Saturday, March 16, 2013


It ought to come in April,
Or, better yet, in May
When everything is green as green
I mean St. Patrick's Day.

With still a week of winter
This wearing of the green
Seems rather out of season
It's rushing things, I mean.

But maybe March is better
When all is done and said;
St. Patrick brings a promise
A four-leaf-clover promise,
A green-all-over promise
Of springtime just ahead!

Aileen Fisher

Here's hoping that everyone has a wonderful green experience today.



On a more somber note, I'd like to tell you about a friend of a friend.
Though I've never personally met my friend, Tracie of Fishtail Cottage, I feel like we all do, that our fellow bloggers are very important people in our lives.

Tracie has just lost a very important person in her life. Her friend of many years, Ashley, has just passed away from metastatic melanoma.

Ashley's dying wish was that everyone be made aware of the possibilities of cancer due to tanning beds and too much sun in general, especially if you are to start at an early age.
She fought a hard battle for seven years and finally found peace on March 15.

I send my sincere sympathies to Tracie, Ashley's parents and all who knew and loved her.  She sounds like a wonderful human being.

I would also like to stress the importance of being checked by your doctor if you notice any significant changes to your body.  Early detection is really the key to fighting all kinds of diseases.
My daughter and myself are happy and healthy and living proof today that it works.

Please read more of Ashley's story here.

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  1. Loving your St. Pat's day tribute! I am seriously in love with the garden statue! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too, Judy. It is just heart wrenching what that young girl suffered. If we only knew what we were doing to ourselves when we were young- xo Diana

  3. I so agree about the sunbeds Judy.I dont know why so many young people are risking their lives for a tan. I would rather be pale and interesting!!
    Happy St Patricks day to you too!

  4. I am so sad to hear this! It is a very scary thing.I too went to sun beds only a few times.But wish I knew the hidden dangers.I too am checked every year.My daughter will NEVER go in a sun bed!


  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, lass, but so very sorry to hear of Ashley's passing. My husband has had melanoma and it's a frightening disease with lethal consequences. Sincere prayers for her family's anguish. -- Jan

  6. How sad. I will have to stop by Tracie's and give my condolence's. I used to have Ashley's picture on my side board. My niece has melanoma and has gone through so much. She is holding her own and has never been to a tanning or in the sun. Her skin has always been snow white and she hates the sun since she was a little girl..This I'm sure is hurting Tracie..Prayers for Ashley's family..

  7. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing St. Patrick's Day today too. I sure did hate to hear about someone dying from cancer! Any cancer is terrible, but you're right that Melanoma CAN be prevented or at the very least treated early if caught in time. I am not a sun worshiper because I have the dreaded Irish complexion with freckles and I burn easily. So, I use a lot of sunscreen, a hat and sit under the umbrella like a little old lady! I also avoid the sun because I don't want old looking skin. I once used a tanning bed in my late twenties but later developed a change in a mole. I got it removed and it was fine, but that was enough to scare me away from them for life! I got a good lecture from the doctor too! LOL!

  8. Happy St. Pat's Day to you also. What a sad story - one that maybe didn't have to happen. So many just don't realize the consequences of something like those tanning beds. Condolences to your friend.


  9. I am so sorry to hear this! I keep telling my daughter to watch out for tanning...I am going to let her read this.

    Happy St. Patricks Day,
    Amy Jo

  10. oh, thank you for sharing Ashley Trenner's story! I hope each and every one of your readers takes time to watch her King 5 video and will too share with their friends! SHE will truly save lives if people will listen! xoox, tracie

  11. Wow sorry to hear this. That is really sad. We all love the sun and how it makes us feel but it is important to be very careful and moderation and sun screen!!! Good message in your blog. My heart goes out to Tracie and all the family and friends of Ashley.

  12. Hello dear Judy,
    Although i am not linking..
    I am behind with comments.
    St. Pat's day is celebrated very much in the US..and english speaking countries.
    You wrote a nice post.
    kind regards..
    stay well
    val x

  13. So sad :( Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend.


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