've loved bittersweet for years, but here, I can only find the faux kind. Ahhhh...... rosemary... my number 1 favorite herb! I love how you used springs on the mantle... it certainly is a special touch.

    Looking forward to seeing the guest room re-do. So far, I love the furniture pieces that you've redone, and I just know it will be a darling room with your talents for decorating!!

    Have a happy day.


  8. hello Judy
    je me fais rare , mais je suis contente de ton passage sur mon blog
    tu as super bien décoré ta maiso
    je n'avais jamais vu un champs de citrouilles
    les arbres sont tout joyeux avec ces belles couleurs
    à très bientôt
    edith (iris)

  9. Judy, your mantel is beautiful. I really like how well the figurines of the man and boy look so appropriate in front of that plate featuring the English countryside scene. Now you've got me anxious to see what you've done with the guest room. I think it is so fun to take something you already have and give it a new look for next to nothing.

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  11. Oh Judy what a GORGEOUS post!!! I love the paint color on the nightstand and dresser...so pretty. And that is so funny becuase I just picked up a bowl and basin made by Johnson Bros.Great minds do think alike or are drawn to the same things! Sorry about the deleted comment above. I got side tracked and didn't finish writing my comment and when I came back somehow it automatically posted it. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!
    XO Barbara

  12. Hi Judy, Love your header!! This post is gorgeous and showcases the beauty you see around you in your beautiful fall colors. We just don't get the color change like that here in Texas so it is a treat to see in you photos. Love your harvest mantel and your nightstand and dresser redo is beautiful!! Love the color.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Hugs and Blessing.

  13. Good evening, Judy! Your pictures were a delight to look at. The leaves here have blown off the trees and have scattered across the yard so it's looking rather bare.

    Your mantel is gorgoues and so festive for Fall - I love the wreath! So glad to have come across your pretty blog - I will be visiting again :) Hugs and blessings to you!

  14. Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by today and your kind comment. I am back to revisit your beautiful harvest post. It is so inspiring and I love your pics.
    Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  15. Beautiful color. In our area, we won't see too much color for another month. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I LOVE the fall colors thanks for sharing, so happy to have met you Judy!

  17. Hi Judy,

    I LOVE your pretty new header and background; they're perfect for the Thanksgiving season! This is a wonderful post full of pretty autumn scenery and vignettes. Your autumn foliage is spectacular; it looks like our foliage here in N.C. Do you live in northern California? You must have more deciduous trees there than in southern California maybe? I've never been to California, so I'm always interested to see what it looks like. :)

    Your furniture looks so pretty painted; I love the shade of green you chose. Your harvest mantel looks perfect!! I LOVE the sweet harvest family!! They look like antiques -- like Staffordshire figurines. Have you had them a long time? I love the family heirloom jug, too.

    I enjoyed reading your harvest post, Judy. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your corner of the world. I hope you have a great weekend!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. I love all the fall colors both on your blog background and in the picture in this post. Love the shade of green you chose to paint the furniture in and that blessings pillow really stood out to me. What a lovely pillow! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Courtney

  19. You are surrounded by beauty for sure.
    The green shade you chose for your furniture pieces is one I do like and wouldn't mind painting a piece I have that color. Cant wait for the reveal, I know it will be beautiful.
    Very nice sentiments through out your blog post.
    Happy Harvest to you

  20. One of the things I so miss living in southern AZ is the beauty of fall foliage! We just don't have those color changes here! So, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos from your neck of the woods! I Love your color choice for the dresser and night stand, I'm sure the room is coming together beautifully :) Blessings, Cindy

  21. Hi Judy, Love seeing all of the fall colors. It's a beautiful time of year. Your background is darling. Your furniture turned out so pretty. Gotta love projects. Happy Monday.


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