Monday, August 27, 2012


"Pleasure is the flower that passes;
Remembrance, the lasting perfume."

Jean De Boufflers

We waited patiently for spring to arrive and then, before we knew it, summer was upon us...

...the gardens flourished and we were once again, caught up in the web of all that summertime entails.


There were vacations at the beach...

...trips to Disneyland...

...and then the excitement of the first day of school.


The sun is settling lower in the sky and leaving shadows in it's wake...

...and instead of a freshly picked bouquet from the garden...

...the flowers you arrange are an item on the receipt from the grocery store...

...tea is served at the kitchen table rather than a picnic, under an umbrella, on the green...

...and the nights are becoming cooler and so another quilt is added to the bed clothes.


Congratulations, Jake, on your first car and your first day of college.


It has been a beautiful summer but there is always a time for change...

...and so now another season is knocking at the door...

...and the time for warm contentment and renewal is just around the corner...

...we are waiting and happy to embrace it...Judy

"Winter is an etching
Spring, a watercolor
Summer, an oil painting
Autumn, a mosaic of them all"

Stanley Horowitz

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  1. How quickly the summer sped by! June and July were unseasonably cold and wet, and August has seemed too short. Your post is poignant, and the quote with which you began will stay with me.

  2. I love this post! The photos and the words are perfect! Beautiful vignettes and flowers, cool collectibles, and that spider web. Wow!

  3. Hello Judy,
    What a beautiful post! I always find Summer goes by too fast and now we have Autumn knocking at the door. Your framed photos are wonderful and your sentiments, lovely! Love the Blue Willow china. Thank you for coming to tea and have a splendid day.


  4. Beautiful images and words to accompany them. Can't believe summer is over. Congrats to Jke on his new car- I love how you slipped that in there- xo Diana

  5. Good morning Judy!
    I loved everything about this post! Thank you so much!
    It is still warm .. but there is that feel about of Fall in the air, isn't there.
    So looking forward to the beauty and coziness of Fall.
    Hope it lingers for a long time.

    Enjoy these last few days of Summer.

    Smiles :)

    p.s Congrats to Jake! So many first for him; a very exciting time!

  6. Hi Judy,
    Beautiful post! Your last photo is amazing!
    Congrats to Jake!

  7. Judy,
    Goodbye summer.... Hello fall!
    Such beautiful photos and reminders to cherish each season for what it holds!
    dee dee

  8. Such great pictures. We are looking forward to Fall also!

    1. Thank you Alicia. I appreciate your kind words and thanks for visiting the Cottage..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. Beautiful pics Judy! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! Fall is my favorite season!

  10. Hi Judy! What a lovely post and a good reminder of all that's been happening in your world. Love the snap of the spiders web!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Lovely post, Judy. Can't believe fall is just around the corner.
    Mary Alice

  12. Hello Judy
    It's true what they say, the older you get, the faster time passes by. Also true that once you retire, you become busier. Things I wanted to do this summer will now be done in fall I suppose.
    Wonder if there's a way to slow things down? Your post has made me stop and appreciate the seasons, for whatever they bring.

  13. Hi Judy,
    This is such a beautiful post about the seasons! I especially like the darling tea cloth on your table! Wish it could stay summer for a few more months!

  14. Hi Judy, I loved all your photos. My daughter's Jake had to go back to school this month also. Let's hope our auntumn season is more pleasant than our summer was. Well my summer was very hot. Smiles to you and yours, Susie

  15. hello , Judi
    Great way to describe all seasons! Sweet words and beautiful photos. So sweet post today !!

  16. This post reminds me how much I love the four seasons. The changing of the seasons has always fascinated me and Upstate New York is a great place to witness its beauty. In just a few weeks we will see fall foliage and go apple and pumpkin picking. I am already thinking about hot apple cider.

    I was so excited to read that you and your husband watched The Wingless Bird and enjoyed it. You will love all of the Catherine Cookson movies. I also HIGHLY recommend North & South by the BBC, not the American N&S. The one by the BBC is different and based on the classic book of the same name by Elizabeth Gaskell. Oh wow! To think that someone actually reads my reviews....hee hee haa haa. You really made my week!

  17. Lovely images to convey your message of the changing seasons.


  18. I just love the way you put this post together.

  19. Great post on the end of summer. I am so looking forward to Fall. It's great the weather is now enjoyable.

  20. Gorgeous post judy,love that saying at the end,fall my favourite month of all:) happy Thursday dear friend,xxx

  21. I cannot believe Summer has come and almost gone again. Judy, your post was beautiful. I really enjoyed your review of your summer. It caused me to think back on our own summer and be thankful. Visiting from Feather Nest Friday #228. Have a wonderful Fall. I am really ready to embrace it as well. :)

  22. Beautiful post! Love the garden pictures, the web and the changing seasons - congratulations -what a milestone - new car and college - boy time does fly by doesn't it!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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