Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hope everyone had a
 glorious Independence Day!

The reason for the sunsets is:

 that it was a beautiful sight
  I wanted to share
 that I knew
 I would not be able 
to capture the fireworks 
with my camera...

... and as you can see 
I was right!

...a good substitution!
Don't you think?


Our garden 
is not as prolific this season,
 as you can see,
 when comparing last summer (above)
 with this summer (below).

Nothing ever changes,
 so it must be a result
 of lack of rain
 this year.


I decided 
I would try a garden theme this summer
 in decorating 
the tables and mantles...

...nothing too fancy, just a few small touches.

The sunflowers were a good buy
 from the grocers this week. 
 They are getting refreshed,
 one by one,
in a few of the Captain's 
empty, non-alcoholic beer bottles
and placed 
in a cute little country carrier.

I'm finding that,
 although I love
 the quiet color of the new paint,
 it really doesn't photograph well.
 It appears much warmer
 and more pleasing 
to the naked eye.

As I am editing these pictures
 of the sitting room, 
I notice how bitterly small
 that candle stand lamp looks
 at the side of the sofa.

It is an antique lamp 
and would be much better suited
along side of a chair.
 Not a good look
 in this room
 and I am dealing with it 
as we speak...

...and like magic --
 what do you think?

Found a lamp in another room,
 switched lamp shades with the lamp on the right,
 picked up a burlap shade from KMart
 for the lamp on the right
 and added a little table
 that has been scuffing around for years.

 I still might be on the lookout
 for another table.
 This one seems a little 
too tall to me. 
You never know!! 
I kind of like it though.


We are celebrating,
 once again,
 the Grand Illumination
 on the summer porch.


Tami and I
 are once more
 making the trek to San Francisco
 for the Avon 39 Walk for Breast Cancer.

  It will be our 12th year
 of participating 
and as many years for her
 as a survivor.

I am really looking forward to a couple of cool, foggy mornings... the Cottage
 is melting
 in this heat!


Are any of you signed up
 to follow my blog by e-mail? 
If so, 
would you let me know 
if you are receiving it 
in your in-box.

I have had some say 
they are not receiving it 
even though they are signed up.
 I re-did it
 and I think it is right
 but it did say that
 I should send it
 to myself to check,
 and I've done that twice
 but have never received it either. 
 I keep trying 
but Feed Burner just says
 I'm already signed up 
and that's all.

I would appreciate knowing
 so that I can try
 to correct this problem.

 It is very hard to keep up with everyone
 if you are not signed up for e-mails,
 so I know how frustrating 
it is 
if it doesn't work.

Thanks so much.


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  1. I just love your Pictures on both in- and outside your home. And your "talk" to yourself about the lamp AND the table made me laugh, lol. You are sure doing a wonderful job with your home and I do Think the color of the walls are nice. Nothing wrong with that at all.
    I haven't signed up for any email, I must admit.
    Take good care on your walk.
    Love Elzie

  2. You have a beautiful home and garden Judy. And those sunset pictures were absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. Oh Judy, beautiful post. Love the sunset and your pretty garden. My are not doing well either. Lost two rose bushes and my iris did not bloom hardly at all.
    Like your setting room - everything looks really good.
    Have a good Breast Cancer walk.

  4. What a pretty sunset. I never can capture fireworks very well.
    I have a candlestick lamp like the one you have at the end of my sofa. It doesn't go with my furniture but it is nice for reading as it can be adjusted well. Love your room and especially the topiaries you have on your shelf. I am trying to redecorate some but I like to many different things and can't seem to get them to go together. Our garden did not do well at all this year, way to much rain and overcast days.
    So wonderful to hear of success with breast cancer and wishing good weather for your walk.

  5. Judy, I love all your pictures of your sweet home. Your decorating things are nice too. Good luck with the breast cancer walk. Thank you too. My daughter is a survivor. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. That is a gorgeous sunset! Who cares about fire works when God paints us a new picture every night! Love you garden and garden themed vignettes. It make everything seem fresh and soft! New lamp looks great too! Enjoy a beautiful weekend! Cindy xoxo

  7. I've signed up for your email several times, but it always comes back saying I already subscribe! Hope you can get it worked out.

    Just had a double mastectomy at the end May and will be starting chemo on the 20th followed by reconstruction in the Fall. I look forward to taking part in the breast cancer walk here next year.

    Love those lanterns on your porch!

  8. Sweet Judy, my heart has been richly blessed by your lovely post. The sunset pictures took my breath away! My, what beauty :) And your home always looks so sweet and charming....just like you :)

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  9. Your home exterior is so charming! It looks so quaint with all of the flowers and fountain in the front. I like your patriotic garland on the porch too. I notice the same things in my house when taking pictures. I think we should take pics with our cell phone after making changes and then see how it looks before calling it "done". I find it helps me immensely! I do like the larger table and lamp that you placed next to the sofa.

  10. SOOOO DELIGHTFUL ... I'd love to have tea in amongst your flowers... You interior is so cosy ..Home Sweet Home... Lovely post.. ENJOY your day..Hugs


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