Tuesday, January 16, 2018


is already half over 
and the snowmen are
 making their annual pilgrimage 
throughout the Cottage...

...they are always welcome 
right after Christmas is all put away 
and this year 
that was not an easy task.

 There was something 
about this Christmas 
that seemed extra special 
and it was harder than usual 
to let it go.

I started packing up 
most of the decorations 
on New Year's Day 
but kept putting off
 taking the tree down.

With the exception of
 that icicle garland, 
there was something magical
 about this tree.

 When I took the first photo 
after decorating it,
the garland stuck out 
like a sore thumb to me 
but I didn't want to disturb
 the other ornaments 
so I just left it.

 The Captain says 
it looks like shark teeth!

As I said,
there was something magical
 about this tree.
It reminds me of 
a pretty lady
 dressed up in
 a ball gown...

 ...a scene from 
a child's doll house, 
or the setting for the ladies of
  Little Women...

...and when seen from
 our TV viewing spot at night,
 with the lamps lit
 and the candles glowing,
 it was a sight
 that I did not want
 to change.

But, finally, 
change it did, 
and about two weeks after Christmas
 the tree was taken down 
and packed away
 for another year.

  I think I am in mourning
 just a little bit.

For Christmas 
I added some sprigs of greenery 
and berries
 to this garland 
I bought at Michaels.

 After Christmas,
 I added these paper pom poms 
for a more "winter" feeling 
and will keep it up for
 awhile longer.

See the plant by the window
 on the pedestal?

 In April of 2017, 
I brought this China Doll home
 from the nursery.

 Notice that it reaches 
to the top of the floral painting 
at this stage.

 I thought it was pretty 
with its delicate foliage 
but since I have never had
 much luck with indoor plants,
 the saleslady 
had to talk me 
into it...

...and she was right.

  It just won't stop growing.
  I think I will have to 
trim it back 

I got this grape ivy 
about the same time
 and have had to trim it
 a few times.

 It looks like 
I might be nurturing 
a sort of a
 green thumb!

This has been
 a very slow news week 
at the Cottage.

 Hope everyone is having 
a good start to
 the new year and 
keeping warm and dry.


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  1. I felt the same way about Christmas this year. I couldn't let go. Isn't it funny how the same decorations on the tree can look so different from year to year? I finally put it all away, but I left the string lights up around the windows in my family room and kitchen. I need a little sparkle right now...

  2. The decorations are so beautiful.. I know it is hard to take those down..

  3. I always hate to see my Christmas decor taken down. Sadly, the tree has to go first, we get a live one and they can be a fire hazard as they get dry and brittle. I saw on another blog how she saves her snowmen much like you. Since I'm nowhere near finished taking the Christmas decor down, I think I'm going to hang on to my snowman collection a little longer!


  4. There are so many ways in which I feel like every word you wrote is a word I would have written too! It's so hard to take down Christmas. In fact, I have two "winter trees" I leave up for quite awhile after. No Santas on them! All my Santas and other decorations, like yours, are down and just yesterday I photographed the snow folk that come up after Christmas to get ready to post. I love your magic tree. (I know what you mean about the icicle sharks teeth! I have those icicles and now I wonder why! I've never been able to use them well.)

    I do love "Let's Keep in Touch!" It's fun to meet new bloggers! ~ jeanie from marmelade gypsy.

  5. I love your snowmen. My snowmen gladly take over from Santa and stay out until Feb. They help celebrate winter ... something we don't normally get ... except for this year. Yikes! My tree is still up!

  6. Tree is our best friends in the world. Only tree who never wants any return. If want to live and keep our world safe, we must care the tree. If we plant a tree it’s returns lots of benefit. Keep the world safe and peace for your children. Do not cut the tree. So, Love the tree save the world.

  7. Hi Judy,
    It is so hard to take down the pretty tree. I miss the pretty lights at night too. Your tree was so pretty. Loved seeing all your sweet snowmen. You always find the most adorable things.
    Happy Wednesday.

  8. Like all those snowmen. Your tree is so pretty and you are right, she does look like a lovely lady in a ball gown. Blue is so pretty. Still have our tree in den up, only lights on it.
    Happy Wednesday Betsy

  9. I love your snowman collection, especially the plate at the end. I am not good with indoor plants and I have two naughty kitties so I don't bother. Yours add so much prettiness to your room. I HAD to keep my Christmas up for a postponed girlfriends brunch at my house and then after that I wasn't even ready to take down. Now that I have started I want it all gone, even the wintery stuff like snowmen!

  10. P.S. I just added your blog to my sidebar....I just realized I didn't have it on there. I love your blog and pictures of your lovely home and want to share it with my readers!

  11. I always hate to take Christmas down, but finally had to. Now I will think about what to use for my decorations next year.

    Love your tree, it's beautiful. Guess I need to get off my you know what and do a post.

    Take care and stay warm.


  12. I agree... your tree WAS magical.. I loved it. How do you take such lovely pictures inside your house at night? Do you have a camera or use your phone? I just can't seem to take good indoor pictures, no matter when! I think the blues on the tree really dressed it up. Love all your darling snow people.. it all looks cozy and homey and love your header also. Hubby and I are hunkering in also for the most part. He doesn't even want to go outside and I don't much either, even though no snow on the ground. It's the time for being mellow and laying back. My tree and Christmas decs are still up! I've been so busy with other things and I do love the lights at night, but I think I'll have to break down and put things away. It's on my "to do" list. Take care and have a nice weekend. Marilyn

  13. Your tree was beautiful. I'm always a little sad when ours gets taken down too. You have some adorable snowmen. So cute. Thanks so much for linking up to Keep In Touch! It was wonderful having you.

  14. Hi Judy, I love your winter snowmen! I can see why you had a hard time taking your tree down. It really is magical. I have left a bit of winter décor and snowmen in my home as well. We finally got snow. Just in time for me to switch over to Valentines next week. :) Thanks for sharing at Share Your Cup.

  15. Judy,
    I just adore all of your beautiful Winter decorations!! Everything looks so charming!!


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