Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Here we are today,
 sitting at my desk
 in the office car,
composing this post,
 as the poor souls 
are out in the weather 
walking the dogs,
 and the
 Secretary of the Interior 
looks on.

It's a hard job,
 but somebody
 has to do it!


You've seen this photo before...

...are you sure?

Look again,

Do you see: 
 One photo has
 four shelves
and one 
has three?

The fourth shelf 
is actually a photograph
 stretched on a piece of canvas.

 I ordered it from EBay 
and when it arrived 
I was pleasantly surprised 
at how realistic it looked.

 If you didn't notice it 
right away 
don't feel bad,
 a person who lives in this house,
and who shall remain nameless,
 didn't either!


 when I shared this cabinet
 in my last post
 and mentioned 
we had planned on using it, 
and another just like it, 
in a project in the kitchen 
that had since been scrapped.

We have had our eyes open 
for an end table in the sitting room
 to replace this cute little table 
that we have been using.

 I love this little table
but it was really too small
to carry the heavy load 
that was assigned to it 
so when the kitchen project 
was decided against,
 we put our heads together,
not to mention the chests, 
and came up with this...

I painted the two chests black,
 pushed them together,
 and we added a piece of old marble,
 that we had, on the top.

 We were amazed 
the marble was
 the exact size 
that we needed.

My first thought 
was to add baskets in the openings 
for small storage, 
but I wasn't able to find
 four alike 
so decided to use the book boxes
that I found at Hobby Lobby.

  They didn't have
 the best selection at the time, 
so I got what I could 
and added some actual books to the mix,
 and will add more 
of the book boxes
as I find them.

The room is 
slowly coming together 
and when I get
 the two chairs replaced 
that will be
 a happy day.


I told you
 I would let you know 
where I ordered
 the old patriotic crow from.

 I found it at www.oldfarmhouseprimitives.com
and I want to thank
 Bernideen at Bernideens
 for featuring my post 
from last week 
on her BTTCG party.

 Thank you so much, Bernideen,
 I am happily honored.

 that's a few small things 
going on around here
I will leave you 
as the "navigator" 
shows us the way home.

Hope everyone 
is staying 
dry and warm.


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  1. Dear Judy:
    I'd never seen a dog drive a car before this! So cute. I also enjoyed your vast collection of lovely pottery! So glad you shared. Fun!

  2. Hi Judy,
    Those two chests look great, that's amazing that your marble piece fits perfect! I like the selection of books you used on the shelves too. Tell me about the cute snowman head in the brown bottle.
    Happy Tuesday to you,

  3. I love all your pottery, Judy. Those yellow bowls are beautiful. Your home looks so homey. Deb

  4. Judy, that is a brilliant idea to use the two stands together. Looks great! Love the shelf and your wonderful collection of crocks. Thanks for the link.

  5. I would never in a million years guessed that the last shelf was a photograph! It looks great. And I love your two end table next to each other to create on large table. And what luck to have a piece of marble the exact same size! You are on a roll this week Judy...I say keep on running with it!
    XO Barbara

  6. You have been very busy! The photo is wonderful, how cleaver and the way you used the two tables...wow!

  7. Judy, your shelves look so realistic. Love what you did with the two chests! Perfect with the marble on top! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


  8. I spent a long time going back and forth to see how you could add an extra shelf - and then read the description - very clever.

    Kai seems to be very good at keeping an eye on things while the others are outdoors.

    I love what you did with the two cabinets - very clever - and that little teddy bear is just too cute. Your house is such a delight and I love "wandering" through.

  9. Judy, that shelf print is amazing. I had to look at it several times to see it! I love the alphabet sign over your couch, too! So charming!

  10. I love what you did with the two pieces! The marble top is brilliant.
    Your office.....I have the same sort and my Minister of the Interior has the same sort of haircut as yours!

  11. Ha! LOVE your trompel'oeil canvas! It fits perfectly. And your idea to paint the two small cabinets and push them together is genius! Happy 2016 :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes I'd like to think I'm a genius but it is nice to hear someone else say so!! Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Awesome! How lucky that the marble piece fit so perfectly, and I love the color of the chests too!
    Kai is a hoot. I am so glad that he's a member of the family now :)

    Have a great day!!

  13. I must admit I had to look at that shelf unit a few times, scrolling up and down. LOL The new 'shelf' photo looks amazingly real. Very clever! Also, the two end tables put together with the marble slab on top are a perfect solution to your sofa. Have a super day!

  14. Love your dog I miss my dogs so much however since working a lot don't need another dog to be left at home
    Anyway I can't believe the bottom shelf on your jug cabinet is a picture
    You have things foxed up so nice in your house

  15. Oh my that painting is amazing! Everything looks so warm and inviting. Such a cozy winter nest you have to come home to. Brrr!

  16. The painting fooled me! I thought you added a shelf to it! I like the crow and how you combined the two tables together. Your room looks very warm and cozy.

  17. Hi Judy,
    You are going to have to forgive "someone" on not noticing the shelf photo, it is amazing! I never caught on! Love the two small tables pushed together, what good luck on the marble top! It all looks so cozy:-)

  18. My mom had her hair permed and it looks just like Kai's. Really it does, love love that photo.
    The forth shelf I would have never thought was faux, so realistic.
    Two tables pushed together, I would have never thought of it, great idea.

  19. Hello Judy,
    Enjoyed reading this post. Your home is looking lovely.
    love the two shelves put together. one can never have enough book space.
    wishing you a very happy weekend.
    Val xxx

  20. Hi Judy, Your home is so inviting. I love how you used the two small cabinets and isn't is wonderful that you had a piece of marble that fix perfectly. I just love it when that happens. Your collection of clay pitchers and pots is charming and adds so much warmth to your room, we all have husbands that don't notice the details. They do appreciate the way we work to create a cozy home though. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that darling small table.
    God bless and have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  21. You have a very cozy and homey home and love the dog!

  22. Hi Dear Judy, So fun to catch up with you this morning. Love that canvas shelf painting. It sure looks perfect at the base of your display and so real. What a grand idea to use 2 small chests together to form one look. Love it. You are so very creative and decor beautifully. Your home is always so well pulled together, cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.
    Hope you enjoy a great week and thanks for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a great week sweet friend. xo

  23. Clever, clever girl! You fooled me with that canvas. It looks so realistic! Genius idea to put the marble on top of the two chests. It must have been meant to be with such a perfect fit.
    I think the Secretary of the Interior is trying to come visit Bruce and Jack for a play date. Sophie's very busy napping under my feet but the boys are running the upstairs like wild horses.
    Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the week!
    xoxo, T.

  24. Judy,
    That painting of the shelf on canvas is amazing!! How did you ever find that? Loe the 2 chests put together too. Looks great!! Thanks for shairng!!



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