Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Some of us wake up happy 
and some of us wake up in the doldrums. 
 Some can shake it off 
and some have to let the world know 
just how bad they feel. 
 Few of us
 have to make it a headline, however,
 but then some of us
 are more sensitive 
than others!

A little smile 
to start your morning off right.

 While having coffee 
and reading the morning paper,
 I noticed that Kai 
had fallen asleep on one of the pages. 
 It was too good 
 a photo-op 
to pass up.

I shared this shelf last week
 but have since added 
two little white vases 
I picked up at a thrift store.
  They remind me of some 
of the cute touches that Joanna Gaines
 shows in her collection, 
but for the great price
 of $1 each.

Here is my breakdown
 of the changing seasons
 and how they evolve around here.

Each season can usually be seen 
through the eyes of the sofa.

Summer decorating 
starts right around Memorial Day 
and follows into July 4th...

...then in almost August
 the summer turns into
 beach weather...

...at the end of 
August and throughout September, 
at the very beginning 
when it starts feeling
 like fall to me,
 before the pumpkins 
and the sheaves of wheat 
or the witches and goblins,
Come the

A large pot of faux 
just adds
 another spot of sunshine 
and picks up the colors 
from the little pillow 
across the way.

This is the "cheap" pillow
 that started it all.  
You are my Sunshine,
 a description that fits 
so many wonderful facets 
of my life...

...and here is another 
of the "2 for 1" pillows 
that are turning (no pun intended) out to be 
so handy for me 
when wanting needing 
to use so many pillows.

This sweet little guy
 is not one of the "cheap" ones.
  It comes from Pier One
 but I did get it on sale. 
 It works nicely with
 the blue side chairs
 and is a little spot of fanciness
 added to the scene.

I guess 
there is ALWAYS room
 for one more!

The Sun is Shining
Oh, Happy Days

Look what my sweet Captain 
just brought for me -
 just because!

More summer sunflower days to come.


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  1. Kai is a hoot! He,gets it from his mama, I can tell **smile**!!
    I too have an evolving seasonal decorating way with our home.
    I think that this week, I'll start gently transitioning to Autumn decor :)

    Aha! As soon as I saw your alphabet sign, I remembered that I have been wanting to make one, forever. You inspired me to make one for our home as well, and I haven't done it yet.
    Put that on the list ~~ LOL!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Judy, I really like touring your home. The sunflowers are so nice and all the cute pillows. My great grandson Max sings"you are my sunshine" with his mom when she sings him to sleep at nap time. So cute. So of course I love that pillow. :):) Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Love all those cute pillows. Everything looks so cheery. A great shot of Kai on that newspaper headline. I think that is so perfect a picture.
    Good deal on those white vases and they are like Joanna Gaines vases. I like the price you paid so much better.
    Hugs Betsy

  4. What a happy, lovely post filled with the colors of summer.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  5. Great pillows! Sunflowers and yellow -- so bright and happy. Kai is too cute. Great find on the vases. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  6. What a cheery post.. full of sunshine and flowers! That darling little pillow in the middle is just perfect.. I love it! I can look at that room over and over again, and never tire of it and all the wonderful things you have living there. I don't yet feel Fall in our air here, so will wait a couple of more weeks before bringing out the quilts! I like to throw Fall-ish throws and quilts over our chair and loveseat.... and do love the idea of more pillows! I have 3 I use but never have made "new" covers for them for the seasons, which I think I need to do. Oh so nice of the Captain to bring you those lovelies! Have a wonderful rest of the week..... Marilyn

  7. Hello sweet friend. Happy Wednesday. I love all your decorating. I love it all. I did spy those tall angels they look pretty awesome. I am a big summer girl but I have to say with the hot hot humid weather we are having I am ready for a cool down and fall to start. I can't wait for Sweater Weather!!!!! Have a great rest of the week. Kai is the cutest little photo bomber ever!

  8. I can see why you snapped up that Pier One piece. Adorable. And I love the sunflowers. They are the perfect transitional flower!

  9. Oh Judy, I love your sunflowers! It's too early for me to start putting out pumpkins, but sunflowers? Now that's just perfect!! And you've got me thinking about those pillow covers again. I really need to order a few. I figure if I order now I should have them by the time I am ready for pumpkins!! ;) And Kai...oh boy, I feel like that often. I've spent too many summer nights waiting up very late for teenage drivers. The mornings are rough. I can't wait for classes to start again so I can get some rest!! xoxox

  10. Love that little pooch sleeping soundly! I enjoy seeing your touches of fall. Your are my sunshine was one of my moms favorite songs. All of the grands sang it at her funeral. Love sunflowers for fall and your long narrow alphabet is fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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