Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It is undeniable 
that there is a feeling of fall 
in the air. 
 Mornings are much cooler, 
schools are back in session and 
light breezes 
are prompting the leaves
 to carpet the ground.

Jake and Jacenda
 are both getting ready
 to attend classes at
Santa Clara University.

 will be starting her second year 
while it will be

On Wednesday, 
Jacenda will be leaving for Spain 
where she will be attending classes there 
for the first semester. 
 Jake is planning to meet up with her
 when his fall break takes place. 
 He has his plane ticket 
and will be staying at a hostel 
for the week 
and she is staying with 
a host family until
just before Christmas. 

 What a wonderful 
and exciting time
 for them.

We went down to 
Tami and Tim's 
this past weekend 
and had an early Thanksgiving dinner 
since the kids
 will be gone for the
Thanksgiving holiday.

outdid himself this time.
 He loves to cook 
and does a great job of it,
 but this meal was exceptional 
and Tami 
set a gorgeous 
autumn theme tablescape.

Jake and Jacenda 
supplied the dessert, 
a beautiful and very tasty fruit tart
 from The Farm,
 a popular local restaurant. 

 It was all 
very good.

As we were saying 
our goodbyes, 
Rosie sneaked 
into the car

Have a wonderful week!


Jacenda and friends celebrating their trip to Spain.

You Go, Girls!

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  1. What a wonderful idea to have thanksgiving early since the babies won't be able to be there. I'm so glad you got to do that and hope they will be back to visit soon! Thanks for joining the DI & DI Link Party.

  2. What a wonderful idea to have Thanksgiving dinner early so you could all be together! The bounty on the table looks wonderful! I'm sure those two young people will do very well and what an opportunity to spend time in Spain! That will be the beginning of many memories to come. Thank you for sharing with us, Judy, and enjoy the rest of your summer.


  3. Great idea. And what a wonderful idea. The meal looks absolutely scrumptious - or as they say in England "scrummy". Sounds like the trip to Spain is going to be a wonderful experience for J & J. And Kai's last statement made me laugh out loud - he's such a character. Have a great week my friend.

  4. Great idea to have Thanksgiving before they leave. It sounds wonderful to go to Spain - such lucky young people.

    the food looks amazing and I am sure it was super good. Lovely tablescape for the special dinner.

    I had to laugh at Rosie wanting to go home with Kai and her grandparents.

    Sounds like you all made wonderful memories.

    Have a Happy Labor Day.


  5. How wonderful to have a thanksgiving bounty now! It's so, so special this way and what a tribute to these adventurous kids!

    Oh, that little Rosie is a doll. My dogs don't care where we are going (except the vet!), and run for the car all the time!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  6. What a thrill to be that young and free again. I hope they both have a fabulous time! And Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

  7. Nice to have an early Thanks Giving dinner ♥ Have a great rest of your day ♥


  8. LOL on Kai saying NO!!! Too cute. So happy you could carve out a little Thanksgiving dinner with your family before all your grands head off. My daughter studied a semester in Spain too. Magala is where her host family was. She loved it there. The food all looked so yummy. Glad you could have this special time together.

  9. That looks so wonderful! I love the idea of early Thanksgiving, you guys did it right. Wishing the kids the best of luck on their journeys this year...they will have such great experiences.
    Kai, why don't you like pretty little Rosie? She's adorable. :) Have a great weekend, Judy!
    xo, T.

  10. Oh what a wonderful early celebration! The food all looks delicious!

    The kids will love Spain. Hubby and I lived there for 3 years while he was in the US Navy '70-'73, we loved it and have wonderful memories.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  11. What a nice post and so glad you got to have TG with your family! What a neat idea... I remember years ago some friends had "Christmas in July".. a really big fun celebration of Christmas during the summer! It was so fun for the kids. The food all looks so traditional and delicious... why is it we always have the same thing year after year? I guess because we love tradition.. most of us anyway. Can't believe it's time to start gearing up for Thanksgiving! Your kids/grandkids will have a wonderful time in Spain.. so lucky they are. Yes Fall is coming........ Hugs.. Marilyn

  12. That was a great idea! I wish your Jacenda mucho suerte with her trip to Spain!

  13. My gosh what a beautiful dinner and lovely set table. So much to be truly thankful for.
    A happy wonderful time in Spain is wished for them.
    My son used to have a chihuahua just like little Rosie sitting next to Kai. She is a pushy little gal isn't she? The one my son had thought the world revolved around him. I love those little dogs, very smart little things. Kai is having nothing of her, funny picture, love it.


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