Tuesday, September 22, 2015


"Draw your chair up...
and I'll tell you
 a story..."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

When we started the re-do 
in the sitting room 
I thought that the wicker chair,
 straight off the porch,
 would suffice
 until we found 'the' one...

...and the old rocker
 would work on
 the other side of the room...

...then we replaced
 the wicker chair
 with the little side chair 
from the kitchen 
and that worked for awhile...

...then the Captain
 found these two chairs 
in a consignment shop.

 I love the style
 and thought I would probably be able
 to change the upholstery myself
 and maybe paint the frames,
 not to mention,
 that they had an affordable
 price tag attached, 
so they took their place in line.

 here is the sit-uation! 

 Since the arrival of Kai
 and his occupation of the sofa,
 the two remaining chairs belong 
to the Captain and myself
 and these new ones,
 although how pretty they could become
 in my mind's eye,
 are not the most comfortable!

 So, here was the remedy.

We moved
 the two wing chairs 
from the parlor
 into the sitting room...

...and replaced them,
 in the parlor,
 with the new ones.

  The color is good with the carpet
 and until, and if,
 I decide to re-do them, 
they fit in pretty well 
with the other pieces for now.

All three of us
 now have a chair that,
 at the very least,
 is comfortable 
and when we finish a few other projects 
that are in the works,
 we will reward ourselves 
with two new chairs.

Kai will have to be satisfied with a nice bone 
which he will probably 'try' to eat on his sofa!

"I had three chairs in my house:
One for solitude,
Two for friendship,
Three for society."

Henry David Thoreau, "Walden"

I also have one other project in mind 
for this room
 and I am talking 
like a dutch-uncle over here
 to make it happen!

 It may take awhile.

 You might remember
 this little form of 


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  1. Oh how funny. Now everyone has their own spot. I have two big round dog beds in my little den. Each has their own bed and I have my recliner or the day bed made into a couch. Sometimes Waldo jumps up there and take his nap, but Lili being the lady that she is, NEVER does that. But, come bedtime it's a race to see who will get in the bed first. I gave up a long time ago trying to make them get down, but it didn't work. I, being afraid like them right there.. Waldo would do a lot of damage if anyone comes into my room - the best security I could possible have.
    They are like our children aren't they? I like where you placed your chairs - look good.
    Have a great week, although it's hotter than you know where here. No relief in site.

  2. I like them much better in the parlor and now you can all be comfortable. They are quite pretty.

  3. Hi Judy,
    Your post made me smile. Little Kai and taking over the sofa lol! I think the chairs look so nice in the parlor and now you and the captain have comfy seats to cozy up in too. So it is all good. Have a great evening.

  4. Love the chairs but comfort takes front seat with me. It looks like it has all worked out, especially for Kai. :)

  5. Judy, you and the captain should be comfy when you are relaxing for the evening...with puppy hogging the whole sofa.LOL. I am amazed your husband found those cute chairs. He's a keeper. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Comfy chairs are the Most Important Sit-uation to Solve, Judy! So happy you found a solution and that Kai has not been banned to the floor! Blessings, Cindy

  7. I love your header photo! Looks like you've been playing musical chairs and finally found what works in the sitting room. :) I think the slip covered ones look great. Happy Fall to you! Hugs, Pam

  8. Well, wasn't this a delightful and charming post, my friend. I simply loved the quotes throughout the post :) I have an antique rocking chair in my living room right now that I love, but she is not all that comfortable. I have been looking for something different, but haven't found anything yet. You have given me hope, dear Judy :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  9. Such a sweet story - I love how you've taken items from other rooms and made them feel at home in another place. It's amazing how switching furniture from one room to the next changes the whole room. So glad that you all have a comfy place to sit !!!!!

  10. Thank you so much, Rebecca. Yes, WE all are very comfy now!..Happy Fall Day to you..Judy

  11. Hi Judy, I use to have that same wallpaper in another home and I loved it. Your chairs are great. :) Jo

  12. I love how the tiniest one in the house claims the biggest seat! ;) Always the way...kids and pets rule the roost!!

  13. A game of musical chairs. ;o) Love the chairs. That big sofa for little Kai. hehe

  14. Comfy chairs make all the difference. We have musical chairs around here often. Love seeing your sweet Kai.


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