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As I promised in the last post about the kitchen reno, I am going to show you some of the collectibles in the room and tell you a little about them.

Before that, I would like to thank all of you for your interest in the making of the old 'new' kitchen and thank all of my newest followers for coming aboard.

I am forewarning you, this will be another long one.

So, here we go!

This little "Champion" pedal car belonged to our son, Brent, when he was a little tyke. It was originally a bright turquoise blue.  You hardly ever saw him without it while clipping along, frontwards and backwards, at a high rate of speed!

I have quite a collection of Wisconsin pottery.  When I was in my colonial phase of decorating, I ordered it all out of a magazine called "Early American Life".  I really paid a lot of money for it when you add it all up (there is way more than what you see here).  But those were the days when I could! Retirement put an end to that!  Even though my tastes have changed, I still love these, so here they stay.

I picked up this chicken at Raley's Super Market while grocery shopping.  The eggs are wood found at a garage sale.  The tiny toothpick holder was a garage sale item also.

These white platters are from a restaurant supply store and we use them daily. The square, colored, dish at the end is from good old Ross's.  I purchased the dish rack from LaurieAnna's beautiful store on line.

These are some child's toy cooking utensils picked up at shops and garage sales.  The little "cocktail" rooster is a book of drink recipes given to me by a friend.

I just love this little lamp that I ordered on line.  I thought I might paint the chicken when it arrived but decided I liked it just the way it was. I love the little shade and here is some more of the Wisconsin pottery.

Many years ago, when we had our small antique shop and I had my kiln, I made these ceramic pieces.

An old stoneware crock, tin cannisters from the 30's or 40's, sponge ware pitcher from different sales and a sponged heart shaped ceramic muffin pan, a gift from my sister, sit atop the cupboards.

At the top of another cupboard sits some more tin cannisters, a general store candy display case, with another piece of Wisconsin pottery lurking in the background.

I'm not the greatest seamstress but I made this sink skirt.  Have the cupboard doors in a safe place, just in case.

Another vignette on the other side of the sink holds a dish from Costco, which the Captain had to cut the top off of so it would fit under the cabinet, with a nesting chicken from a garage sale for $1. Was too cute to pass up.  Also here is another view of the countertops. I am so happy with the quartz and love that it really does resemble marble.

We have had this old medicine chest for many years and I use it as a spice cupboard. It is wearing the original green paint.

Before picture

We were looking for an island (before reno) and found this one at Ikea.  I liked that it had the drawers and that they were deep enough to hold dishware, but it had natural wood legs and sides and cream colored drawers with see-through glass panels.

After picture

I felt it looked too modern so we painted it white, painted the glass inserts in the drawers, and the Captain put some of the back splash beadboard in the end panels.  We removed the little wood heater we had on the brick hearth and pushed the cupboard against the brick. Now I feel that it looks part of the kitchen, although I'm debating, whether or not, to paint the knobs black. (Oh, oh, the Captain is reading this!!)

This little stamped coffee cozy was a tag sale find along with the recipe book sponsored by Wesson Oil...


...A little painted tin trash can, same era as the tin cannisters.

I love this collection.  They are Swanky Swigs from around the 1940's.  Some of the glasses came with jams and jellies in them but, I think, some were just part of a juice set with pitchers.  I have found all of them at different antique shops or tag sales, but have never paid any more that $2-$3 for a glass.  I'm glad I started collecting them when I did, because I haven't found them for under $9 now.  I know I paid a little more for the pitchers but I love the cute shapes.

This great blackboard was out of an old school house.  It is a large piece of slate and it weighs about a ton!

This little slipper chair has been with us for many years and has gone from pink velvet, to blue, to rust, to what it is now.  I love the lines of it.  The old crock was my mother's and the chicken lamp was a gift from the Captain and what started this chicken coop theme. The little red child's chair came out of a house in San Francisco.

This top picture is one that I worked and the print was ordered from the back of "House Beautiful" magazine years ago.  It reminds me of my sister and me at my grandparent's house when we were young.  By now, I'm sure you have seen the trend here.  I am a great catalog and magazine shopper!

These are a few of the bowls that I collect.  I don't know why bowls appeal to me so much, but I do use them.  The corner cupboard was in pieces when we found it. 

The Captain made this shelf for me out of some old door casings and it displays various garage sale items including some more Wisconsin pottery.

This settle bench was part of a set of two that was used as a banquette in an old house.   The owner gave them to us for the price of hauling them away.  We used parts from the damaged one to make one bench.  I was bound and determined to get some of the lovely white that so many of you use in your rooms and made the ruffled cushions out of two king size pillows and an old set of curtains.  The little doggie pillows are my most favorite things!  They were both picked up at different garage sales, a little rough for wear, but still adorable.  The chicken one, I've seen in shops with an $80 price tag.  I got this one for $10 and used blue craft paint to cover what I thought was too much green.  One of the blue flowered one's, I got from Target and the other matching one, I picked up at a garage sale.

