Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I have been as busy as
 the frantic squirrels, 
hiding their bounty,
 in hopes that they will be ready 
for the days ahead
 -- in their case, winter 
-- in my case, Christmas. 
 There is so much to do 
and so little time 
to do it in...

As someone who loves to decorate
 and who keeps Christmas 
as the very best time to do just that,
 I still want to keep in mind 
that Christmas is a time for
 peace and joy 
and all the incidentals
 that come along with it,
 should not take away from
 the main focus.

One good way for me 
to keep a clear head is crafting.
  Even though I don't do
 as much as I used to, 
I still find it comforting
 to be able to see a plan and
 then take it through to the end. 

 At this point in my life, 
I find that being original in my designs, 
is not as easy to come by 
as it once was 
or as important, for that matter.
If I see something
 that has been done 
and I like it,
 it is not above me to be
 a copy cat.

 Cases in point:

 posted about the paper lanterns 
she designed for her tree.

 Since I already use the lanterns 
throughout the summer months
 as the Grand Illumination,
 it seemed like a natural follow up 
to try a few for our tree.

  These are tiny,
 to be used as fill-ins.

 I am still working on larger ones.

I'm sure you have seen 
the pretty throws with pom pom trim.
This throw came from Target ($14)
 and with the help of my
 handy little pom pom maker,
 this will be a warm addition 
to the front porch rockers.  
Also a new mat from Lowe's 
to welcome the season and guests 
to this old
 Christmas Cottage.

For the 4th of July,
 I turned an old fence board 
into Old Glory.
 Now, for this time of year,
 I just used the other side 
to state
 the obvious...

...now the board 
will stay out of storage 
just a while longer!

If you really don't have
 any ability to draw,
 a good stencil 
will always be your friend.

  These are a few of
 some other signs 
I've been able to get done... 

...and here is one example 
that illustrates my point exactly!

With all that being said, 
when I have reached my comfort level
 of hand crafting...
there is always shopping...
 how I really seem
 to shine
 at that!

Thanks to some craft fairs
 and a few good stores, 
I have found 
these treasures...

Such a
 precious and delicate 
little beauty...

I love quirky little things
 and this is a great example 
to my eyes.  
It needs a little moss
 to finish it off, 
I think.

Antique Farm House 
is always a great place
 to find 
something unique...

...and Target
 has some great items,
 like this large bowl and
 festive wreath,
 for great prices.

a real evergreen tree 
is the ultimate 
Christmas enjoyment, 
those dead needles
 covering everything,
 took their toll
 after a couple of years and
 we have decided to go 
once again...

...this one from Lowe's 
can go from colored to clear lights,
 blinking or calm,
 with the tap of a toe.

  We can change it up 
whenever we feel like it.

 Right now 
I'm feeling clear and calm,
 but you just 
never know.


Have a 
wonderful and grateful


  1. Oh Judy it is all so precious and beautiful. Love that hanging ornament of the goose. She is just adorable. At least I think she is a goose lol! Always enjoy seeing your decor. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Love all the decors.. it so beautiful...

  3. Love this post! All of the decorations you have created are wonderful...and I the idea of using the lanterns on a tree is brilliant, I hope you will show us when it is done.

  4. I love your handmade signs! I always seem to find a few crafts to copy for Christmas...all to give away. I love the idea of pom poms on a throw too. So cozy!

  5. Everything looks fabulous, Judy! You have my creative juices flowing. I want to make one of everything...but I think a pom pom blanket is at the top of my list. I need to get my own pom pom maker motivated!! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  6. Hi Judy. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love your little finds for Christmas and love the wood signs you made! I do loving crafting, making, creating, etc., even though probably 99% of my things are copied from others.. either on Pinterest or YouTube, or something I see in a store. It's not uncommon for me to get my phone out and snack pictures of things I see, thinking.. oh I could make that! A wood sign is something I've wanted to make.. just never have. Where did you get those darling Christmas stencils? Love them! My crafting now consists of beginning my handmade Christmas cards, and also a few more things for my Etsy shop. I went and re-opened my shop when I was on a crafty roll, and now I don't feel so inclined again, to make things for it! Oh well.... that's the job of having an online store. I look forward to all of your pretty Christmas decorating. I won't do much this year as my motivation levels are way down and will be alone alot of December as hubby will be house sitting for my sister (yet) again. The one thing I really like is the twinkling lights and Christmas music.. and my handmade nativity scene.. so those will go up for sure. Not even sure if I will put up our little faux tree as our two "kittens" (1 and 2 years old now) tend to want to climb straight up the trunk and knock it over! I get tired of yelling at them! Take care and have a nice weekend. Marilyn


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