Saturday, January 3, 2015


"Oh, it's a long, long while
From May to December."

September Song
Lyrics by K. Weill and M. Anderson
Performed by Frank Sinatra, April, 1965

But, turn that around and it's a 
longer while from December to May,
 and after all the pretty Christmas is packed away again,
 things are looking rather bleak.

That's when this little convention comes to town!

All these delightful ones used to mix in with all the other Christmas finery
 until I read an article in an old country magazine. 
 It was written by a lovely lady who lived in New Hampshire and, 
why wouldn't a lady living in New Hampshire be an authority on a situation such as this?...'s winter, 
it's cold and when there is a good possibility of a blanket of the white stuff as far as the eye can see,
 why not embrace it and 
let the little snow-people show you the way.

So that is why every January,
 when the weather outside is frightful, inside it's so delightful,
 because a few of the men in white
 pay a visit to the Cottage.

This little ensemble came about when we purchased some cookies at a bake sale.
  The cookies were positioned on the plate in such a way that I could only see the blue paint. 
 They were very good cookies and didn't last long.
 That's when I saw the snowman and
 then a couple of days later, 
I spotted this little dainty tea pot,
 at a thrift store,
 painted in almost the same way.

These are just a very small portion of the snowmen in my collection. 
 But, some did not make the cut this year.  There will be other times.


Now let me introduce you to the newest members of our (snow) pack.

Please make the acquaintance of the Grand Duchess of Snow. 
 She actually started out to be a gentleman but turned out a little too large for what I had in mind. 
 I had picked up these feather boas at JoAnn's awhile back, 
intending to make a wreath,
 but when this figure turned out to be not what I had imagined, 
I thought the feathers were appropriate as a gown.

Isn't it funny how people see things in a different light?

What I see:  A regal and gracious figure known as Her Ladyship...

What the Captain sees:  A candidate for Foster Farms!

May I now introduce you to Lord Victor and Lady Victoria Snow.
 I am really pleased with the way they turned out. 
 (Even the Captain can only find nice things to say about them.)

In the Victorian era,
 great soriees were held in the finest of homes and 
only the very elite were invited.
  Lord and Lady Snow were among the most honored of guests. 
 They thought their children might be able to attend with them this year,
 but they still have some work to do on their manners. 
 Perhaps before the season is over,
 they will be ready to join their parents.

I've been seeing beautiful woolen wreaths and garlands around Blogland this season,
and being the copy-cat that I am,
 I thought I'd try my hand at one of each. 
 I like the small added touch of warmth 
that the snow people must be craving
 this time of year.

So, if you are a little blue after all the Christmas festivities are over...

...and you see a snowman shivering outside in the cold, 
invite him (or her) in. 
 You will be surprised how much warmth
 they will bring with them.

"Oh, do hurry Victor.
 I'm afraid we shall be late for the Downton Abbey premier"...

"Don't worry, my dear,
 we shant be late. 
 Albert is just now 
bringing the car round".

Watch season five, 
the return of Downton Abbey
 on Masterpiece Classics,
 Sunday night 
on PBS.


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  1. Oh the loveliness of it all - and Lord and Lady and Her Royal Majesty - all are so wonderful. I think the children should definitely be allowed to join the festivities - how else will they learn from the others? Everything is so pretty and glittery. I just adore the snowman teapot and plate - what good luck to find something to match. We so very rarely get snow here so I suppose that our winter decorations should be rain themed. Another big storm is moving in - with flood warnings on the many rivers - thankfully we live high up on a hill above town - hmmm maybe we live in Upton Abbey. I love the sweet elegance of your post.

  2. Too's such a great idea to save the snows until after Christmas. It is definitely a long, long way until May (it's snowing here right now!), So why not embrace it! You have some spectacular snow men and ladies. Jane

  3. Hi Judy, Your snow people are just darling!! I like the feathery snow queen, even if the Captain doesn't. :) I do the same thing you do; when Christmas is over, the snowmen and women come out in January. It does help to keep things festive and cheerful until Spring heads our way. I used to put them out at Christmas until a neighbor told us that she puts hers out after Christmas, and I've been doing that since then (probably about 10 or 12 years). I know you'll enjoy all these charmers for the next few months, and who knows, you're likely to get some of the real flakes before winter's over. :)

    We may have to record Downton Abbey tomorrow night since playoff games for the Superbowl have started now. I enjoyed your post and pictures, Judy, and I wish you a happy and healthy 2015!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Good evening, dear Judy! Your snow friends are simply adorable! Each one is quite unique especially the feather one which I love!

    I hope your New Year is off to a delightful start. Hugs and blessings to you!

  5. O Judy, what a great idea. I used to have a snowman tree with nothing but snowmen/women on it. But it got to be to much to have 4 or 5 trees. So this year I only put up the tree in the living room and only three big snow women on the mantel in the den. So you have given me a great idea - will use my little tree and put all my snowpeople on it. I love all yours they are darling. The pictures are wonderful and make the room so cheerful.
    I took everything down yesterday and the house is so unfestive. I have 7 plastic tubs of decorations in the living room waiting for a strong person to take them to the garage. I dropped a very large can of paint not the gallon ones, but the really big ones on my right foot and I can hardly walk. Turned a little black and blue but nothing appears to be brokn other than it hurts.
    We have had frost here the last three mornings and I look like I'm going to Alaska LOL.
    Wishing you and the Captain a Happy New Year.

  6. This is a great idea...and everything looks so pretty, Judy.
    Thanks for coming over...and hope this new year brings blessings by the bushels to you. ;)

  7. Dear Judy,
    What a delightful post. Such a great idea. Especially when you have snow.
    Your theme for the lovliest snow people is super.
    you have worked hard.
    Downton Abbey, is on so late here.. i fall asleep.
    I am thinking of buying the whole series..
    xx val

  8. Judy, I love all your wintery decorations. Beautiful. It's not so long now from Jan to March(spring). 76 days !!! I love that song almost makes me want to cry. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Happy new year Judy. lovely decorations as always in your lovely home.

  10. Hi Judy, I always get so excited when I see you have a new post! They are always so much fun to read and look at. Your snowmen (and ladies) collection is so much fun. Love what you did with the feather boa, cute! You have inspired me but I don't believe I have a single snowman, can you believe that? I don't really like to decorate for Christmas with snowmen but like your post said, after you take down all the Christmas everything looks a little bleak so that is the perfect time for the snowmen to come out for the rest of Winter.
    Take care!

  11. Oh I love all your snowmen! You have a lovely blog and I'll be back!

  12. Hi Judy,
    Your snow people turned out just darling! You are a talented lady!!
    Your snowflakes, and snow people are a great way to transition into the New Year :)
    Love the garland as well.

    Happy January, and Happy New Year!!


  13. Dear Judy, what a special post filled with your adorable snow people. They are so cute. You are so very talented. Not only in your designs but telling the story too. Love the garland and the plate and teapot are adorable!!
    Wishing you a very happy new year.
    DA was great last night!!

  14. This is a wonderful collection Judy!!! So many sweet faces in the crowd. It was especially nice to meet The Lord and Lady :) such a great little bunch of people you have around to keep you company from Dec. to May.
    sending hugs...

  15. You love snow men I love Santa claus


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