Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I can't tell you exactly
 when my love of books and reading began.

 It might have been 
on a dark rainy night,
 with the sound of thunder in the distance,
 the power out, 
and my mother and father 
reading aloud to us by candlelight,
 so that our minds were relieved 
of the fear of the storm;

or it might have been
 when I found The Secret Garden 
and would steal away
under the branches of an old tree 
in my grandmother's garden 
to imagine and wonder 
all that was capable 
in an eight year olds' mind.

It may even have been
 when I would go to the library 
with my mom 
and where I found
Albert Payson Terhune
and all the stories he wrote about dogs.

I was never good at arithmetic
 but I excelled at spelling and reading
 and the quiet times in the classroom,
when we were allowed to sit 
and read our books,
 was the best part of school
 for me.

The book, Little Women, is the original book that I received as a gift when I was 10 years old.

In 1949,
 at the age of ten, 
I was given Little Women
 by Louisa May Alcott.

 I have since found 
a few of her books
 while rummaging through the shelves 
of old book stores,
which is a favorite pastime.

A few years back,
 I found the book, Coming Home,
 by Rosamund Pilcher.

  It was the start of a journey 
of strong female authors 
such as Maeve Binchy,
 Joanna Trollope, 
Gladys Tabor, 
 and Jan Karon,
the creator of the delightful
 Father Tim series,
 to name a few.

No matter
 what type of books you read,
 whether they be
 the old classics or romance novels,
 which I have read my share of 
(and enjoyed, I might add),
 a book is like spending time
 with an old friend 
and I have been known 
to re-visit some of the same ones 
over and over again.


"Good books,
 like good friends,
Are few and chosen;
The more select,
 the more enjoyable."

Louisa May Alcott

I've been busy this week
 and haven't visited like I should have,
 so I missed that Sandi
over at Rose Chintz Cottage,
 last week, 
picked my end table(s) 
as one of her features 
on her lovely party,
 Thank you so much, Sandi,
 I feel very honored 
to have been included.

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  1. A lovely post and photos Judy! I enjoy reading as well and your post brought back memories of my own reading habits over the years. I remember reading Enid Blyton (Good Morning Book) which my father gave me and I still have, along with the Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixi Belden. Reading before bed and sometimes with a flashlight under the covers was my favourite time. I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime and still enjoy them although not as much as I should. I just don't make the time it seems. I hope you have a good week. Pam

  2. It sounds like you grew up with a loving family that kept you supplied with great books in your home. My mom is a huge book lover too. I'm not so much of a book lover but every now and then I do find one that I enjoy. So, I completely understand how relaxing it is to get lost in a good story! Looks like you have a nice large collection of books at your home too.

  3. Dear Judy:
    What a charming posting all about books and your passion. I love to hear about your parents reading to you! I am so glad you shared your story!

  4. We are so much alike---thanks for jogging my memories!


  5. I loved all those books in childhood, and have them yet. Did you read a book called The Girl of the Limberlost when you were a girl. I remember that I felt as though I was THERE and it has stayed with me always. Another wonderful woman author is Jane Gardam. I have read all of her books, and some more than once.

  6. hello
    les livres m'ont toujours envoyés dans un autre monde
    toute petite nous avions
    les livres par couleurs
    les livres roses ( 4 - 5 ans )
    les bleus ( 7 -9 ns)
    les verts ( 10-13 ans )
    ma mère aimait lire , on allait une fois par semaine
    à la grande bibliothèque du centre ville
    un vrai bonheur
    je suis prise d'angoisse si je n'ai pas une pile de livre à lire
    devant moi
    mais j'aime surtout les auteurs du xviii ièm siècle de toute nationnalité bien que se soit surtout les Anglais les plus prolifique
    bonne journée

  7. Judy, I love your beautiful treasures. My first book I ever owned, was a gift from my guardian angel..it was 'To Kill A Mockingbird. " But I dearly love the Little Women book. I think The Secret Garden is another great book. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  8. Hi Judy,
    Rosamund Pilcher... she's like a soul vacation for me. My mom introduced me to her when I was in my thirties. I just found a 90's copy of Snow in April, Wild Mountain Thyme and Flowers in the Rain. We share a love for books and I love that you still have your original copy of Little Women. Priceless! Loved this post. xoxo, T.

  9. A sweet post - and lovely, soft photos. I loved to read as a child (still do) but in our family reading was considered a huge waste of time. Our mom would shout - get up and do something useful - and so we would clean or cook or tidy up the yard. I read whenever and whatever I could - when sent to the pantry for food I would read the labels of cans and back of cereal boxes - and make up stories in my head that included those items. I was allowed one library book each summer - my first choice was War and Peace - just after 5th grade. I didn't understand a lot of it - and had to make a chart of names - but it was the biggest book in the library and I wanted something that would last more than a couple days if I was only going to have one book that summer.

  10. I always enjoy my visits here... thanks for sharing such a sweet post and sweet memories with us :)
    I love reading too, and I am so thankful that I caught the reading bug at an early age..... it has been a blessing to me to be an avid reader :)

    Smiles :)

  11. Oh I loved Little Women and Maeve Binchy is one of my favorite female authors. I have a dear friend who is an avid reader and she always says that good books are meant to be shared. Thanks for sharing your story about your love of reading Judy!!! XO Barbara

  12. You have some great vintage books. So many you showed I have read and enjoyed. You didn't mention Louise Penny, her books are wonderful too. Reading is a live time pleasure and one I couldn't be without.

  13. I have a special edition, copyright 1947, Little Women that belonged to my husband's mom. I love it! I have a thing for old books, although reading as a youngster was not in my day. Enjoy the beauty of the written word! Blessings, Cindy

  14. I got such a good feeling reading this post and remembering my old book friends. I love going back and rereading old favorites too. So comforting. Especially in winter. Funny because I'm sure I did most of the reading in summer when I was young! Lovely post.

  15. I so enjoyed this post and remembering the old books i loved especially Little Women and the Nancy drew and Trixie Belden books. Did you read the "malt shop" teen novels? Or the maud hart lovelace books? (betsy/tacy series). Oh gosh how i still love betsy tacy and tibs adventures!! Such a wonderful and innocent time around the early 1900s!! I bet you read Black Beauty too?

  16. Oh you have captured my childhood memories of my love of reading so well Judy. I am so glad you are a kindred spirit in this way. I have all of my mothers old books and re-read them when I can. Reading was my favorite pass time as as a child and teen. Books make such good friends.
    Wonderful post-wonderful author!
    sending hugs...

  17. Judy, tried to leave a comment this morning, but didn't think it went through and now I don't see one. We like many of the same things. Love seeing these old books - just like old friends.
    Your vignettes are heartwarming for this girl who loves to read.

  18. I just had to come and visit from the Share Your Style party over at 21 Rosemary Lane. Oh, how I love your books! My Mother gave me the copy of Little Women that had been given to her when she was a young girl (1932), and I read and re-read it so often, that the covers came off. I still have it tucked away safely until I can get it re-bound. Every time I would open it, I would read the inscription that had her name on it. It is many years since she passed, and I treasure this book because it was hers and because she gave it to me, the middle daughter. I think that I reminded her of Jo (my favorite). I hope to someday pass along this book to my granddaughter. Your photographs are lovely! I have to confess that I have been thinking about staging some shots to include my book collection, and who knows, that may be a future post for me. I am just a new blogger, but my mind is filled with ideas. Have a great day!


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