Tuesday, June 5, 2018


As happens every year, 
 it is not quite summer,
 but the reality of it is 
clearly upon us.

The sun
 is beating in the windows, 
the fans have come out,
 and the shades are drawn,
 making the Cottage 
darker and cooler 
during the day

...at night
 the doors and windows are opened,
 and the most glorious scents
 from the roses and the jasmine, 
spilling over the porch, 
permeate the rooms.

 Sometimes summer 
is hard to bear 
but there are
 moments of delight 
that are like
 no others.

The entry 
has to be the starting gate for summer.
  That is where
 the red, white and blue 
makes its 
grand entrance...

...the parlor 
is more subdued this summer...
with a cooling effect of 
blue, white and green...

...and just a hint 
of its true colors
in the mirror.

The game table 
displays more colors 
and some random cuttings
 from the garden.

Here is a bit of 
the dining room 
showing its decor...

...with even
 Bitty Morsel 
getting her 
patriotism on!

Things are moving slowly
 around the Cottage.

 Slower than
 the starting of summer should allow.

  There will be more
 red, white and blue 
on tap...

...but, all the while,
time is being taken for
the dragon flies...

up close and personal
 with the hummers...

...and watching 
the new hosta

...all from 
a front row 

Here's hoping 
that the ease of the starting of summer 
will hold true 


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  1. Judy!!!
    What a lovely post heralding the start of Summer!! Your cottage looks so charming all decked out for the Summer months!! Just beautiful!!

  2. Judy, I love your sweet cottage inside and out. It's so wonderful. I loved the way you describe the darker cooler days and the scented breezes at night. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. I love seeing pictures of your home dressed for the summer months - the colors are perfectly suited to it.

    I hope that we have a cooler summer this year but I am afraid that is too much to hope for.

  4. I see some beautiful lavender buds. They are gonna be gorgeous when they bloom. Do you dry yours? I have some dried from last year that have been closed up in a canning jar.
    Those little hummers are such a pleasure to watch.
    How nice your dining room is. Like those checkered chair covers. Won't be long , June will be gone before we know it, moving fast. Betsy

  5. I need to start my americana decor. Yours are nice...also love that white lavender. Janice

  6. A lovely treat to visit your post today Judy. You have a wonderful collections of vintage. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, appreciated.

  7. Love seeing your post Judy. Love love your Americana decor in your sweet cottage home. Summer is here and I think we are all starting to enjoy. Glad you can have your doors and windows open at night to take in that sweet summer evening air.

    1. PS: I might have to get out my mouse you sent and give her a flag to have. She is packed away with all my halloween stuff. hmmm now you have me thinking she might need to come out before Halloween.

  8. Your words on the beginning of summer are just perfect, Judy! Even as I swat away the flies, and pray for a breeze, this is just another joke from Mother Nature---I hope!

    Jane x

  9. Oh summer. Where for art thou in my neck of the woods? It looks lovely in yours. We have our fingers crossed for a little bit of summer weather today, but the past few days have been 50 and rainy. What? In June? Blah...Ps. pretty pictures!

  10. Summer is in full force in Texas. No open windows here day or night. Your home and it's vintage collections are so inviting.
    How in the world did you get that close up of the hummingbirds?

    1. Hi Carla. I tried leaving a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me. Glad you are getting building on your property. Hope the weather holds out and lets you get some more done. Thanks for your visit. I couldn't get a good pic of bird through the screen, my camera is not that good, so put a chair by the feeder and was lucky to get one to come by..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. Beautiful pictures.. you know, last weekend was burning hot, but now I'm sitting in jacket..

  12. Lovely start to summer and your pretty décor! Just like Spring, we are waiting patiently for warmer weather to come back....it has been 50-60 here...in June!

  13. Judy, your dining area is so beautiful. I especially love the photo with the berries and wine. Perfection.

    Ah, summer. We've taken a step back to the cool side. It's an erratic weather year to be sure!

  14. I think summer has arrived here in central Oregon too. Many HOT days but love the cool nights (down in the 40's usually). We too close up during the day, and throw open (or slide open) the windows at night to let in the natural air conditioning! No A/C up yet.. we stay pretty comfy until it hits 90 here, then the house gets a little too warm. Loved all of your patriotic settings and my fave too was the strawberries and wine! Also love those brown and white checked "dresses" on the chairs. There's something nice about a nice dark cool house on those hot days isn't there? I'm heading to the Oregon coast for a few days and it will DEFINITELY be cooler there! I'm so looking forward to it! xoxoxo Marilyn

  15. I so enjoyed my visit, dear Judy! Your beautiful home is so welcoming with all the patriotic touches. I love all the sweet details. Summer is so beautiful, but when it gets too hot, it's nice to have a cool drink beside the fan and maybe a few magazines to browse through. (Loved your magazine feature!) I even set up a fan for the fur-babies to lounge beside - they love it! I just bought a jasmine vine - I hope mine gets to be as pretty as yours :) xx Karen

  16. I love your patriotic decor. Precious. I love your vintage looking photos. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  17. Now that's what I call a Spring story. We love birds. You know until I moved to the country I didn't spend a lot of time enjoying them. I am loving your patriotic look for the Summer. I'm trying to get mine all out.


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