Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Last week 
I told you about 
the day 
the sun shined...

I will tell you 
about the 
day after.

A small amount of snow
 fell in the early afternoon. 
 It didn't stick and 
by the end of the day was gone. 
 Sometime during the night, however,
 it started to snow again and 
the roof tops were
 covered by morning.

There was some concern 
about the fairies.

 Would they be able to keep warm?

  But, as you can see,
 they kept the 
home fires


We took a ride down
 Highway 49
 to Columbia State Park.

 The water is seeping out 
of the hills 
as the grass is growing 
greener and...

...the wild thickets 
of plum trees 
are putting forth their 

Next to a stream of run-off water, 
two youngsters 
take advantage of the 
new green grass...

...while Mama 
keeps a close eye out 
through a stand of 


On the way back home,
 we stopped at Walmart 
to buy Kai 
a new car bed and...

...found the 
cutest little summer pillow 
for $12.

We also stopped 
at a favorite shop and
 brought home this cute little guy 
who reminds us of spring and
 all that is to come, 
even though 
we still have to keep
 the home fires burning 
a little longer.


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  1. No fair you getting snow and we are not, I wanted just one more snowfall. Looks like it's not gonna happen.
    Like that summer pillow with the bicycle.
    A picnic table in the middle of a small pond, wow. California has had it's share of some weather this year for sure. Kai is so lucky to have such good care and sitting all comfy in his new car bed - so darned cute.

  2. Ah, your weather looks like ours...sun, snow, snow and sun! It was 65 here over the weekend and today it was 30. boo! I like your green grass! ;)

  3. Judy, Kai seems to love that new bed. :):) So cute. I love the new pillow. Crazy weather every where. Hope you are enjoying some nicer weather soon. 20 days till spring. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. We are having similar weather. One day Spring and then snow. Tonight we have a tornado watch with thunder storms and overnight it will drop 40 degrees and will snow tomorrow. So crazy. Never boring for weather that is for sure. Love the cows enjoying the new green grass.

  5. We have a severe thunderstorm for tonight and a winter weather advisory for tomorrow, lol - crazy winter this year. Beautiful pictures Judy. I especially love the cows. Jane

  6. Looks very cozy, what crazy weather you all have been having! Wish we would get some snow, although flower wise I am ready to have those guys bloom instead of freezing and no blooms. The grass is greening up and that's always nice to see. Your new little Spring bunny is cute, and of course so is Kai. When I first saw you post on my feed, I thought it said "Home Fries"! lol
    Happy March!

  7. Judy, we have the home fires burning tonight too. We enjoy sitting by a cozy fire, so we like these cooler temps. Your images are stellar as always. Love those bovines! I'm ready to pull out some Easter things. What about you?

  8. It's been a strange season, hasn't it? We are spending the winter in Florida, but we know up north the temps have been all over the place! I'm just glad I'm down here :).


  9. I thought your title said "home fries" also! I was ready to see what there was to eat! hee hee.... but home fires.. now that is good also. Our weather here in Oregon is the same.. one day 55 or 60, the next day 32 and down to 18 at night.. no more snow though for which I'm VERY grateful. No new green grass here yet, but I'm looking every day. Love that picnic table in the pond! At least it's nice clear water.. and love the horse pic. I always owned horses since I was 13. Sold my last one about 9 years ago and really miss him, miss the country and miss having horses. Life goes on though. Oh.. and that bicycle pillow is just darling! Love it. I'm so not ready for Easter or yet another holiday so probably won't do more than put my Easter tablecloth on the table and some little bunnies and call it done. Ever since Christmas, I can't seem to get into another holiday mood so will hope that warmer weather and summer gives me a spark again. Take care.. Marilyn

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