Tuesday, September 11, 2018


As you may have noticed, 
this garland with all the dried pieces,
 was displayed 
on the dining room table last week (here).

  What I didn't know at the time
 was that the kids were coming up 
for the Labor Day weekend, 
so I had to remove it 
to set the table for dinner.

 Our table came out of 
an old miner's boardinghouse
 and was made specifically 
for that setting. 
 It is long and narrow and,
 though a large decoration 
down the middle is attractive,
 with the addition of china and food,
 it is not very practical...

...so I just picked it up 
and simply draped it 
over the parlor mantle 
with the thought of just 
getting it out of the way 
and as so often happens, 
this turned out to be 
the perfect spot for it.

With the addition of 
a few old, tarnished brass candlesticks, 
the sunflowers are continuing 
to shine 
throughout the Cottage.

The entry is dressed up 
with a few pieces 
that have come out of the
backs of the cupboards.
  A pitcher, a wreath, 
and some dried grasses,
 all adorned 
with a sprinkling of

Here is a repeat performance,
 brought back by popular demand,
 by the sunflowers, of course! 
 The kitchen table, 
as it was, last year.  
The addition of blue and white 
makes the 
gold of the sunflowers 
stand out.

Speaking of blue,
remember the Captain's
 morning glory 
we planted at 
the beginning of summer?...

...this is how much 
it has grown.
  It has done well...

...and adds a bit of color 
(although the sun is very bright today
 and tends to wash it out) 
to the waning summer 
front garden, 
with nary a sunflower in sight!


At this time 
I would like to acknowledge 
the men and women who lost their lives
 on September 11, 2001.

It doesn't seem possible 
that seventeen years have passed.

Blessings to those 
who are doing their jobs 
to keep us safe
 and hope
 that it never happens again.

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  1. I absolutely love your mantle. That garland fits perfectly up there! Plus sunflowers are my happy flower! Janice

  2. Everything is so pretty at your place. I've said this before, but your place would be a charming B&B :)

    This day.. We will NEVER forget, and live each day like the precious gift that it is.

  3. I think the garland is beautiful no matter where you display it. And I especially love the photo of your house from the street with the garden in full view. It's my mental picture of the perfect English garden!

    1. Thank you so much, Jeanie. I really appreciate your view of my garden. In a perfect world I would love to think that it has a resemblance to an English garden, but not, so much, in reality. It didn't flourish as much this year and towards the end of summer it looks a little drab..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Once I planted one morning glory in my garden, now every summer they come up covering my whole garden .. I love the plant as it glows in the garden without any care..

  5. The garland looks great on the mantle—as though it were made for it. I really like sunflowers. They are a perfect transition from summer to fall in my opinion.
    Have a terrific week.
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can
    with what I've got
    where I am
    on a shoestring budget.

  6. Beautiful Judy! I love the Morning Glories. Mine are covering my garage wall right now and they looks so beautiful. Of course, we always seem to get some hurricane or nor'easter that blows in and knocks them down in the height of their beauty and this year seems to be no exception. And yes...we will always remember...

  7. Beautiful garland and it looks so nice on the mantle and table. I guess the mantle is better because you wouldn't have to move it to free up tablespace for dinner. I love it.
    Those morning glories are so pretty. The blue purple color is so intense in the mornings. A delight to see.
    I could not say it any better. Your tribute to all who lost their lives on 911 is shared by me also. The first responders are to be commended in all they do to keep us safe. My brother in law and now my nephew is one and dedicated. Love these men and women who are always at the ready.

  8. Hi Judy, I so love that garland living on your mantle now! It looked great on your table too! glad your family came for the Labor Day weekend for a visit.. that's always so nice. Sunflowers surely do brighten up a space don't they? Your table setting with the plates is just darling.. and love those sunflower napkin rings! All of your photos are beautiful and thank you for once again showing your cottage in full view.. she is just so sweet with the flowers and trees surrounding and protecting her! I felt so sad on the 11th.... I remember that day so well and how devastated I (and everyone) felt. I continue to pray for all the families and people whose lives were forever changed from that tragedy. I am so grateful for the men and women who continue to protect our country. My nephew is one who is always "at the ready" and I am so thankful for the many who feel an obligation and duty to help take care of this wonderful country. Have a nice (hopefully cooler) weekend.. Hugs.. Marilyn

  9. Judy it is all so beautiful. I never noticed your sweet arbor and fencing in the front. How beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  10. Lovely post - everything is so sweet and cozy. That morning glory certainly is living up to its name.

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