Tuesday, June 14, 2016


have many important milestones 
throughout their lives,
 mostly good but, 
 some bad ones too.

 for now,
 I wish to focus on
 the good ones.

High School Graduations

My dad - 1935

Me - 1957

The Captain - 1957

Tami - 1979

Jake - 2012

These are a few 
of the proud milestones 
in our
 family's history...

...and here 
is the 
latest one.

How did 
this little boy
 change so quickly...

...into this 
 young man?

graduated this past Sunday 
from the University of California
 at Santa Cruz, 
Crown College, 
with a degree in 
Business Management Economics.

He will continue
 his education in the fall
 at the
 University of Santa Clara
 working on his
 Masters degree.

Here are a few more pictures
 I'd like to share 
with you...

Jake's proud parents,
 Tim and Tami...

Jake's proud grandparents

Jake and Jacenda

A little extra
 curricular activities!

You might remember 
Jake's friends, Parker and Jonathan
 AKA "The Pool Boys",
 helping in the removal
 of his back yard swimming pool.

 Here they are again 
supporting him!

Tim and Tami
 treated all of us 
to a delicious brunch
 at the Yacht Harbor after the ceremony.
  It was such a pretty setting
 with the boats going by 
on their way to and from the sea, 
and after I took this one shot,
 my battery
 went dead!!

this was such a wonderful day 
for our family, 
it was a day
 of a much different kind
 for possibly 102 parents and grandparents 
in Orlando, Florida.

  My heart 
goes out to
 each and everyone of them;
 for their losses 
and for the milestones 
that will never 
be realized.

How many more 
"moments of silence" 
should we have
 to endure?!!!

I'd like to thank 
Bernideen at BTTCG 
for featuring my post
 from last week.

  You are too kind, 
 and I greatly 
appreciate it.


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  1. Judy, I think you all can take a bow...you all had a hand in raising this sweet boy. They grow too quickly, don't they? I loved all the old photos too. You have a good looking family. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. yes, such an act of horror,in Orlando, causing so much pain. I pray for them.

  2. Congratulations Judy. You have every right to be very proud!!


  3. Aw, Judy, your last photo is adorable! How proud you all are of that young man! It was a great day of celebration and I wish him every success.

    My heart is heavy too for those families of loved ones lost and hurt in Orlando. Our world can be very cruel at times and it is devastating to hear of these shootings and attacks on folks. Take care.


  4. What a wonderful event and congratulations!! :)

  5. Congratulations to Jake ! Wishing him many blessings and much success along the way. He has wonderful parents and Grandparents supporting him. Looks like he has lots of friends too. What a wonderful day to remember.
    I can't imagine the horror and grief that the victims in Orlando experienced and will experience for the days to come.
    May God bless our country and may this never happen again, anywhere.
    Wishing you a happy day, Judy
    Charlotte in Va.

  6. What a special day, Judy. I love the pics of Jake and Jacenda being silly. Congrats to him!
    Love the graduate pics of you and the Captain, too. Even in times of great loss, it's important to be in the moment in our own lives and show up for one another. Jake is lucky to have you!
    xoxo, T.

  7. Ahhhh Milestone Judy!!! What a great day for all you to witness and enjoy. Love the last pic of you and your grandson. He looks like you. Congrats to Jake.

  8. Hi Judy, what a wonderful day and congrats to your grandson. A beautiful milestone and memory. Loved seeing all these pics from years gone by too. You are as pretty now as when you graduated. Love the last photo of you and Jake! Best wishes to him as he goes for his masters. Hugs

  9. Dear Judy:
    Congratulations and loved the photo of your and the Grand! Thanks for sharing and linking this milestone!

  10. What a glorious day all of you had! Congratulations to Jake! Liked seeing all of your memories posted here. Great ones indeed.

  11. Beautiful photo's Congrats to your grandson ,hèè he looks good on your dad ,enjoy all ,happy friday and weekend Judy :)

  12. Congratulations to ALL of the graduates in your family! Especially to Jake, this year! Love the photos! So much love and joy! Blessings, Cindy xo

  13. What a lovely post - and a lovely family. We had milestones in our family this month - actually all in one week. All three grandsons graduated - Donnie from pre-school, Ben from elementary and Jahn from middle school. I loved that they all had special ceremonies befitting the changes in their lives - and now they are now on to new adventures.

    Congratulations to Jake on his accomplishments and best wishes for his life moving ahead.

    My heart aches for the unnecessary sadness in our world - for those who don't feel they can return love and instead return hate.


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