Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I am really having trouble 
thinking of things to
 write about lately.

  I went looking through my photos
 to see if something would 
jog my creative juices.

 There wasn't anything there 
that did just that, 
but I did find something 
that got my 
appetite flowing.

I have a habit of 
taking photos of the things that I cook.
if I think they look
 pretty and palatable.
  The only thing is 
that my little camera 
doesn't always make the food look 
as good as it does to my eye.
I point, click and then 
forget about it. 

...but today 
when I saw this turkey breast 
it looked pretty good and 
I remember that it tasted really good.

 now you will get the story 
of how that happened.

Every once in awhile 
one of those corny infomercials 
will catch my eye and 
no matter how I try to resist,
 I end up falling for it.

 It is a known fact in my family 
(namely my loving SIL) 
that I probably fall for it
 way more than I should.
This NuWave oven 
is one of those things.

 I have to tell you though,
 and even that naysayer 
has been known to agree,
 that it is one of 
the best appliances 
that we own.

We have cooked everything 
meat-wise along with roasted vegetables 
and they all cook to perfection. 
 Tender and juicy 
and in much less time 
than the conventional oven.
  It is very portable
 so it goes into the motorhome 
and it is a great thing for
 the summer kitchen 
as it doesn't put off any heat.

We like pasta. 
 Sometimes we have it by itself 
or as a side dish. 
 It is always good
 either way...

...and accompanied by 
garden tomatoes 
with a sprinkling of 
salt, pepper and fresh basil
it is unbeatable.

I made
 some fresh tomato soup 
the other day. 
 This time of year 
soup is just the thing 
and with a little slaw and garlic croutons
 it tastes wonderful.

I tried a new recipe 
for beef stew, 
loaded with 
potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms. 
 A healthy and filling dinner.

we are having pork chops
 with mustard potatoes. 
It is still cooking 
in the crock pot and 
smells really good.

We have been doing 
our grocery shopping at 
Trader Joe's 
for the past few weeks.

 Even though 
we have to drive a ways to get there,
 the price of the groceries,
makes up for it. 
we can feed ourselves really well
 for about two weeks 
compared to the price 
for one week of food 
from local grocery stores...

...and they have 
the most gorgeous display of
 cut flowers 
for really great prices.

Sitting down at the table 
with good food, 
pretty flowers and
 cloth napkins 
makes an evening at the Cottage 
very special.

Hope you are enjoying 
a special evening 
wherever you are.


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  1. This all looks so good...absolutely yummy!

  2. So many yummy food.. you are an amazing cook..

  3. All of your meals look so good! Man I am hungry. I love my air fryer, not tried a nu wave but have wonderful things said about them just like you have written and I can see how wonderful they cook. Yumm a thousand times.

  4. Wow....the meals look great but I have never heard of that NuWave. Interesting. Looking at your food and since I have only done coffee this morning....I think I need to go fix something to eat. Pretty sure my oatmeal will not look as good as your food! Have a great rest of the week.

  5. It all looks good to me! That turkey breast looks especially good. Never heard of NuWave but I am one of the skeptics. I have been stuck with bad products too many times!

  6. Judy, You must be a fine cook...all the food looks so tasty. That turned out to be a wonderful post. I some times find it hard to think of things to write about if I am not able to get fresh photos. LOL. Now you have me thinking of fresh tomatoes...oh boy , can't wait . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Judy, you did good today on your post! it all looks WONDERFUL and now I'm SO hungry! Having my morning cup of tea and haven't had anything else yet. Oh that pasta looks wonderful.. and the chops and mustard potatoes.. and the beef stew with mushrooms... and the first pix.. those green beans with ham. I love fresh grown green beans with bacon and garlic... oh so good. Now you've gone and made my hungry! Oh.. did I see a ROUND placement in one of the photos? It's the quilted colorful one.. I've been looking high and low for round placements as we have a round table. Where did you find that one? I've even searched on Amazon to no avail. Humph. I guess I could make some if I put my mind to it couldn't I? My sister has a NuWave but don't think she's ever used it. She stored it in her oven as she is limited on space, and her hubby preheated the oven for something and didn't know it was in there, and melted the lid! Such is life. I've bought a few things from TV ads, etc. and have been very happy with each and every one of them... juicer.... sandwich maker.... Magic Bullet, etc. have a lovely week! Marilyn

  8. I am now hungry and will have to go to the kitchen for something to eat. Everything in your post looks delicious. I also like your tablesetting. https://fairmeadowplace.blogspot.ca

  9. Oh my mouth is watering looking at some of these wonderful dinners. Yummy. Your NuWave sounds like the new Insta Pot that is all the rage. I got one for my daughter and she loves it. It works like a crock pot but cooks in less time. It also bakes, is a rice maker, veggie cooker and I don't know a million other things. So some of these new appliances can really crank out some good food. Glad you love yours and use it. Have a great week.

  10. When in doubt, post about food! Everything looks mouth watering. I like your new NuWave. Looks interesting, and from your pics, things have turned out well.

    I do not take good pics of food at all!!! I think a lot of the food bloggers edit and photo shop a lot. Also, magazines show such vibrant colors, much of which hasn't been cooked yet.

    I just bought a new crock pot. I had given my old one to my daughter, and then decided it would be goof for a large family dinner. I haven't used it yet, but I found 3 recipes on Pinterest and bought the ingredients yesterday. Besides meals for a crowd (that stay warm), my biggest love is that I can throw everything together early in the day, not at 5:00 when I'm feeling less than inspired!!!

    Jane x

  11. Ok, so it's lunchtime and I am now starving and nothing in my own home looks appetizing compared to your pictures!! I would love to eat any one of those things right now. Of course, I would also need the flowers and your pretty place setting. Too bad I wouldn't make it there until midnight! Oh well, off to make a grilled cheese. Boring... ;)

  12. I use to say food bloggers have it pretty easy since there's tons of things to blog about! Actually, that's not entirely true. Yes, their content is never ending, but they can't 'dig in' once their food is cooked: they have to style it then take tons of pics. I don't know about you but all I want to do is EAT!

    I've heard of nu wave but haven't tried it. I will say that sometimes items in infomercials are awesome and worth a shot. Your yummy meals are a testament to that!


  13. Hi Judy!What a delightful post!Everything looks delicious and I love your flowers bouquet!Hugs!

  14. Thanks for linking up to Keep In Touch. I love new cooking ideas. What are mustard potatoes?
    I'll have to research that.
    Katie @ Let's Add Sprinkles

  15. Oh - all your food pictures are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    And such pretty flowers - always nice to have some cheery flowers along with our good food. Your portable oven looks like a great find.

    We are having a nice cozy evening while the rain beats against the windows and the wind howls. Happy evening to you too my friend.

  16. Well it all looks yummy to me Judy! I have never heard of that cooker. Sounds interesting. I love Trader Joe's, but don't get there very often. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Well all those plates of food looked pretty good to me


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