Friday, July 19, 2013


Iron grille, very heavy - $10

I thought I'd put together some of my newest garage and thrift sale acquisitions for your viewing pleasure today...

Large, framed mirror - $10
Have a special place for it!
Probably will paint frame

Nine pieces of Johnson Bros.
"Olde English Countryside" - $5

Victorian wall pocket or match safe - $1

Side table - $8
To be painted

Pitcher and bowl set - $3

Picture frames - $2 each

Framed print - $2
Originally from Target

Found these at a consignment shop so paid a little higher price - $12 each

This was the most expensive - $15 from an antique/boutique.  I love how it looks so old world but sort of abstract at the same time.  This company, Creative Co-op, is the same one who put out the two consignment shop pictures above.  They also do other farm animals in the same style. They are all very striking.

Teacup and saucer - $1
Paragon, "Cliffs of Dover"

Battery operated clock - $2

Silver tray - $2
Retirement gift?

Pink pottery tea pot - $2
Not marked

Last, but not least, the morning sun rising in the east from the front porch of the Cottage...



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  1. OMG, you did amazing...I'm so jealous!!! Next time I want to go with you to find such gorgeous treasures and for next to nothing! I love them all sweet friend. I am happy for you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. WOW July - you hit the jackpot here - so many gorgeous items - the frames - that table - but the Johnson Bros. dinnerware is just spectacular!!!!!!!!
    And I can't believe some of the prices - LUCKY you!!!
    Have a beautful wknd

  3. Wow, what great items at such a great price. You were very fortunate!

  4. Can I come too! Love the transfeware!

  5. OMGosh you are one lucky chicky!! You totally scored my friend!!! I am drooling over your amazing finds. That grille is to die for!! Can I come shopping with you sometime? Congrats on all of the beautiful did very well happy for you...Enjoy!
    XO Barbara

  6. your new header! Isn't hard to not change it up??? I do adore your nod to nostalgia!!
    XO Barbara

  7. Wow- Judy! You really scored! What fun pieces..but my favorite is the really old chicken picture. I love it!!! xo Diana

  8. You found some great things! I especially love those frames. Mimi

  9. It looks like you must have had a lot of fun at the thrift shops! I'm always after small and interesting frames for my every-growing collection of Christmas cross stitch Santas. You found some sweet ones!

  10. Wow, I love everything that you found! Those frames and the large mirror? Oh my. Love love them. And the wrought iron piece? Lovely for outdoors. I love the teacup of White cliffs of Dover. It has my favourite colours in it and looks so summery. You have found some wonderful things for sure but I agree that seeing the morning sunrise is priceless. We need to be thankful for each new day. Blessings, Pamela

  11. I cannot believe that you paid such low prices for all those lovely items Judy.. I love them all.
    You really chose well. love the table and the picture frames.. those hen photos here are so so expensive.
    Beautiful photo of the sun rising.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    val xxx

  12. You got some amazing things there Judy.I really love the jug and bowl set, its beautiful and I cant believe you paid so little for it.

  13. Ohhh the tea set - and the tea pot - and the other teacup - those win my heart. Everything is fabulous!!!! We are off to do a 1/2 mile walk (my new goal after back surgery) and then to yard sales - I'm hoping for some teapots and teacups too.

  14. Wow Judy you got some great treasures and the prices oh my!!!! Score!!! You did really great. Love all your new treasures.

  15. I don't know where my comment went - but will say again "You got some great bargains!"

  16. Great Finds, it was your lucky day! Thanks for sharing.


  17. Hi Judy,
    Great finds! I really like the walnut framed mirror. Oh you can't paint it, it's too beautiful as is! And that table is pretty as a wood color. I know, I know, not everyone likes my original wood style. *winks*
    Cute cup and saucer too! Happy Sunday! Gina

  18. Wow.. What great deals you found. Such lovely treasures at a steal.

  19. Wow you really hit the jack pot. I like everything you got. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  20. Hi Judy. Hope you are well. Sorry to have been a stranger for SO long. I hope to get back to blogging again soon. Can't believe it's been nearly a year! You have some lovely finds. I especially like your metal grille & framed prints. I'll visit again soon. Jacqui.

  21. Some wonderful finds Judy, you must be so pleased, I love the grill
    Thea x

  22. Wow! We sure don't find prices like that here in East Texas, or probably anywhere in Texas as a matter of fact!

    1. These were all found at different places at different times. I really did get some great bargains. I'm usually not that lucky. Thank you for your visit. I'm glad you enjoyed it and welcome back any time..Happy Sunday..Judy

  23. Oh wow! What a lot of lovely things. You really have struck lucky! I must start to go looking in these places! Sorry I haven't been along in a while. Life happened I'm afraid!i do hope to be able to spend more time with my blogging friends. I certainly feel motivated by seeing all your finds!! Joan

  24. I love everything, too! I'm going thrift shopping tomorrow! You've put me in the mood! Hugs!

  25. Judy, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful treasures! Great Finds!


  26. Hi: I love those kind of days! Just makes your heart feel good to get such great bargains. Blessings, Martha

  27. Hi Judy,

    You have my favourite things happening here: chickens and teapots and china and the most captivating of sunrises! Yes, the last is priceless, indeed and absolutely free, as well! Thanks for sharing all your new found lovelies. Can't wait to see the tweaked versions you will take on!

    Hope you are having a sunny day!



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