Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We have been taught, from a very early age, the benefit of sharing.  At that point in time, it was mainly about the toys we had.  As we got older, we found our hearts felt good about what we could do for those less fortunate than ourselves.

As this last winter progressed you might remember that I wished for snow.  I wanted just enough for a white Christmas and to build a snowman in the front garden.  This didn't happen.  You see, I can wish for this because it's not often that we get that much in our little corner of the world..Case in point:

This was the Cottage right after she became ours in 1990. We hadn't moved in yet but were coming up on weekends to work on the renovations. We didn't measure, but you can see the snow came right up to the top of our stairs. This hasn't happened again in 23 years.

So as spring is on the horizon, I am unable to share with you the images that a lot of you are seeing as you sit by your firesides and gaze out your windows and long for another kind of beauty -- which is spring.

What I can share with you are some sights that the Captain, Buddy and I saw this past weekend as we took a drive along historic Highway 49.

Take note of the wild turkey in the background. Just before I caught the picture he was right under the horses' feet.

Isn't it unusual how that big bull is marked up in the left hand corner. From a distance, he appears to have a white blanket wrapped around him.

See the animal that looks similar to a dog? When we first saw it we thought it might be a fox as it was a little far away, but in actuality, I think he/she is a coyote.

Although, every part of our world has it's own beauty, I feel very blessed to live in this wonderful region.

I hope you know that I not only wanted to share with you what is going on here at this time but also the hope that you might find a little solitude and respite from the ravages of a winter that seems to have been going on far too long.


These sweet little guys were so cute. The Captain had taken Buddy out of the car across the road from them and they were so vigilant. They didn't move a muscle, or take their eyes off of him, until he was back in the car.

"And Winter slumbering
In the open air
Wears on his face
A dream of spring"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I'm also sharing with someone new today...


  1. Hi Judy, beautiful picture you live in one of the must
    beautiful state of this contry (California) I loved your cottage was so cute full of snow.
    thank you for stop by my blog and the lovely comments.
    That yellow flower I don't know the name but a lady toll me is a good tea for nervous.
    all I know is beautiful.
    Happy Easter

  2. I'm so glad you shared these beautiful photos with us of the things you saw on your drive. It looks wonderful. The photo of your cottage with all the snow is magical. It is warming up a bit here although still in the 30's F and the snow is melting down ever so slowly. And, there is no snow in the forecast! Yay!!
    Have a blessed Easter weekend. Pamela

  3. was that a covered bridge? awesome shots. i love all the details. neat post. ( :
    take care.

  4. So beautiful!! Winter has remained here in Florida a little to long for my liking. It was in the 30's at night this week. This is very unusual for out part of the world.

    Amy Jo

  5. Hi Judy,

    I just LOVE the images you've shared with us today!! My husband has traveled to California many times on business, but I've never been. The history of your state is so different from the history of the East Coast. I must get out there someday to see it all. Your cottage is really charming, and I know you must feel fortunate to have found it. :)

    The bull you mentioned with the "white blanket" is actually a Belted Galloway. The breed is originally from Scotland. We have them here in N.C. and I've seen them in Virginia; around here their nickname is Oreo Cows. :-D

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. wow! Such beautiful pics....what a wonderful part of the country you live in..I cannot imagine how peaceful and enjoyable that drive was..the pictures are just great. Thanks for sharing..makes me want Spring even more...May you continue to be blessed with wonderful Spring days! Blessings!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. I am so jealous of all your "green". It looks like you had a wonderful drive. xo Diana

  8. Beautiful photos Judy. I think I would willingly swap you some of our snow for some of your lovely sunshine!!
    It looks a wonderful part of the world that you live.We love visiting US and are coming back for more in September, to New England!!

  9. That are some great pictures.
    That is a lot of snow in the pictures of your house. What a cute house!

  10. Wow! Fantastic photography ~ love the deer and what a pleasant and scenic weekend trip you had ~ lovely post and blog ^_^

  11. Beautiful scenery and wildlife. I am envious! xoxox Diane

  12. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos! I know spring will really be here soon.....fingers crossed :-)

  13. What beautiful pictures - I love them - what a great drive you took. Some it reminds me of Virginia. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Some knock out barns, love them with the cows. Great shots.
    That was some snow you had in 1990 - wow.

  15. What gorgeous shots, Judy. Spring has truly arrived in your part of the world. I loved the mosaic of the animals against the field.

  16. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.
    Blessings from Canada

  17. Wow, gorgeous photos. Beautiful countryside...looks like you had so much fun!

  18. bonjour
    de très jolis paysage
    et des montages photos très agréables
    votre région est superbe
    j' adore le petit muret de pierre en plein champ
    je vous souhaite un très JOYEUX weekend de PÂQUES
    et plein de chocolats ♥♥♥
    edith (iris ) France

  19. You really had plenty of snow that winter. And now you have spring!! It's not fair at all, lol. Here we even got MORE snow yesterday evening!! And we have very cold (down to 0F) nights still.
    I just love your pictures. And especially the picture of the jail, lol. Can't have been that difficult to break out of there!!
    I do hope you have a lovely Easter. Here it's calm and cosy.
    Love Elzie

  20. Hi Judy, thanks for coming over and sharing on 'Rurality Blog Hop' this week, it is always a pleasure to have new friends share... I love your shots of the mailbox and daffodils! I have a second weekly meme that is on Saturdays/Sundays called 'Weekly Top Shot,' you are welcome to come share today or tomorrow as well! All my best, Madge

  21. Judy,
    Visiting from The View From Right Here-your blog is beautiful and your
    photos are stunning!


  22. Lovely photos! The cottage is beautiful. I'm ready for some warm weather :) Thanks for sharing on Rurality Blog Hop this week.

  23. Beautiful pictures. LOL the cow with the white blanket. I call them OREO cows.


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