Tuesday, July 28, 2015



A "full air attack" is in progress
 and almost 1400 firefighters
 on the ground.

This is our latest battle
 with men and machines
 pitted against
 the elements of nature.

Planes and helicopters 
can be heard overhead constantly 
during most of the day 
and into the night.

This was the view
 from our front porch 
early Monday morning
 while the newspaper reported 
four firefighters
 had been injured
 and air lifted to a hospital in Davis,
 one in critical condition.

This shows ash
 on our car windshield
 this morning.

As of Sunday night,
 it was reported 
that 1500 acres were burning 
at 15% containment.

 As of Tuesday morning,
 the numbers were at 1700 acres
 and 25% containment. 
 Officials say
 they are hoping it will be fully contained by the end of the month.

As we were driving
 to the animal shelter this morning,
 every street corner
 and roadway
 seemed to be filled with firetrucks,
 shrouded in smoke,
 from all over the state.

 It was an overwhelming sight,
 one which I wasn't even fast enough
 to capture with my camera.

 Some were returning
 from fighting the fire all night
 and some were just leaving 
for another hard
 and tedious day.

The fairgrounds 
have been set up 
as a basecamp for firefighters 
and as an evacuation site
 for displaced animals.

It is amazing
 how dedicated these men and women are,
 many of them
 just returning from other fires.

  Our community is truly indebted
 to all of them.


I added a couple of new pillows
 to the sofa in the sitting room. 
Here one is shown 
with one of the two
 I made last week. 
All fabric and pillow forms
 comes from JoAnn's...

...and I also chose
 some of my milk glass plates
 to round out the summer feeling
 in the room.

I've learned to make
 an envelope closure 
for the pillow backings
so now it will be much easier
 to change out the pillows seasonally
 and to store the numerous covers 
that I plan to make...
I am obsessed!

It's easy enough to do:

Cut two pieces of your fabric backing.

  One piece will be one-half the size
 of the finished pillow size
 and one piece will be three-quarters
 the size
 of the finished pillow.

Example:  Based on the finished size 
of a pillow measuring 
20 inches square.

Cut piece #1:(1/2 size) = 

20 X .5 = 10.0 

( cut piece #1 will measure: 10" X 20")

Cut piece #2: (3/4 size) =

20 X .75 = 15.o

(cut piece #2 will measure: 15" X 20")

On the 20" sides of each piece,
 fold fabric under 1/2"
 and fold under the same again. 
 Press and sew to a finished hem.

With right sides together,
 lay longest piece down
 at top of pillow front
 and the shortest piece down
 at bottom of pillow front.

 Make sure your finished hems 
run side to side
 and NOT top to bottom. 
 Line up all edges.

Stitch all the way round,
 about 1" from edge.

 Cut corners on diagonal, 
 and turn pillow inside out,
 making sure  all corners
 are fully turned out,
 and press.


I also found 
a brass lamp
 in a thrift shop
 for $5 and...

 ...turned it into
 a smart little number
 with metallic rubbed
 bronze spray paint
 and a burlap shade.


Here is the progress
 I am making 
on the Cottage paint-by-number so far. 
 Not constant,
 but three days worth of work. 
 I can't sit
 too long at one time 
as it is hard on the eyes!

Any bets
 how long it will take 
at this rate?

Stay tuned!


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  1. Oh Judy, please be safe. Prayers for a quick containment. Your plates are divine and your pillows are lovely...but oh no...math?? I am not good at math!! I am definitely missing that gene! ;)

  2. Judy, Your home is beautiful. I would be so nervous with all the fire activity going on there. I will keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts. God bless the firefighters and all the volunteers too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Judy,
    That fire is terrible. You must be really careful with all the smoke in the air too. So horrible. Married to a firefighter I know how dedicated they are to helping others. They are hero's for sure.
    Love your couch and pillows so adorable. Keep good thoughts and prayers for all of you effected by the fire. Stay safe.

  4. What a shame, forest fires are so devastating and this summer with the lack of rain we will probably be seeing a lot of them.

    I haven't seen a paint kit like that in many years. Is it from a photo of your home? That would be so neat!

    Hope the fire is out soon. Love the pillows, I make all of mine that way, it is so much easier.

  5. Prayers that the fire is soon contained and everyone safe! I love your pillows and milkglass plates!

  6. You are right about it being hard on the eyes and depending on where you are sitting, hard on the back and neck too. It's coming and will be gorgeous!
    Yes, those firefighters earn every little bit of their money, dedicated to their work for sure. My nephew just became one and e.m.t. I am so proud of him and like you I feel indebted to them all. The end of the month can't come soon enough for all concerned.
    The smoke must be hard on the eyes nose and lungs and I guess filters are changed more than normal on your air-condition unit.
    I wish I could have about two weeks by myself not babysitting to get house stuff done and then work on some projects like you have. After grands leave, I am just so pooped to do anything else.. Neat idea for that lamp, do like that and I would like to make some pillows like you have, nice patterns.

  7. I was wondering about the Willow fire, how close and how affected you might be. Always praying! So much beautiful country up in that area. Love your pillows! I used to sew but don't even have a machine any longer, so... Have a blessed rest of your week! Cindy

  8. Your room is so pretty - I love the pillows, and what a great way to make the pillow cover.
    I do hope they get the fires contained - so many of our friends are facing fires near to their homes in several states. Our nephew is a California fire fighter - we are so proud of his contribution and hard work.

  9. That must be so scary with all the fires so close and the smoke and smell everywhere. I like your new lamp and cushions. The wall and sofa look beautiful! As for that paint by number....I'd be years doing it. It's so tiny and detailed. I'm thinking about getting one of the adult colouring books to try but it may drive me bonkers too. Have a good weekend and I hope you remain safe from the fires! Hugs. Pam

  10. I feel awful about all these fires and lack of rain, sure hope the fires will be out very soon. Your room looks wonderful with all your additions, I did the same thing to my old lamp, and I too have done this type of pillow on my last 3 pillows I made, like you said it is easier to store the covers then many pillows :)

  11. Hi sweet friend! How I hope the fire situation has improved...it is quite scary having a fire so close. A couple of years ago a fire was started by lightening right across from our house and boy was it terrifying! Thankfully the fireman were on top of it and got it contained within 12 hours and all was well.

    Your pillos look simply lovely, Judy. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - I hope you're able to join us again this week. Hugs!

  12. This time of year is so scary with all the fires. We have them here in FL too but nothing like what you guys face. We are praying for you.
    I love your new decor! It looks fresh and inviting. Great job on the pillows, too. Great pop of color.

  13. This time of year is so scary with all the fires. We have them here in FL too but nothing like what you guys face. We are praying for you.
    I love your new decor! It looks fresh and inviting. Great job on the pillows, too. Great pop of color.


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