This is an old gaming table from around the early 1900's.  The little shelves under the top were used (so we were told) to lay the gamblers' guns on, so they were close at hand, in case someone needed a little reminder not to cheat at the cards. We painted the base of the table and the chairs with chalk paint.

We bought an old dresser at an antique shop many years ago and found this end of a cardboard box advertising the crackers under the lining in one of the drawers.  We noticed the swastica on the box and thought it might be German, but found out that that was an American Indian sign also. Not exactly sure what the connection is.  We had it framed and think it could be from the 20's or 30's.


Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about these collections.  Of course, when we started this remake, most of them were NOT coming back into the kitchen, of that I was sure, but, as I've told you before, little by little, here they are again!  Why do I always put myself through this?!

Hope this wasn't too much to take in..
..just be thankful you don't have to dust it!!....Judy

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  1. Judy, i was worried about the reno, but your kitchen still has all its vintage charm! So many great collectibles! Your son's car is so priceless! Love the settle, swanky swigs, crocks, tins, roostes!!!!!!

  2. Hi Judy!
    I could sit with you in your kitchen, and look around at everything, and I'd be in 7th heaven :)
    We have such similar tastes, and I even have a few of the same things that you have~~LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    I've loved reading this post, and seeing all your great stuff!

    Smiles :)

  3. Wow. Fantastic. I loved going through all your collections. That pedal car is adorable and to think it comes with such sweet memories. I love it. I love the curtain in front the sink. The fabric and look in general suits your kitchen to a T. I love roosters and hens! I think your vintage tins and garbage bin are fantastic. I am very impressed with Ikea up-cycle. Much better with the white sides!!! So smart! I love that plate rack and I am going to visit Laurie Anne's shop right now! That was so fun, thanks!

  4. Your kitchen is so charming and warm! I love to decorate with unexpected items and your pedal care in the kitchen is quite unexpected, I love it!!!! Hugs, Penny

  5. Oh, I'm loving seeing all of your collections and treasures! I could go shopping in your kitchen! Love all of your vignettes and adore the little corner cabinet! You have everything arranged to cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Wow- You have a lot of collectibles in your kitchen. You do a nice job with your displays all the way around. I love all you wonderful little touches- xo Diana

  7. Bravo Outstanding Judy..I adore it all my dear friend and just pinned it ha ha!! Hope all is well in your friend my friend..Love the counters WOW!! Maybe we can get together soon girl..Last weekend was the BIG car show in Sutter Creek over 400 cars..Take care my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. I love your posts ,you love so many things that I love. I too try to get some things to stay out of my kitchen but they keep nagging me until I bring them back.Roosters are, actually chickens are one of my most favourite things. I wish I was younger so we could move back to the country and raise some nice coups.Your things are so nicely displayed. I also love your Wisconsin pottery, it is just like the German pottery that we purchased in Germany. I bought quite a lot to give as gifts but when we arrived home there was a welcome back gathering and I was short one piece for a couple,so I gave away my own piece.Drats!I sure hope they enjoy it.
    Sorry for the rambeling.Thanks for the inspiration.
    Blessings from Canada

  9. Judy, it's all lovely - so well done and I imagine it must feel like you've hit that perfect place between cosy and efficient!

  10. Hello Judy, it's been quite a while since I've caught up with you! What an amazing transformation, you must be so so pleased with it! x

  11. Dear Judy,
    Your new kitchen is simply awesome. I love everything about it. Your taste, your style and all the beautiful collectables that you have aquired throughout your years. You have hidden secrets!! what a great delight to see your great collection of ceramics there too, that you made.
    Judy, i really am at a loss today with this post. Its taken my breath away.
    You have both worked so hard on making this a delightful area of your victorian home.
    thank you for sharing this ...
    I wish you many years of happiness in your new kitchen. I love the quartz...
    happy weekend
    val x x

  12. Judy i am so in love with your kitchen!! It is so warm and inviting. It makes you want to stay in there forever! All your gorgeous decor is so fabulous.It's beautiful.


  13. Judy your kitchen and collections are just charming. I love the fact that there is so much history that goes with all of them. Every nook and cranny has a story! And you did a beautiful job on the kitchen sink has me thinking. Love all the chicken accents...I have a few myself in our kitchen. Thank you so much for the lovely tour and have a wonderful day my friend!

  14. Hi Judy!
    Your kitchen came out so beautiful. Everything looks so warm and inviting. I used to have a large collection of Wisconsin pottery myself. I got it all at longerberger (sp) basket parties back in the eighties. I had some beautiful pieces. I love that chicken basket!

