Tuesday, June 12, 2018


How many of you 
have experienced your children
leaving the nest and then
 to only have them 
return once again?

I think this has happened
 to most of us at one time or another.

 We are usually sad 
to see them go,
 but then we adjust to
having them gone,
 getting used to and enjoying, 
I might add, 
the free time 
that it affords us.

 when they do happen to return,
 we still recognize them, 

maybe their hair will be a little different,
 or their attitudes may have changed, 
but we would always know 
our own kids, 

  Or, would we?

If our kids were,
 let's say, 

Would we recognize them 
as being the ones
 that were here before 
or could they be a foreigner 
that is trying to
 invade our midst?

you see, 
the other afternoon,
 as we were involved in our 
usual porch sitting,
 we heard what seemed like
 a familiar sound 
in the tree above
 the Secret Garden...

...even Kai 
couldn't believe his own ears! 

 It was the most beautiful tone 
which made me inquire of the Captain, 
"Doesn't that sound like 
the little house wren that was here before?" 
 He shrugged and answered,
 "Oh, I wish it was."  
lo and behold, 
this tiny vision 
appeared right before our eyes, 
as it made its way back 
to the little pink bird house
 just outside
 the Secret Garden.

It flew in and out of the house 
with bits of something in its beak,
 just like it had never left.

 After about three such trips,
 which we watched with open mouths, 
another tiny one joined in
 and they both continued this journey 
for the rest of the day.

 This has gone on now 
since last week 
and since there already was 
quite a nest built in there
 from the last time, 
I don't know how they,
 and all of their belongings, 
can fit comfortably.

You will remember 
that we thought 
they had left one egg, 
but the Captain poked in the nest 
when we were sure that they were gone
 and found that it was
 just part of a shell,
 which is still in there
 as far as we know.

 back to recognizing your own children.

  How do you tell 
one bird from another?  
Since not being a bird expert, 
it is hard for me to know 
the answer to that question. 
 All I do know is 
that it has been just about one month
 since the past occupants
 had flown the nest 
and these have come back
 just like they were
 never gone...

...just picked up 
building the nest 
where they left off and now,
 I notice, 
that she has had 
a feather in her beak 
when she returns.
 as I understand it,
 is her job 
in the process of 
building a family.

The only thing different, 
that I have seen,
 is that when they both return to the nest
at the same time, 
he (I am assuming)
 will stay home for a little while, 
then he will pop out 
to the nearby fence 
and sit and sing 
for awhile 
until she comes out.

 It is for this reason 
that we have named them
 Romeo and Juliet.

Like I say,
 all wrens look alike, 
and just because
 they are acting a little differently,
 that doesn't mean 
they are not the two 
that came before.

 Maybe he moved her out
 against her wishes, 
then after finding that
 the grass isn't always greener 
on the other side, 
he brought her back 
and she has made him promise
 that he will never
take her for granted again.
  Who knows 
what goes on in a
 little wren family...

"Find though she be but little
She is fierce."

William Shakespeare

We have had a pair of chairs 
that we picked up at a garage sale 
when we first moved to the Cottage.
 They are probably from the 40's 
and were painted yellow, green and black. 
 We have now transformed them 
to take a permanent place of honor 
in the Secret Garden. 
 One is in place 
while the Captain will continue
to work on
this one.

I will leave you now 
with a video view of 
the Secret Garden 
that has been set
 to the song of Little Romeo 
sharing his heart 
with his Juliet.

  Open to full screen and turn up the volume to get the full effects:

I apologize 
for the background noises in the video
 and the photo-bombing feet. 
it is Tuesday morning
 business as usual.

Because of the problems 
we are having with Blogger, 
I will now be leaving my notes to you 
after each of your comments. 
 I know there isn't always time
 to return to my blog 
but just know that I will always 
leave you a thank you 
for your time spent with me
 which I appreciate so much.
  They will be there 
for you to read when 
you have a chance.


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  1. Oh, what a glorious song! I have a house wren who was in the house a year or so ago, and I've seen it/her/another circling and even in it -- but not so regularly and not hearing so much. Maybe I'm too late and they happened to do their thing while I was away. I'd love to see the babies fly! Thanks for the video! I have one I want to post but it's so shaky, I'd be too embarrassed.

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. They have been quiet today. Maybe they have layed the eggs and are nesting. I read that they only nest for about 15 days so am anxious to see the outcome. Show your video. I have so much trouble putting it on YouTube. You would think I would write down instructions..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  2. Judy, I love all your red, white and blues. It was fun to hear your wren singing. I do think birds will return to their previous nesting areas. Great re-do on the chair. . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thanks, Susie. I'm glad the video worked. I have trouble setting them up usually. Isn't he a pretty sounding little thing?..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  3. At first I really thought you were talking about your child coming back home..because I have one of mine that just came back home. :-) Your little wrens are quite delightful. We have a pair of wrens and chickadees that come back year after year in the same birdhouses. I love watching them. Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. My "real" kids came back a few times too. It was always a happy occasion for us and just what they needed to get back on track with their lives. We love those little wrens, but they have been AWOL the last couple of days, so don't know what is going on..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. What a lovely post - the photos are amazing. I don't think I have nearly as many pretty places in my house to photograph as you do. Your bird story is so sweet - and loved the video - I had to watch it several times, as it was so interesting. We sit on our deck a lot too, and love to watch the birds coming and going - we had chickadees nesting in a birdhouse two years in a row - so cute. Happy week my friend. Kai seems to be ready for summer in all his finery.

