Tuesday, June 21, 2016


says summer to me 
as much as the early morning sun 
shining through the parlor windows, 
filtered by the lace curtains 
and highlighting a piece of 

It is warm enough 
to allow the screen door
 to take in the soft breezes
 and still cool enough
 to enjoy them.

 Of course,
 this won't last long but,
 for now, 
it is how it is 
on the second day 
of summer.

Now that we are experiencing 
a new beginning, 
I am trying my hand at
 growing a small live plant
 inside the Cottage.
  It is called 
"China Doll" 
and it is a 
very dainty, airy and vulnerable 
little thing. 
 I was assured 
it was very easy to grow 
and since I've now administered to it 
for about a month,
 and it is still flourishing, 
that still remains 
to be seen.

I have added 
some dried herbs 
to the old settle bench. 
 I ordered the 
Sweet Annie from The Flower Patch, (here)
but the lavender
 and the rosemary
 are home grown.

I managed to complete 
the dried 
sunflower wreath...

...and am pleased 
with its rustic and earthy 
addition to 
the dining room.

We attended 
the annual antique show
 that is held at the 
Prospector's Nursery
 every year.

 Before I show you 
the treasures we were lucky to find,
 I'll tell you a little bit 
about the location.

The nursery
 is located about
 half way between 
Grass Valley and Nevada City.
  It is a large property 
that sits on wooded grounds
 and is covered by
 a bright and open sky.

There are plenty 
of places for 
gatherings of sun loving plants
 and shade lovers
 nestled under the 
pines and cedar trees...

...and overlooking it all
 is a very large and well appointed 
gift shop.

I will share pictures of the inside. 
 There is always something for everyone
 but it is especially a 
treasure trove for French Country lovers.

 During the 
Christmas season 
it is a 
sight to behold.

These are the wonderful,
 and colorful, 
items that we walked away with.

 I have no intentions 
of changing anything 
about any of them. 
 I especially love 
the twisted wire 
that is attached to the chairs 
to steady them.

They might not be 
to every ones tastes,
 but I have perfect spots
 picked out for each 
and they will
 make a statement.

I finally finished 
my latest paint-by-number piece
 from Country Living.

  It will have 
a perfect place to be displayed soon,
 one which I
 never even thought of
 when I started it.

This is the same spot
 I've shown before 
with just the horses.

 on the way home from the office 
we spotted these little families
 on their way 
to join the herd 
and find their own
 summer adventure.

I hope you enjoyed
 these summer ramblings.


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  1. Judy, I enjoyed your pictures. I too love the sun shining thru lace curtains...it's the best. You did a great job on your paint by numbers. I love it. It was so sweet to see the view thru your front screen door. I love that fresh air feeling like that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The garden centre and gift shop sound wonderful and I absolutely love the gold chairs you found there! I can't wait to see where you use them. Your new paint by number is so pretty. I wish you a Happy Summer Judy. I'll be quite busy the next few weeks so may not be blogging much. Hugs. Pam

  3. Judy your home always looks so pretty and so cared for. You can tell all the love you put into it. I love love love those chippy old yellow chairs......great find! Cant wait to see where you put them!

  4. Dear Judy:
    I can spend hours at these type of independent garden businesses. They are so much more creative and unique. You always leave with new ideas and inspiration. I love your photos and can tell you had a great time. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  5. What a fun post, so many interesting things and places. Your painting is lovely and fits perfectly in with your home.

  6. Hi Judy! So much to love in this post. First, congrats on your first month of plant motherhood - green thumb here you come! I am completely smitten by your sunflower wreath; it's lovely. Your colorful antique show finds are wonderful, especially those yellow chairs. I wouldn't change a thing about them either! I have been wanting to try a Country living paint by number and today might be the day. Lastly, those sweet horses - a nice smile for me this morning. So sweet. Enjoy your day! Jane

  7. What a wonderful gift shop and garden centre. I can imagine how whimsical it would be at Christmastime. Your chippy yellow chairs are a fabulous find and I know they will find their way into a spot that is just right. I always enjoy your pictures. It is like a little tour you take us on every week. I love the sunshine through lace curtains too. I am blessed that our little cottage faces the south side so we get sun most of the day through the windows which of course are hung with lace. Your new plant looks well cared for. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy Summer, Judy!


    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I like your charming new header! Love the teapot and teacup.


  8. What an inspiring post, dearest Judith, your home is so cosy and hospitable, it warms my soul, I truly love your taste, thank you from the deep of my heart !

    Hope you're having a beautiful week I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    Dany ♥

  9. Loved your post! Your home is so wonderful and you found some nice treasures for it.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

  10. Judy you know you really know how to enjoy every little nuance life has to offer. What a wonderful post. Reminds me to stop and smell the freshly mowed grass. Love your new treasures too...especially the chippy yellow chairs. Wishing you a wonderful first week of summer!
    XO Barbara

  11. Hi Judy,
    Great job on the paint by number. Beautiful picture. Those yellow chairs are amazing and the shutter too. Great finds my friend.

  12. What a great post! The paint by number is wonderful. Love the yellow chairs.


  13. I adore those Country Living paint by numbers! Yours came out beautifully! Thanks for linking it up to Dishing It & Digging It!

  14. Such a fun post to enjoy.. and I enjoyed every little bit of it.. from the lace curtains and your dried herbs, the wreath (so pretty) and your finds. I'm always on the lookout for old wood shutters.. seem to be hard to find here where I live. Your paint by number doesn't even look like a paint by number! it is so real and pretty. I love your photos and how you've made them look old and tarnished... that first photo of your living room area makes me want to walk right into it and sit myself down! There's nothing so welcoming as an open door with the screen door there letting in the cool breezes. Love it all!

  15. What fun - love your decorations - you are so creative and clever. The antique show looks like a great lot of fun, and your finds are perfect. Horses and geese - more fun. And your header is fabulous. Have a happy week and weekend my dear.

  16. Wonderful post, Judy! Screen doors and herbs drying say SUMMER!! The nursery sound like it was so fun to visit. I love getting ideas for next year.

    Continue having a lovely summer!


  17. Everything is beautiful in your home. I love your sunflower wreath, your painting "by number", your new greenery that you are taking such good care of and your finds at the antique shop.
    It looks like you live in a beautiful section of our country with lots of "goings on".
    I would love to have a screen door on my back door. Love to hear them make that noise that lets you know you're home when they open and close.
    Wishing you a lovely summer, not too hot, just right with breezes.
    Have a happy day.
    Charlotte in Va.

  18. Hi Judy, it's always so much fun to visit you and share in your adventures. Love the painting you completed and the great treasures you found at the antique shop. I love a screen door too. Just says welcome summer and country. Your home is beautiful and so inviting.
    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a great weekend ahead. xo

  19. Love the sweet annie, so much of it grows in the wild here and I love the scent.
    I see you love those paint by number too. I just finished another one. I will have to take a pic and show it.
    I love your parlor and it looks so inviting. I just enjoyed so much looking and reading about all you have posted here.
    Happy Sunda


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