Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Back in the 80's
 there was a movie called 
"The Trip to Bountiful".

 It was the story of
 an elderly woman,
 in the twilight of her years, 
who wanted to return 
to her childhood home town 
of Bountiful one last time.

 It was a beautiful 
and poignant piece of work 
starring Geraldine Page.

 I am not saying 
that the movie is anything 
like my life 
and the story line and character
 are not, 
in any way,
 connected to me...

...the only comparison 
is the title.
I make the trip 
again and again 
to this beautiful little store called 
"The Front Porch" 
in our neighboring town of Auburn.

 It holds a bounty 
of wonderful items 
that would please 
the eye and the pocket book 
of any hard core shopper 
and is as
 warm and welcoming 
as its name.

The owner was very accommodating 
when I asked if
 I could take some photos 
and I am so disappointed 
that they didn't all turn out.

  They were mostly of 
their large offerings of fall items
 and the colors of autumn 
are so outstanding 
against the interior of 
barn wood and brick.

 Here are the ones that I did get...

It is always a delight 
to visit this store 
and I can't wait to see 
what they will offer 
for Christmas.

These are my treasures 
that I came back home with...

Aunt Kook's Apple Cider.

  My most favorite 
autumn fragrance from 
Keeper of the Light.

These candles have two wicks 
and are very long lasting.
 When lit, 
the whole Cottage says, 
"Autumn is almost here". 

I just couldn't resist
this sweet little black chicken.

 She has the cutest
 little expression 
on her face.


Thank you all 
for your very kind and caring thoughts
 for Tami.

 She is doing so well,
 as we all are, 
and I thank you again 
from the 
bottom of 
my heart.


The dog days of summer 
are upon us 
and there seems to be 
no reprieve from the heat...

Our combatant is 
Herbal Iced Tea..
a recipe I took from 
the Barefoot Contessa
 a few years ago 
and it does the job
 very well...


4 Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea bags
4 Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea bags
4 Cups apple juice

Steep 8 bags of tea 
in 4 cups of boiling water 
for about 10 minutes.
  Discard tea bags. 
 Combine tea with apple juice 
and refrigerate until cold. 
 Serve over ice. 

 It is just chilling 
it is so good.

Thanks for your visit and...


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  1. Lovely post Judy. So glad that your daughter is doing so well. Love the little store. I do remember that movie and I think they made another one for TV about a black woman who wanted to go back to her home in the south, also very good.

    Today is wonderful - cool day with even a little sprinkle. I can smell Fall in the wind and I sure hope that it comes quickly and stays until winter and we that we have a winter this year. Getting to old for all this HOT weather.

    Have a terrific weekend.


  2. So glad to hear that you are all doing well. :) That shop is amazing. There is one picture where I could see myself buying every item in the shot...from the pumpkins sign way on top to the white pitcher on the floor...just lovely!!

  3. So Judy, I'd love to know where this town is? The store looks incredible and I love the info on the candles but never heard of that brand before. It sure feels like fall here~my mums are blooming, the trees are changing and the Cicadas are chirping. While it is so much earlier than normal(I hope it doesn't mean that winter will be early), I love fall. I actually got out some of my mil's china that is very much a fall theme and will use it for the season.

  4. Just front door of the Front Porch looks fun and inviting. Thanks for the picture tour. They have a lot of cool looking stuff. Wish I lived closer.
    And that tea looks and sounds yummy. Thanks for the recipe

  5. Beautiful pictures of the store...

  6. Hi Judy so happy to hear your daughter is doing well. The shop looks amazing I saw a few things I would want lol! I had a business with a friend a few years back called the Front Porch so loved to see this.

  7. I love that Tami is doing well-a real warrior!

    Love towns and shops like these, I'm finding more and more as I stay at the lakehouse.

    Great recipe. I love brewing my own iced tea. Thank you, Judy!

    Jane x

  8. Looks like a great store! I am intrigued by the iced tea recipe with the apple juice in it. Sounds like a must try!

  9. Oh that store is lovely! I could spend hours in there leisurely browsing.. I loved everything... but don't know where I would put it in my little cottage.. it is plumb full already. Those kinds of stores just make me feel good. Something very refreshing that hubby and I have discovered, is a fruit fusion water. You cut up all kinds of fruits and vegetable and put in a big jug of water... and be sure to add at least one lemon.. leave skins on everything (after washing well). It keeps in the fridge for about a week, and we find it's very refreshing when coming in after working outside. No sugar in it, but if I want a little sweetness, I'll add a little bit of liquid stevia. We try to drink a glass every day and it is so good. It tastes really good when you add celery or ginger, or cukes or limes. It's my go to "cooler" these days and very healthy. xoxoxo Marilyn

  10. So glad your daughter is on the mend. She's definitely a fighter.

    Now that you mentioned that movie, I think I'm going to look it up on Netflix. I'm not sure if I ever saw it, but it sounds intriguing.

    That's quite a lovely little shop you visited. I could see myself browsing in there for hours!


  11. What a lovely post,Judy!Blessings,Maristella.

  12. OH my - what a fun place to shop - I could stay there all day - and I would probably need a truck to haul out all the treasures. Iced tea is just the thing for a summer afternoon - enjoy!

  13. I'm finding more and more as I stay at the lakehouse.



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