  15. Oh my goodness Judy - the before and after is unbelievable!! Your kitchen is gorgeous and FULL of soul. Now that's what I would call an extreme make-over!!! And that is the cutest chicken basket I've ever seen.
    Love from Greece,

  16. Hello Judy
    Thank you for showing us around your lovely kitchen, you have some wonderful things, obviously they are very dear and personal to you, you must be very happy now it is all finished
    Thea x

  17. Wow, I don't know where to begin! I love your kitchen and I love how you made it you! I really like the general store candy canisters, your table, and your corner cupboard too. You have such a great collection and displays! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  18. My dear Judy
    Thank you so much for your visit and for kind words !I am the newest follower now and I hope we will see often . About your adorable kitchen !!!! I love that all the things which you add all these years you put on a special way !I did't knew which photos I might to see first while I was rolling your page .First of all I like the roosters ,(here we don't have these kind of ceramics) , then all that you made and now you have a cosy ,lovely kitchen !
    Have a nice weekend

  19. Where would we be without our favorite accessories? Our homes would look just like everybody elses. I think that's the fun part. It's where we put our personal stamp on things. You have alot of history with yours and they fit in well with your country kitchen. I love the little dish rack you found at LauriaAnna's! I also love how you redid the furniture piece from Ikea.

  20. It's just so pretty and dreamy! I love all of your pretties! Thank you for popping in for a visit and the sweet comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world. I would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party which goes live on Monday at 8am CST. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  21. JUDY!! OMG!!

    I totally LOVE this kitchen!!

    Just my style and we have the same floor but mine is gold!! Which now actually matches my Kitchen since i re did it last summer....

    It wasn't too much at all to take in... I drooled over each and every pic!!
    I use swifter dusters!! My most favorite product every made!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for sharing it. I forwarded this post to several of my friends who i know are going to LOVE it too!!


  22. Judy, your kitchen is so amazingly charming! Many of the features remind me of my grandmother's kitchen, which was one of my favorite places on Earth! All your vignettes are wonderful and full of timeless treasures, and my head is spinning over your transformation of the Ikea island! Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. Oh Judy what a gorgeous kitchen - love every single photo - and that plate rack is beyond beautiful
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by for a visit and follow back when you can

  24. Oh Judy, thank you for the delightful tour of your wonderfully cozy, comfy kitchen!! I LOVED seeing every inch of it and wish I could see it in person. The skirt you made for the sink just adds the right charm. The Ikea island turned out so great. I'm so happy that you shared this transformation with us.

  25. Judy, I just love it - such a tribute to gorgeous vintage items! Your kitchen could be on display in a vintage museum just as it is-you've beautifully displayed all these marvelous collectibles - love them all! I will be featuring your post in tonight's Home and Garden Thursday, thanks for sharing!

  26. WOW! Judy your kitchen and your collectibles are fantastic! I love all of it. I will feature it tomorrow at the Home Sweet Home party!

  27. HI Judy,
    I just love your new kitchen! I'm thinking about making a skirt for under my sink and now after seeing yours, I need to! So cute! I have the same flooring in my farm cottage. Love it, so easy to keep clean. Your slipper chair is precious! I have been so busy I need to go back an view some of your previous posts. Your blog is one of my favorites!

  28. What a charming kitchen. I love all your collections...the thing that caught my eye, tho, was the flooring. My mother had it in her kitchen back years and years ago. She loved it and so did I. It lasted for a long time.
    I think I might do an under the sink skirt, too. have been thinking about it and after seeing how cute yours is, I just may go tomorrow and look for some pretty fabric.

  29. I love your kitchen so much! The brick is so cozy, and your accessories including the bench with comfy pillows and every little detail of your kitchen is just....wonderful!!! I would love to have such an inviting-homey kitchen like yours. :)

  30. Thanks for telling us all about your collections! I love the Wisconsin pottery! Your kitchen is SO warm and inviting. XO, Pinky

  31. Wow, I always liked the Wisconsin pottery, but never realized it was expensive. Anyway, yo have a great collection of it. I love your cozy, fun and inviting kitchen, wish I went for a cup of coffee a bit. I love all the cute and pretty details, like the nesting chicken, which makes it so warm. I saw you featured at Home Sweet Home.

  32. Fabulous post judy,I loved sharing all of the history in your special treasures ,no wonder little by little they are working there way back in your kitchen , you have such beautiful things.tAke care, love juliexxx

  33. I love watching others collections! I also display many collections in my kitchen, especially my vintage children's dishes.
    My favorites? Those toys cooking cute! and the medicine chest!!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  34. Thank you Judy for the lovely tour. Your kitchen is amazing. I am your newest follower.

  35. Hi Judy - what a fantastic job you have done! There's something beautiful and personal in every corner. Those are the best renovations - done in a very personal and memorable way. I loved your tour and I have to look at it again to take it all in.

    I wanted to let you know that my daughter and her family moved from California to NY and I am so happy now to have them here. I have my baby girl and her baby girl - my granddaughter Peyton - here. I will miss going to CA but so very happy beyond measure that they are here! I am helping them decorate their home now, so that will keep me busy and Give me some blog post ideas as well.

    I also wanted to let you know I have a new blog name and design. I was on Blogger at Studio of Decorative Arts and now I am on Wordpress at The Colorful Bee. Hope you will visit and follow me on Feedburner. I lost the ability to keep my Google Friend connect withe switch but there are many other reasons - all good for me - to switch.

    Thanks for your lovely post,


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