Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Even though, 
fall won't be here for 
about another month,
 today looks and feels like it is 
already here. 

 We had a light sprinkling 
of rain earlier and 
the skies are overcast with 
the slight smell of smoke
in the air.

 that is from the 
waning forest fires nearby
 not the roasting of marshmallows
 over a camp fire.

As promised, 
the summer gatherings of 
red, white and blue 
are still gracing the Cottage.

 A theme 
that has not quite outlived 
its intended use. 

 More stories yet 
to be told.

I have been scouring
 Etsy and EBay 
for real pumpkin stems...

I made
 a few sweater pumpkins last year and 
now I am excited to add 
some velvet ones to the collection. 

 They are such fun to make and 
each one is always 
a little different.

I am itching 
to start fall decorating and 
it won't be long now.

 There are already 
colors of autumn coming 
into the garden...

...but, first, 
on with my stem search and
 a quick visit 
to some thrift stores...

...and with the burning 
of this beautiful candle each day, 
not only can I smell fall 
in the air, 
I can almost see it 
peeking over 
the horizon.


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  1. Love the sweater pumpkins, Judy!!
    I am so ready for Fall but I will wait to decorate until after Labor Day!!

  2. Aww!! the sweater pumpkin is very cute... here it is very hot, and the weekend is going to be burning.. :(

  3. I hate to tell you but we are expecting HOT HOT weather starting Saturday. I am not really looking forward to that.

    Beautiful post - enjoy your weekend.

    I am sure looking forward to Fall arriving, but I may just decorating early.


  4. Hi Judy! We may not be there yet, but it's not too early to be getting ideas together. I would love to make some velvet pumpkins! It's a great look. Happy Days!

  5. Hi Judy,
    I love that autumn is in the air. I feel like summer went so fast but I will love having the cool days and nights of fall soon. I love your sweater pumpkins and I hope you can find some real stems.

  6. Fall is my favorite season and although I usually am so looking forward to it by now, this year I am not yet. It hasn't been too hot where I am ready for cooler air, and aside from the abundance of rain we have had gorgeous weather. If you can wait for stems try this....one year I walked through every pumpkin patch I saw at farm markets and picked up broken off stems. I got quite a few to make pumpkins with. I need to make a sweater pumpkin this year like yours....love that rich, autumn orange.

  7. I AM looking forward to Fall if just for the cooler weather! Our flowers here are already feeling it as are drying out and turning brown no matter how much we water! I think they are trying to tell me something - quit watering! It's been horribly hot here still, muggy and smokey.. we have 3 fires buring in our area and the smoke comes from all directions! I'm really tired of hot nights and no cool air coming in the window.. normally it's like having the A/C on at night here as it gets so cool, but not this summer. Your Fall decorating will be fun to see... I won't do much I don't think.... the season just goes by too fast and then it's Thanksgiving and is all I can do to decorate a little for that! I have lost alot of interest in decorating for the holidays anymore.. with no kids at home and none living close by... so this year, I just may not at all! Shame on me right? Oh well.... no one to please but myself I guess! Enjoy Fall there.. we still have weeks and weeks I think, of unseasonably HOT weather! xoxo Marilyn

  8. I have never made sweater or velvet pumpkins, but they are on my list. I have to say, I am a devoted summer girl. I am not at all ready for fall. The decor is so pretty, but I will miss the hot weather and the pool...

  9. I love love love Autumn and I love velvet pumpkins. I usually find my stems at a pumpkin patch down the road from us. Plaid pumpkins are prettty too. You decorate always so nice. I want fall now after reading your post.

  10. Hi Judy, Until last weekend my home was split between patriotic and harvest, but now the Patriotic is packed away. I still have brought everything out and probably won't until the end of Sept.-otherwise I find I grow tired of all the pumpkins(even though I love the season).
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Your home is always so sweet and so clever. I hold off on autumn decorating, as we have a very long autumn here and I want to hold onto summer as long as possible! We've had glorious bright blue days for weeks now - 90 days with no rain, which is very unusual for us - but the days are fabulous. I love all the clever ways you find to show the beauty of nature and your home. Happy week ahead my friend.


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