Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Yesterday we had rain. 

 Yes, we did.  

Last night we were supposed to have snow. 

 No, we didn't. 

 Today we have sunshine again. 

 So far we still are.

  The weather score card is hard to keep up with

 and is not something you can count on.

As of last week, 

we had a wonderful view through lace curtains 

and thought the upcoming weekend could include 

a fun trip to the nursery 

for a head start on some summer color 

but, instead,

 the lilac bush which was full of beautiful blooms, 

was barely holding up under rain and wind

 and the Cecil Brunner was wishing,

 I'm sure,

 it had stayed under cover a while longer.

In honor of spring 

our little town has decorated the main street 

and it really looks pretty. 

 During the height of Covid,

 restaurants added tables on the sidewalk

 so that they wouldn't have to close their doors. 

 It was well received

 so it was decided to close off the whole street, permanently,

 by adding cobblestones, planters 

and places to walk, shop and dine without cars. 

 The only problem is

 that parking is limited around the area 

so don't know how it will hold up over the long run. 

 My friends and I don't go to lunch

 in the downtown area for that reason.

Corn Flowers 

but I grew up calling them Bachelor Buttons

Nothing too exciting going on around here

 so I have been practicing painting...

I have tried tulips many times 

and only have this one to show for it.

I think I am getting the hang of the sunflower

 but know this can be much better.

 California poppies

 in case you were wondering.


my favorite so far.

I think I enjoy painting Bachelor Buttons the best.

At least I am drawing them all freehand now. 

 If that means I'm improving, I'll take it. 

 It seems to be three steps forward 

and one step back 

but it still is a fun way to spend my time.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. I'm really enjoying the paintings! I love how you did the colors on the tullps. Your home is so inviting, Judy. And I love how they've dressed up the downtown. Lovely spring!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. I do feel like I am improving but I have tried so many times to paint tulips because I always read they are the easiest to learn. But I can't seem to do the next one I try right. The umbrellas look so pretty and colorful..xxoJudy

  2. Your painting of flowers is gorgeous. I love the look of your downtown area. Too bad there is not good parking with the street closed off. Our town did something very similar and it is the same here the parking is always the issue. It is nice for all the peeps that live around the downtown area and can walk to shopping and restaurants. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage. I can only leave a comment on Anonymous and cannot figure out on my end why my google name is not letting me leave comments. Ugh it is always something. xoxo

  3. Thanks so much, Kris. Our town is really hilly so it is hard for the elderly to walk around and there is very little parking around. They are preaching to shop local and then they do this. Don't understand but it does look cute. When I was coming through as anonymous I had to change third party cookies and then it worked. On my computer there is a little "eye" icon up in the browser line and I can click on it to allow it so I don't come on as anonymous. You can google how to allow 3rd party cookies too. I took a while for me to figure it out but it works now. Maybe that could be your problem too. xxoJudy

  4. Hi Judy.... oh I love your paintings! They are so fun and pretty.. you are doing such a great job at it. One of these I would love to do some watercoloring.. I've done a little but not much. I love the look of it. Your little town all decked out IS darling, but I can see how it would be hard to actually shop there. The city should have an open lot right next to it, for public parking. That's how I've seen it handled in other towns. The look is so quaint and pretty though. Hope you get some nice weather soon! oxoxoxo Marilyn

    1. Thanks so much, Marilyn. That would be the ultimate solution because I like the idea of a closed street but there just isn't any property available close by. The city is putting a new parking lot a ways from it but for only 30 cars and it is quite a distance plus hilly to walk for some elderly. Don't know what the solution is. We are getting nice weather right now, supposed to be in the low 90's this weekend. Hope to get to the nursery..xxoJudy

  5. Oh, your paintings are wonderful...love the vibrancy of your colors, sometimes watercolors looks washed out. I just started a drawing class to get back into it, trying just a little bit a day...my hands are so bad, but concentrating and taking it slow is helping. YES< Spring is a fickle Miss. for sure. We have had some nice weather, but tomorrow and the next few days, maybe too cold for old bones to be out in. Hugs, Sandi

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi. We are supposed to get into the low 90's this weekend. It goes from one extreme to the other but, I agree, warmth is better for the old bones! Hope to get to the nursery and some summer color this weekend. Thanks for the kind words about my painting. I am still giving it a firm try to get somewhat better. I'm afraid somewhat is the operative word..xxoJudy

  6. I love the old town closed streets with such charm. I hope it is a success. I also love your artwork. The red luster is gorgeous as well as your bouquet!

    1. Thanks so much, Bernideen. I like the idea of a closed street also but don't know how long the merchants will like it, it seems like when driving by I don't see that many people walking around. The parking was always full when you could park on the street so don't know where those shoppers are now. They did vote for it though. I love that red luster too. I did have a pair of them, given to me by an old friend years ago, but one got smashed in the Santa Cruz earthquake of 1989. xxoJudy

  7. Judy,
    What a charming little town....But I can understand about the parking....We have a charming town fairly close by but the parking is terrible...I am always amazed with your artistic talents, my friend...Thanks so much for thinking about me...I am doing okay but it is quite an adjustment so I try to keep busy...I hope you have a lovely weekend!! Happy Mother's Day!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Deb. Glad you are doing well. I can only imagine how hard it must all be. You have a strong family and that is very important in hard times..xxoJudy

  8. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Joe's service was simple , private an yet beautiful!! I am so pleased with how it went...I did a post on it so if you have time, stop over....I hope you are well and having a great weekend!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  9. How sweet the town looks all decorated Judy. Love the umbrellas. Parking can be a challenge there. You are an amazing artist Judy. Keep at it, they are lovely. xoxo


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