Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Come On In...Be Our Guest...

We Are Just Bustin' Our Buttons
 To Meet You...

Make Yourself Comfortable...

First pickins' of the garden

Hope You Stay Around 
For Awhile...

Put On Your Party Hats...

Let's Celebrate...

The First Day Of Spring.


"And spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the spirit of love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dream of its wintry rest."

Perry Bysshe Shelley

I'm celebrating this great day with:


  1. Judy,
    Great post!! We had snow yesterday so we are in desparate need of Spring!!


  2. Lovely post as usual Judy but sadly no sign of spring here in the Uk,certainly today, its snowing again!!

  3. Pretty gloomy here again but there was some sunshine on Monday. I've put some tree buds bursting into life on my blog just so that we know spring is actually on the way! x

  4. Happy Spring and Farmhouse Hugs!

  5. This is not fair!!! We still have lots of snow and it continues to come down. And you have flowers in your garden!!! No, this is not fair, lol. But it sure looks beautiful with those bringins from the garden. It's the best time of the year when you can take those small flowers into the kitchen table.
    Hope you are OK Judy. Sorry I've been a lazy visitor lately.
    Take care and have a great day.
    Love Elzie

    PS! We still have down to 15F during the nights too!!

  6. superbe
    un petit rayon de couleurs
    sous un soleil encore bien timide
    j' aime beaucoup le poète " Shelley "
    j'ai fait un article sur mon autre blog sur " Les poètes des Lacs "
    je vous souhaite une très bonne journée printanière
    edith ( iris)

  7. You will have to celebrate without me Judy. We still have four feet of snow!

  8. I love these spring pictures and your cute chalkboard and wreath. Happy spring to you Judy!

  9. Pretty pictures :-)
    My first day of Spring dawned with a bit of sunshine, then it was over taken by clouds. But no matter... it's a wonderful day!
    Cheers, Gee

  10. Love all your signs of spring! Oh happy day. Spring is here! Hope it's lovely for you!

  11. Sweet Spring Welcome, Judy! Love that we both used the same quote :)
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday! (I know I'm early ;) )

  12. Oh such a cute post. Oh how we need spring here in Chicago land! I am so over the cold and snow! Hopefully soon

  13. Hi Judy! I love your new header! And the verse. The photo of the silver bowl/chick's and daffodils is very charming! Thanks for sharing and Happy Spring to you!

  14. Happy first day of Spring to you, too. I really love the looks of your blog and that little chicken is just the cutest! xo Diana

  15. Happy Spring Judy..we are looking at a possible Nor'Eastern storm coming this way Monday! Mixed snow and rain. So much for spring in our area! Good thing so many blogs can give me a glance at what spring is all about! Very nice post..

  16. We had a big snow storm today so your daffodils are a very welcome sight. Love the wreath and the chick. Thanks, Judy, for sharing your lovely post with us at my HOME and Happy Spring, my friend!


  17. Happy Spring to you! Soooo welcome this year. Mimi

  18. Spring has come to your beautiful home Judy! Your springy decor has me re-thinking my own lack of it :)
    I am envying that you have daffodils already. But really happy that you do so I could enjoy them here!
    sending hugs...

  19. Spring certainly has sprung at your house! Love the sweet welcome and greetings.
    Happy Spring!

  20. Judy, Love your chalk board and wreath! The calendar may say spring but we had snow, unfortunately. I love the daffodils, so pretty, mine aren't even peaking our of the ground yet. Thanks for stopping by and following, now following you too, Laura

  21. Judy,
    The little duck with the hat..... so cute! Here in Ohio we are waiting for spring, however snow is in the forecast tomorrow and all week... (the kids have spring break too! Please send some this way!
    dee dee

  22. Judy what a sweet post! I am so happy spring is finally here only I think we may be in for some snow tomorrow. :( Wishing you a very happy spring my friend! :)
    XO Barbara

  23. Awe! Love the sweet little chicks! We are all about to bust to welcome spring aren't we! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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