    1. Thanks so much, JoAnn. I seem to photograph the same thing over and over so it is a good thing I have a lot of pillows! The sun was a little glaring when I took the video. I wish it could have been clearer. Our little birdies have been quiet now, don't know if they are nesting or if they have flown the coop again..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  5. Beautiful post in so many ways. Loved your red, white and blue and enjoyed your little wrens -- so sweet.

    1. Thanks so much, Snap. I love that combination of those colors. Maybe because I associate them with summer. As you might have read above the little wrens are quiet now. Don't know if they are still in the nest or not. They build their nests up in front of the opening of their house, to keep them safer, I suppose, so don't know if they are behind it or not..We shall see..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  6. They came back, how wonderful! Such a neat story about your Wrens. I loved your video with the sounds of birdies and the airplane. Life sounds. Love that pop of color the in your garden with the red chair. Perfect for outside and they stand the test of time. I guess that is why they are hard to come by and when I do see them, they are expensive to purchase. The secret garden looks like a place I would be in first thing in the morning with my coffee. Love you screened in porch.

    1. Thanks, Betsy. Doesn't that little guy sound pretty? Those chairs were so cheap. I think we paid $10 for both. Of course, that was way back when. I think I am liking this way of responding as I can see your comment right above and I don't forget to mention anything. We do drink our coffee there first thing in the morning, and eat our lunch and dinner most days. In fact, we probably spend too much time on the porch!! Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  7. I loved the glimpse into your secret garden and hearing the birdsong.

    Your antique metal chair looks pretty in the new color.

    I love your screened porch, very homey & relaxing.


    1. Thanks so much, Lorraine. We do enjoy that porch. So much so that we don't get done what we should most of the time..Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. Sweet story, Judy, and I love seeing all your patriotic red, white, and blue details. I'm slowing pulling out my patriotic touches here. Taking my time this summer, but I'll get there.
    Enjoy the little birdies!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I will enjoy the red, white and blue at least until July 4, then I will probably move on to something else. Always fun to change a little bit. Not sure, but I think the little birdies are gone again!! Ungrateful little scamps..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  9. Lovely story..I love Wrens..I have a neighbor who leaves her garage door open from the bottom about 8 inches...Last year a Wren built a nest in a bookcase that she had out there..He and she would hop in and out at will..The eggs hatched and they all left..Fun..Love your red, white and blues..People around here clean out houses after the babies leave..I only clean mine in the fall..

    1. Thank you, Missy. If you read any above you probably know by now that the birds have left again. (second time). I have read up on them a little and they do have some strange habits, but don't really know what this means. We haven't touched the nest in case they come back again but am glad to know about cleaning it in the fall..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. I love this birdie story! I think they have very keen instincts so they found their way back to you. It is fun to imagine why they act how they do and Romeo and Juliet seem to be perfect names.

    1. Thanks, AnnMarie. Yes, they have gone again so don't exactly know why but have found some wierd facts about them that I will tell later. I hope they don't end up like the real Romeo and Juliet!..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  11. What a sweet tale, Judy. I love bird watching, I have a fabulous view of them from my kitchen table and sometimes if I am very quiet on the patio they will come close. I love the names. So romantic. Just like your charming, sweet home...

    1. Oh, Kim, thank you. Sorry to say that they have flown the coop again! What is it about living with us old folks? It is supposed to be Home Sweet Home at this point. I hope they don't end up like the real Romeo and Juliet!..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  12. So sweet Judy. I think most birds return to where they have nested in the past. I hope your little Romeo and Juliet have a new family that you will enjoy seeing come into this world soon. Love the video of them singing.

    1. Well, Kris, it looks like it is not meant to be! They have traveled on again! We must be some real bad parents! I think my daughter must just be nice as she has never said we were. Well, maybe, during that horrible teen-age phase! She sat on the front stoop a lot of the time!..Who knows, they might turn up again. I better check the front stoop!!.Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  13. SWeet. My daughter left and has only come back for visits but we have envaded her home. LOL Every weekend we go to the farm we stay the night at her house.
    She's getting tired of us. It'll be over soon and then she'll miss us.

    1. Thank you, Carla. Of course she will. My daughter is trying very hard to get us to move back home. Or at least, what SHE calls home..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  14. Cute post. I think Wrens will come back to the same nest. They clean it out a little after each brood. The comment thing is driving me crazy. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

    1. Thanks so much, Katie. It seems that they do return, but in this case, I can't figure out why as they don't stay long enough to accomplish anything. I'm not minding leaving comments like this, the thing I don't like is that sometimes you want to leave a comment on a person's blog that is older than the previous one and, most likely, they will never go back to see it..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  15. Judy, I'm behind again in commenting! I did love this post and love the story of the birdies. I don't know if they come back to the same nest or not... and why they prepare and then leave. Love all your patriotic decorating as usual and love your new blog header! It's so hot here.... hope your weather is better but probably not! xoxoxo Marilyn


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