Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that it is winter time, 
and to some that must seem like an understatement. 
 I hear news stories about large amounts of snow and rain 
happening around the world,
 as I sit in my own quiet corner 
while surrounded by sunshine, 
and I find it hard to believe.

Oh, sure, we have had some foggy mornings 
and we do light up our stoves
 as the late afternoon shadows settle in,
 but through it all, 
the sun perseveres with tenacity.

We are in a severe drought here 
and while we did have some rain a few weeks back,
 it certainly wasn't enough to satisfy.

The calender says it is winter
 but our eyes tell us differently. 
 Things are not as they seem. 
 Our gardens know it is time to take a well earned rest,
 and shut down the beauty they are known for.
  But, much like the reason a lady applies make-up
 before leaving her house,
 the gardens are unable to hide their drabness
 with a blanket of pristine snow.

This is winter,
 but not in it's true sense.
  Not as it should be.

Two of the dearest friends, 
and Barbara of 21 Rosemary Lane
 showed us some amazing photographs this past week. 
 June held back some beautiful and colorful flowers
 from her summer garden
 so that she might share and brighten these winter days now, 
and Barbara showed the amazing effects 
of her black and white photography.

Thanks to these two wonderful and talented ladies,
 my inspiration for this post 
is to take a small bit from each of them 
and turn it into something a little different
 that I hope you will enjoy.

A seed pod from a bright orange Chinese Lantern

These are a few shots of some of my summer photography
 that I have taken a small step beyond 
black and white. 
 I have changed each photograph
 to the point where they resemble an oil painting,
 in some instances,
 or pen and ink sketches 
in others, 
with the help of Picasa. 
 These are strictly my interpretations
 and I am making no claims 
that I'm a photographer
 with skills!

Tulips in a spring shower

A seed pod from milk weed.
"Some see this as a weed,
some see it as a wish."
Author Unknown

Our sweet Maggie

Sampling the last of summer's goodness

I learned the name 'pincushion' flower from my grandmother

A rose

 by any other


would smell as sweet

A white heron walking on tippy toes

An unfurling fern frond..say that three times fast

No rain, just sun

A plate sized hibiscus

On golden pond

A beautiful lily from a special birthday bouquet

A sign of a past springtime

Sister and Brother
Tami's twin cats

Could be Sister, could be Brother
Your guess is as good as mine

A fallen leaf with long ago rain drops

A sunny California poppy

A summer visitor, resting awhile

One of my summer favorites

And another 

Vinca, but I have always called it myrtle

A very clever ballerina

Bleeding Heart

June Bug, above

Our two adopted kitties

Lucy, below

Is she a movie star or what?

And last but not least,
 our beloved Buddy 
with something
 you never saw him without...


Floppy jowls
 and a dripping nose!

Turning your photographs into black and white images will amaze you.
  You will see bits and pieces of the subjects 
that you will never notice in its colorful state,
 a true meaning of
 things not being as they seem.

Thank you June and Barbara.
  These two women have the most beautiful blogs
 and their great talents show through in everything they do.
 I can only hope that a small amount
 could rub off 
on me.


Jake and his sidekick, Cooper
Gone fishin'


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  1. Oh Judy your photos are just beautiful! You my friend are a very talented woman in your own right! I am truly honored to be part of the inspiration for this wonderful post. I love your kitty pictures and of course the darling image of your beloved Buddy. But from the trees to the flowers to your clever ballerina, and to one of my all time favorite pictures you've ever posted, that of Jake and Cooper...all are simply magical!
    XO Barbara

  2. These are all lovely. It is amazing how the black and white photos bring out the details and really make you 'look' and the image. Quite beautiful.

    Alas, we don't seem to be having winter here either and the toll has been a sad one, nothing looks good and we are loosing so many trees. Still hoping, and praying for rain.

  3. Hi Judy! What a lovely post and you made it look like winter in theme. We are really experiencing winter here - snow, snow, snow. Pretty cool for us since we moved from a tropical climate. :) You're a great photographer and a good fiddler with snaps! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Good morning, Judy! Your post was a delight, my friend. Your photos are truly stunning and many of them had me ooohing and awwwing :) I loved the one of the dog's nose - it gave me the giggles.

    Thank you, my dear, for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. I hope you join us again next Tuesday. Hugs!

  5. Wow - your photos came out great. I'd hate to be forced to pick a favorite - thought the seed head is amazing, to say the least. I love how we can become digital artists - turning our wonderful photos into something even more special. I love everything - I went through three times just because it is all so beautiful. I need to spend some time playing with photos too.

  6. Your black and white photos are really works of art. I love them. My favourites are Buddy, the Chinese lantern and the Milkweed seed head. I like the clean look of your blog. Nice and neat. :)

  7. Great post! Love the black and white pictures!
    I was going to say that my favorite picture is the one of Buddy..... but, then I saw the one of Jake and Cooper.
    Somehow, I don't think that Buddy would mind if they took the number one spot :)


  8. I love all of them but I must say Jake and his buddy fish'n is my favorite.
    I like the subtle color used in the pot of flowers, like they are coming alive or coming out of the shadows.
    I am wishing for snow here as we have had a slight dusting and that was it a few weeks ago,
    I miss snow!

    Love your header picture.

  9. Stunning photographs!!! The last one made me go awwwww out loud though....so precious!
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. You have some beautiful shots there Judy...lovely to scroll through them. Winter will soon be over, and then it will be spring...and even more things to take photos of.


  11. Oh my, Judy.......each picture is more beautiful than the next. I adore black and white photos for exactly the reasons you've mentioned. Have a great weekend. Jane

  12. Hi Judy, what a thrill seeing all your wonderful photos. such works of art!!! love all the sweet kitties, and that sunflower...what intricate perfection! Hope you're having a great weekend!


  13. Each and every one of your photos are stunning. Great j0b, Judy

  14. So many beauties here! Your winter photos are lovely too. Odd winter all over. Especially today! So nice to let me know that you came by!

  15. I'm a big fan of black and white photography Judy, and your photos are all very beautiful. That picture of Jake and Cooper is so amazing. It warmed my heart.

  16. Such lovely photos! I agree about the weather. We had a very rare snow here Friday morning and it was almost 80 here today! Blessings, Cecilia

  17. Your photos are awesome. I especially like the one of the tree.
    Black and white definitely makes a difference and gives a whole new perspective on the photo


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