Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I hope
 you all had a lovely and restful
 Labor Day weekend.

We went for a ride
 up in the mountains.
  The weather was beautiful
 and the road meandered
 along some peaceful and scenic sights
 as only a country road can.

Wouldn't you love
 to get your hands on
 some of these old, worn and weathered,
 red boards,
 not to mention 
the rusted tin?

As many times 
as we take this little journey
 we never tire of it.


A while back
 I picked up this clock for free.

 I knew it wasn't 
a particularly valuable piece
 or even a collectible one, 
as it sat,
 but it wasn't bad 
and it was made out of metal.

 I had been seeing
 a lot of larger clock faces
 on Pinterest,
and thought it would be fun
 to have a go at it 
and to come up with my version.

I like chickens
 as an item of decoration and,
 if fact,
 I have a few,
 but on the face of a clock
 it was past time for it to go.

  I removed the hands,
 the  frame and scroll decoration,
 and decoupaged a black paper place mat
 that I found onto the front.

 I thought that would do it
 but realized along the way
 that I really didn't want to
 work the red into the scheme of things. 
 So out came the AS Old Ochre...


...and I painted out
 the existing roman numerals
 and sent for a stencil to replace them. 
 I then covered it all
 with Vax
from Shabby Paints.

I like the clock much better now
 and look forward 
to adding it into 
some future vignettes.


The weather
 has been warm and somewhat balmy here 
as we move ever closer
 into fall.



King of the Mountain...

...and he wanted to tell you
 that his buds,
 the Gentle Giants 
are coming again soon.


Some progress.
  Do you think I'll ever finish? 
 Only time
 will tell!


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  1. Judy,
    Beautiful pics from your country road ride. The clock re love is fabulous. Love it. Have a great new week.

  2. What a pretty drive, Judy! I am a big fan of old country roads and all they have to offer. Great clock! :)

  3. Hi Judy - Love the photo of the fence. That really is beautiful. What a great clock and your painting is going to be fabulous. "Hi Kai"

  4. My my, that ride looks so interesting. We have always loved that area. And the clock face - what a fabulous change - both are beautiful but I have to agree, your new version will fit better with your style. Your puppy is just wonderful - and so clever to tell us about the horse show.

    We had a lovely holiday weekend - Don's birthday and our grandson Jahn's birthdays were during that time - and of course a party was planned, right down to favorite deserts of blueberry pie and chocolate cake - and the weather was pleasant and not rainy.

  5. Judy - That looks like a fantastic place to go for a casual drive. Such beautiful scenery. Love your redo of the clock face.


  6. That was a lovely drive in the country and a beautiful red barn. I really like how you re-vamped the clock...it turned out beautifully.

  7. I love your photos. The love an old barn and and a waterfall.

  8. I love country roads...they are always so beautiful. makes you realize what an artistic an eye our creator truly has. Love your clock and your painting and sweet little Kai. As always love you posts Judy!
    XO Barbara

  9. Love the drive - beautiful pictures. Yes, I would love to get my hands on some of that red wood. The clock turned out great.
    Your new friend is so cute - I am sure Kai, is adjusting to all the love that you and Captain are giving him. Your painting is coming along great.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Your painting is looking wonderful, my friend! I can't wait to see it finised which I know you will complete it :)

    Your Labor Day sounded wonderful! And my, what a beautiful place to visit. My husband, son, and I usually go 4-wheeling in the woods on Labor Day, but this year is was raining cats and dogs so we had a cozy day at home. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  11. I love the old barn, that is one of the beauties about the area in which you live, the gold rush left overs! Someday, I'd love to come back to that area and shop the sweet stores! Love what you did with the clock, I have one I picked up several months ago but haven't touches it yet, soon! Kai is always adorable! And YES, you will finish that painting and you will be SO happy to have it hanging on your cottage wall! Blessings, Cindy

  12. All your photos are FRAME WORTHY...so pretty.
    You did an amazing job on your found clock...I just LOVE it.

  13. Nice re do on your clock, like that. Gosh, I love those weathered old barn pictures you took on your scenic ride. Wouldn't the barn pics look good transfered to some old barn wood to hang?
    You are coming along really well on your painting. I am sure the eyes need a rest after looking at those tiny numbers for any length of time.
    Happy Monday - Betsy

  14. Oh, that Kai is a cute one!! Did I remember his name correctly?
    That's awesome that you got go for such a nice ride, and the scenery is just beautiful!

    Great job on the clock re~do!! Don't you just love making something great from something not so great?!!
    Well, looks like you're making pretty good progress with the painting too. Good job :)

    Have a sweet week.

  15. Dear Judy,
    What a delightful post. The scenery always so lovely.
    I am so happy you now have the new doggie.. Kai.. what a lovely name. He sure looks very happy.
    I have my plaster off now, and am exercising my hand and working it harder each day.
    Thank you for all your kind comments , during the time i was away.
    catching up slowly.
    Autumn is arriving here now.
    love val xxx

  16. I just love your Pictures, both from nature but also the old farm house.
    Hope you'll have a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

    1. Thanks so much Elzie. I'd really love to have a new camera, but that won't happen for some time. Hope your weekend is wonderful as well..Happy Friday..Judy

  17. I do love what you did with the clock, so much prettier now.


Your comments are so special to me...Judy