Tuesday, August 20, 2019


These little silhouettes
 were taken from my childhood bedroom
 once upon a time...

...even though 
I wasn't fishing for compliments,
 I certainly received many from you all,
 my dear friends, 
on my crafting experiments
 in the "good old days", 
and I appreciate them and
 thank you so much. 

 As I said,
 I ordered some
 "new" old pattern books 
and got to work...

...and this is my first attempt.
  OK, even I can see some problems here. 

 The jug looks like it is 
leaning forward a bit too much.
  I think the mouth
 should be flatter on top and
 the pumpkin is too flat on the bottom.

 I don't know exactly 
how to describe it, 
but I can see it. 
 The problem is that 
somewhere between my brain and my hand, 
the perspective
 gets lost.

The photo in the book 
was too small 
so I enlarged it by making a graph. 
 The colors of paint 
used in the instructions 
are not available to me at my craft store, 
so I picked ones I thought would match.
  So if you want to get technical,
 I (almost) drew and painted 
the picture by myself. 
Ha Ha! 
 I think it is good enough 
and will fill a tiny space
 when fall decorating 

This is my next attempt
 and I was excited to try it 
as you know how I love 
all things Christmas related...

I have to admit, 
I am quite proud of it.
  I was able to
 trace the pattern and
 even though I had to
 choose my own colors, 
I am very pleased 
how it turned out.

He is the cutest little guy
 and looks so right beside the chimney.
  I will be proud 
to have him in attendance
 come Christmas time.

Another trip 
to pick up a peach pie 
was successful...


...a bowl full of 
fresh peaches and ice cream
 to share on the ride
 back home...

...and a game of
 "find the skunk", 
all add up to 
some very fine
 summer days.


What's new with you?

Thanks for your help, Robin.
 I couldn't have done it without you.

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  1. Oh Judy your Santa turned out so cute! I never did tole painting but I did do the sweatshirt painting back in the 80s and so enjoyed that. I can't make a stick figure on my own but you are making me want to try with a pattern. Did you crackle paint the board first? Do the patterns have very good instructions (for a novice)? Thank you, you creative girl you!

  2. Wow, Judy!! That Santa is amazing. You are truly an artist. I'm not sure I could tuck him away until Christmas. I might be tempted to keep him around this fall...and find the skunk, eh? Oh boy!

  3. JUDY!!!!
    You have been hiding your talents away from us!!!I can only draw stick figures so I love all that you have painted but you know that my heart leaped a bit when I saw your sweet Santa picture!!! O MY!! I LOVE it!!! I am now officially retired!!

  4. Judy, I love your paintings. I think you are very good. I can't wait to see your decor with these sitting in it . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Beautiful work on the Santa painting (and pumpkin too!). Love the pumpkin and jug and looks just fine to me.. a little "folksy" that's all! I can imagine you'll be painting more things.... that Santa will look great on the mantel, or anywhere. New with me? Not much......... we did get a new little (big) "toy" which I may or may not reveal on my blog. Not sure yet. Want to see if we'll use it much or just get rid of it. Who knows? Just doing my normal yardwork and crafting around here. Have a good week! Marilyn

  6. I love love love the Santa it is beautiful. You go girl. I love the pumpkin and vase too just he way they are. That pie looks so yummy. I am holding onto these last few summer days. It is so nice here. Loving the cooler temps. Have a great day.

  7. You did a great job! Love the colors you chose. Silhouettes always sell in our store. Janice

  8. Love your post! You are an artist for sure. Great looking paintings. I love these type of Santa's, old fashioned I guess they are called or Father Christmas?
    Gosh what a good looking pie.
    The two silhouettes you have are beautiful! I purchased two with old fashioned Gentleman and Lady with the concave glass like yours's and I love it. I got them at a vintage shop. I wish I could find more.
    Happy Thursday Judy

  9. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment on my retirement!! I could not believe it when you mentioned about the head lice!! OMG!!!

  10. I think both your paintings are lovely! The Santa is adorable! Now guy have me wanting a piece of that oie but I went low carb today, 😏 It cooled off yesterday and enjoying tome out in the gardens! Take care!

  11. Lovely paintings Judy. Those silhouettes are lovely and a great keepsake. The peach pie looks delicious. So glad finding the skunk is only a game and not finding a real skunk. Happy Sunday.

  12. You SHOULD be proud of that Santa! He's wonderful -- with a lot of charm and you did a great job with the detail. Very nice indeed! And of course, I love your pie!

  13. What talent. I adore the St. Nick. What a wonderful job you did. The peach pie looks amazing.


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